New Steemgar match starting in 6 minutes and 30 seconds - Get steem the fun way. New match every 30 minutes!

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Join for free, play against others, have fun and win Steem. Give it a shot here:


* New match every 30 minutes
* More players in the match = bigger rewards for winner
* Eat food and other players to grow larger
* Three biggest players in the end gets rewarded by upvotes. There are higher rewards waiting for ending the game with just two or one player left
* Teamwork is not allowed! After a warning, there will be no rewards even if you end up in top 3 and if the act is repeated, the user will be blacklisted from the game
More info available about Steemgar in the introduction post here:

Latest news

* Steemgar now has a discord channel you can join using this link:
* Need tips on how to do better in steemgar? Check this tutorial created by crispycoinboys:
* Cryptoctopus announcing his support for Steemgar:
* Want to support Steemgar and reward the winners? Follow @steemgartrail account on

Rewards are now higher than ever, join and try do you have what it takes to get your share of it!


Second place in the match

Winner of the match

Congratulations for winning. Get more players to join you next time for bigger rewards!

Number of players in match: 13


  • mindtrap
  • sunendra
  • mfeu
  • coolk
  • myfreebtc
  • jessiebb
  • noobster
  • ugetfunded
  • art-s
  • jfprodigy
  • jawad09
  • funflam
  • crookshanks

  • Total amount of kills in match: 24


  • jessiebb killed crookshanks
  • myfreebtc killed funflam
  • jessiebb killed funflam
  • crookshanks killed jfprodigy
  • mfeu killed funflam
  • crookshanks killed jawad09
  • myfreebtc killed ugetfunded
  • jfprodigy killed art-s
  • sunendra killed noobster
  • mfeu killed jfprodigy
  • sunendra killed art-s
  • crookshanks killed jawad09
  • mindtrap killed ugetfunded
  • mfeu killed art-s
  • jawad09 killed noobster
  • art-s killed jessiebb
  • mfeu killed coolk
  • sunendra killed noobster
  • sunendra killed crookshanks
  • funflam killed myfreebtc
  • mfeu killed jfprodigy
  • mindtrap killed myfreebtc
  • ugetfunded killed jawad09
  • art-s killed ugetfunded
  • match resolved