💰 Launching a Collaborative SteemFund ! 💰

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Dear Steemians,

It has been a long time that I wanted to launch a Collaborative #SteemFund to help new CryptoInvestors to make good choices.

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How will it work ?

I started by making a quite diversified Crypto Investment Fund with cryptos I like and think have great underlying projects.

Every week, depending on the comments I receive on this post or on my Twitter account, I will make a survey asking if we should integrate a new "Crypto".

The one receiving the most votes will then be integrating in the Portfolio.

We will track the Portfolio Performance on a Weekly Basis.

This initiative can ONLY work if Steemians gather to discuss Crypto Projects and come together.

The Starting $10,000 SteemFund Portfolio

  • Steem: If you read this, you know why. I am still mad that I did not buy more at <1$

  • Eosio (EOS): I believe in Dan Larimer; he already developped 2 great projects (Steem and Bitshares) and as the Co-founder of Steemit on @SGTReport said about Dan larimer and its EOS ICO: “The people who say that there is no product yet, Dan has built 2 of them if they think he’s not gonna build the 3rd one, they’re crazy. This is the one he always wanted. The other 2 were just helping him get there”. EOS Meet-up in NY taking place today, AirDrop in 2 weeks of their first partner.

  • Ethereum (ETH): In my opinion, it has been the most exciting project in cryptos so far. This project has been copied or inspire many other hot cryptos (NEO, EOS...). Devon3 gathering brought a lot of visibility on Ethereum's next improvements especially on the scalability issue.

  • Siacoin (SC): Siacoin is a solution that allow companies to use storage in a decentralize on Siacoin network. “Miners” are renting their storage capacity. It is 5-10x less expensive than with traditional companies as Amazon Web Services, Google, etc…

  • STORJ: Same business plan as Siacoin, smaller Market Capitalisation and recently the company announced that it “froze” some of its tokens as they will not need it in the next 6months+ to finance the development of the platform. This is a good sign as it tells us the team is feeling confident to have “all it needs” to deliver what the market expects.

  • Golem (GNT): It is a cryptocurrency allowing you to use the calculating power of the computers connected to its blockchain network. This is useful for companies looking to rent some calculating power for a project, etc…

  • Augur (REP): I just like the prediction market project. They have a good team of developers and seem to work very hard on this project. And last but not least but they keep you updated on a weekly basis.

Transaction Prices

  • 1.175 Ethereum at 852 USD
  • 220 EOS at 9.1 USD
  • 18.5 Augur at 54.9 USD
  • 235 Steem at 4.25 USD
  • 42000 Siacoin at 0.02387
  • 1450 Golem at 0.342
  • 500 STORJ at 1.01 USD
  • 4000 BitShares 0.25 USD
  • 625 WABI at 1,61 USD

What do you think of this initiative? I am so excited to read your comments!

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You have to think of integrating Lisk (LSK), probably one of the best crypto for near futur and cardano (ADA) for long term.

Code is life and so if you have ETH you have to have Ethereum Classic (ETC) as specialy that charles H will integrated easely with Bitshares and Caradano.

Funny to see that you do not have BTC or BCH.

Otherwise good choice of coins, you could probably argue on the percentages.


Indeed, thank you for the comment.
Why is Lisk one of the best on the near future?

I think NEO would be a good addition but not sure what I’d take out for it. Maybe EOS since they’re both protocol coins. :)


@cryptoreports, do you want to make me mad :)! I would be okay to put NEO in but EOS is staying ahah :).

I love this idea! Any reason in particular you chose both STORJ and SIA?

And my only addition would be SBD because of the low circulating supply and high chance of 2 or 3x


I like their business model and we Nevers know which one will end up market leader.
SBD for a trading gain why not but I want a diversifié de portfolio for Long Term Newbie Crypto Investors

I think Litecoin deserves 20%. When Litepay starts officially being available for everyone it will sky rocket. I haven't heard of WABI. I'd probably replace that with a very small crypto like tron. Other then that very good diversity on your recommended portfolio!


Thank you for your comment and recommendations @Jason7282 !


Anytime thank you for your post!


Litecoins seems to have a bright future isn't it?

i want the same!! just what is WABI??


Hello @fabinhocrypto,
Je ne connaissais pas non plus et juste ce soir j'ai regardé une vidéo d'un you tubeur qui en parlé sans expliquer. Bon @vlemon c'est quoi WABI est pas de ADA ?? pas de ETC au moins jusqu'au fork non ? et j'ai pas tout compris à ton post tu vas poster en #fr ?
Miss Crypto ;)


Hello les amis, Wabi cestune application et process logistique qui permet de savoir si le produit que tu achetes est vrai, si celui-ci a été ouvert et d"où vient-il.
Cet pour lutter contre la contrefacon en Chine pour faire simple :)


Cela va tuer le busness chinois ! je plaisante merci.


Le fork ETC? Je nai pas vraiment suivi ça.
Ada jy pensais, semaine prochaine qui sait?


Le fork ETC est début mars. 1 : 1 Calypso je crois je vais essayer de faire un post dessus en plus l'ETC n'a jamais pumpé ! J'adore ADA et alors tu vais faire un article en #fr j'ai pas tout compris :(

I'm not an Ether fan for hodling as they have massive problems and once EOS is out...look out Ether. So I would put the ether $ into EOS and the WABI into BTS, but I'm a fan of Dan's


Thank you for our advice! In Dan I trust (IDIT)


Oh priceless! I hadn't heard of IDIT...I like it!!

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I will try to follow friends in fesbok, good friend

Pretty good info there vlemon keep it up!

This is a great idea! I might try something like this myself.

This post has received gratitude of 4.73 % from @appreciator thanks to: @vlemon.

Really good work.

This post has received a 10.71 % upvote from @boomerang thanks to: @vlemon

You are working for us that's really great. Thanks. missing your upvote sir @vlemon


I can always upvote , comment and resteem your post if i get your 40% upvote on my comment. Are you agree?

Très bonne initiative,j'attends avec impatience, bonne journée

hi @ vlemon ... i need to learn more what is virtual money or check out Crypto project with your idea @ vlemon to Launch SteemFund Together