STEEM Food Tours #1 - Submit a Restaurant Review for a Chance to Win STEEM!

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STEEM Food Tours #1

Submit a Restaurant Review for a Chance to Win STEEM!

Welcome to the launch of #STEEMFoodTours. I have been thinking about this for quite some time now, and I'm finally going to move forward and get the ball rolling. Most of my followers know that I love food just as much as I love cryptos. I am constantly posting reviews of food that I eat, beverages that I drink and restaurants that I visit.

Currently most review sites operate as a business in a centralized nature. This leads to advertisements on the platform, paid-for-reviews, paid-deletions, and overall it can corrupt the legitimacy of the rating. I believe the STEEM blockchain is a great place to leave honest, uncensored reviews about restaurants, eating establishments and more. The de-centralized nature of the blockchain will allow for a truthful consumer rating that cannot be tweaked, or lobbied.

#STEEMFoodTours will be a weekly contest to begin gathering restaurant reviews on the STEEM blockchain.


Contest Rules

  • Create a post and title your entry:
    'STEEM Food Tours #_ : Name of Restaurant - Location of Restaurant'

  • Review a restaurant. Post must include a minimum of 3 photos.

  • Upvotes & ReSTEEM's appreciated

  • Make sure to use #steemfoodtours as one of the post's tags.

  • Use original words and photos only.

  • Please try to include a link to the restaurant's website, if possible.

  • Comment a link to your entry in the comment section of this main weekly post.

  • Contest will end at post payout (7 days from post creation)


Prizes & Judges

1st Place - 10 STEEM
2nd Place - 5 STEEM

For the first few weeks of this contest I will be the only judge. Many factors will go into the winning decision. I will be looking for high-quality reviews of local eateries. It can be any type of eatery such as restaurants, bars, bistros, and cafés. I want to see the hidden gems! If someone was visiting your town from far away, where would you recommend they eat? This is a great opportunity to enjoy a meal and get compensated for the review!

I will be supplying 15 STEEM to fund the winning payouts for Week #1. In the future, the payouts may be determined by the amount received by the weekly contest post.

This contest is only the beginning. Eventually I would like to make a database, ultimately creating a de-centralized Yelp-style Review platform on the STEEM blockchain.

Best of Luck

and Happy Eating!


Thanks For Reading!

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Awesome contest, @JeffJagoe

Even more reason to start documenting the delicious meals I've been having lately.

Coming for that week 1 prize!

Hey hey hey!! Nice contest here! I like it very much!!
And you got yourself a new follower!! I was checking your profile for a while now, and I wanted to be your 2000 follower, but I didn't make it!! :( haha:p
although it's fine, I'm your 2001 follower, so I'm the first in your way for your three thousand followers haha:p sounds good:p
So, cheers!:d

Haha thank you very much! I like the way you put it. Although you probably cringe when you see the junk food and alcohol reviews on my feed haha perhaps with you around my blog will turn a more healthful direction ;)

yup, it's fine! Don't you worry about me! Actually, I was at KFC a few days ago...soo.:D:D shame on me :p ( but don't tell anyone plsss ). I told somebody once I wont lie about the way I eat! This means I'm a huge and irevocable healthy food follower, but once in a while I have some "unhealthy food" :) so, do your stuff here!:p I'm not judging!!:)

Haha don't worry your secret is safe with me :)
I didn't know they had KFC in Romania... Are you going to enter the contest with a Romanian KFC review?!

yeah, I know! :) we do have KFC! almost 70 in the whole country!! and we have Subway and Burger King and many others:p
Yep, I will! but not KFC!!!! Ohh, NO!!! no no no!!!

Haha the Subway Franchise World Headquarters is in my town. I try my best to avoid fast-food but sometimes I slip for the sake of convenience.

yeah yeah I get you:p

Great Idea Man! This sounds like an awesome and distinctive niche to bring to Steemit.

Excellent brother, I think the contest you're going to start doing really well. Everything seems fine and the rules are also perfect, I would like to participate, well I will see what restaurant I can visit to take the pictures, because precisely from the area where I am there are not many restaurants, there is more for the state capital . But I will see what I can do to participate, I really liked the contest.

I really hope to see an entry from you my friend!

If that's what I want, my friend, because I really think the idea of the contest is great, as I say here in the area where I am, there are no restaurants so nice and big, I would have to move to the state capital that is Maracay, which is the one of the publication that I did before, and there are if there are good, big and beautiful restaurants, to be able to obtain the photographs.

What do you think of this brother? @jeffjagoe, this is in Maracay where I'm telling you, of course the picture I took from the internet right now, but it was because I wanted you to see this one.

Wow it definitely looks extravagent! You can feel free to use any restaurant or eatery. It can be very small, as long as they make good food!

oh clear I understand this good friend, and when the friend contest begins? this week?

It starts now and ends next monday

Hi @jeffjagoe! I'm a newbie @Steemit. Really like your steemfoodtour contest. I would like to join the contest but i dont go out for dinner often. As a BIG foodlover, i like to try different kind of dishes at home. I love to cook! To bad i can't join the contest. But already follow you for more food inspiration! :) you'll never know what kind of nice food will show up :) Can't wait to see all comments and post!

I am sooooo in. You know it. First review will by my friends Caribbean eatery and rum bar in my hometown cronulla. Headed there in a few hours for a review of one of my websites.

very good contest & great opportunity.

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thats a cool idea for a contest, I wont be entering as we seldom eat out these days for my wife food selection is limited so easier to cook for ourselves these days

No problem @tattoodjay, glad you like the idea and thanks for taking a look I appreciate it!

Cheers and good luck with it 😎

Love the idea!

Looks like I need to visit my favorite Mexican restaurant again ;)

It's a great excuse to eat out each week ;)

I very much would like to take part in this! Looking forward.

I finally got to finish it tonight. You can find my post here - STEEM Food Tours #1 : Crisostomo - Blue Bay Walk, Pasay, Philippines


Good plan contests, im appreciated fr that.

This sounds fun! Resteemed!!

Very appreciated! Hope to see an entry :)

I feel reallt awesome about steemit,
All the best to the contestants ,am happy for everyone , my best wishes to you all.

Amazing post.
I appreciate your contest..Thanks for share..

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