SteemFit - Travel Edition: Hotel Gym & Pool

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In previous episodes of SteemFit, I introduced you to different parts of a healthy lifestyle, here is a quick recap:1. Introducing SteemFit // 2. Yoga - Sun Salutation // 3. Nutrition - Healthy Breakfast  // 4. 20 min. Workout Routine // 5. Nutrition - Healthy Snacks //  6. SteemFit - Nutrition #2 // 7. Steemfit - Brain Training #1 // 8. SteemFit - Cardio Partner Workout! // 9. SteemFit - Tennis Time! // 10. SteemFit - Intense Workout Routine // 11. SteemFit - Full Body Partner Workout


Optimum health requires the mind, physical body and spirit to be in balance. SteemFit is focused on taking care of your health, your well-being and a concept for busy people with limited time. SteemFit stands for a balanced health and work life. Today's episode is different from all other workout routine episodes, because this time I'm not at a regular gym, but at a hotel in Barcelona. 

(obviously repping Steemit gear)

Staying Fit During Travels

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not the easiest (in general), but it's even harder when you're out in the world, somewhere in a different country, without your gym, no dance class in my case, amazing food and a lot more distractions around. Even though I am consistent when it comes to working out, the first days in Barcelona I did not think about it one and that is OK. It's important to enjoy yourself sometimes and get a break, but after a few days and especially after eating many lovely treats and only little walking, it was time to get back to work!

So @soldier and I decided to check out our hotel's gym. In the case you don't have a gym hotel while traveling, no worries, there are plenty more options! 

Cardio first! 

There are many workouts you can do, without a gym or equipment. For example, the "spider-man" for Abs:

I always recommend starting with body-weight to wake up your muscles and then add some weight:

No shoes? No problem.. The great part about a small hotel fitness gym is that there nobody cares what you are wearing. So if you feel like wearing slippers like @soldier feel free..

Maybe you could tell that under my workout gear, I was wearing a biking so that after our workout we could go straight to the pool area..

And without hesitation I dropped in the cold water

Swimming is an amazing way to work out while having fun!

As a cool down I did some water floating..

More Pool Fun..

And when we got back to the hotel I realized how great I felt! I love to feel strong, feel my muscles working and growing and especially if you have a beach or pool, the reward afterwards of going in the water is the best! Instead of laying in the sun, not moving, go for a run on the beach or go swimming.. and if you don't have a beach, pool or even gym around you can still go outside to the 

There are many ways to get your workout in, while traveling. Wherever you are, you can always run and do exercises. Especially on the beach, it's tough, but fun at the same time. 

I hope you enjoyed this Episode and use it as a reminder to stay fit on your next trip. No excuses!

Question OTD: What's your favorite exercise that you can do on the spot, no gym needed?

Much love,

- Mrs.Steemit

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GREAT !!!!!

What do you think of my body weight workout?




Yeah, and knowing he can lick his own balls isn't fair


I love it :D

Good routine girl now i know why you have a beautiful body. Personally i finish with a little run 20 minutes running outside

My Reaction

Wow! Absolutely gorgeous!!
I really enjoyed this episode :)
My favorite excercise is push ups for sure and maybe chin up as well )


Thanks! I like those exercises too even though I can't do a lot of them :D

Anyone can stay fit while traveling, it just takes some effort. You can use most object in the room as well for weights if the gym is closed or they have no gym.


I agree, there are no excuses

sweet gifs, work it! 💪

You are right by saying that staying in line is even harder when you are travelling. It almost feels like I'm on a lifelong journey! LOL. Anyways, it is hard to while travelling, really.


So true! But as long as it's possible, it should get done! Keep it up :)

I was looking for some floor exercises, other than push-ups & sit-ups, in order to start training at home. Think I'm gonna try the ''spider-man''.


It's a great exercise, you can do it on your elbows or even on your hands and do a push up simultaneously, if you want some challenge. Good luck :)


Hadn't thought of that, thanks! :-)

Looking (seriously) fit!

@mrdeerants predicts...this post earn mucho Steem dinero.

Well, as usual, you got all of us guys enjoying your post. I don't think very many guys read about the fitness advice, but I can tell you they definitely noticed how fit you are.
Great work, most don't know how hard it is to get the time to go and work out. I think thats why most people don't.
You are to be commended on your hard work and great looking body.

Yup, no excuses. There's always a way to get a workout in and to tweak your diet while you're on the go!

Great post,it's definitely beneficial to stay fit. You've captured it so well.

I have been lazy about exercising and I think I have to start now.. Nice article

Enjoy watching you two pretty girls work out, almost as much as swimming in the pool 🐵🙈

Yeah, e-exercises and... and a h-healthy way of life!

Great post to motivate each us to continue to commit to fitness even in situation where we maybe pushed for time or lack resources (gym).

Answer OTD: Burpees! I find 3 sets of 10 to be a great start to any gym session!

i do plank first then cardio :-)

so good ~

Great post,it's definitely beneficial to stay fit.
Press up's are my favourite exercise to do on the spot.

How beautiful! :D

That's dedication.... aren't you on holiday?
Great to keep up the fitness routine.

If only the two of you had fun while training and staying fit. I loved the pirouette in the pool.

My personal favorites are the air squats and one legged squats when a gym is not available.

Nice article ! i will try "spider-man" for ABS

Favorites sports should be abs workout... I love my abs being solid. Feels awesome after each session. You have a nice body btw! ☺

I apreciate your work for this post. Good job!

this is a great post and educative one too on keeping fit. thanks for sharing @mrs.steemit

I doubt many of us were paying much attention to anything else but the GIGANTIC mountains.

I'm in love. Did you find a Mr. Steemit yet?

I'll try the spiderman ones. Just that. Little by little. :)

Whats ur cardio routine at what speed for how many minutes ?

You are awesome

Body goals!!! Keep up the good work gorgeous!:) xoxo
oh and my fav go-to exercices are definetly abs and burpees! They dont require any equipment and they are killer!!:P

What do you think my body.

cool exercises!