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 RE: I've always been a sports lover, I dance and go to the gym to workout and take some yoga classes. However there are times when your time seems more limited and you start to loose a healthy balance between BODY - BRAIN - SOUL  The daily feeding of all three areas is essential in order to maintain a happy and healthy life and the key to achieve a good balance lays in the time-management of your daily routine. I found out that a lot of people struggle with efficiency in terms of a healthy lifestyle balance, which is why I decided to create: 


Optimum health requires the mind, physical body and spirit to be in balance. 

SteemFit is focused on taking care of your health, your well-being and a concept for busy people with limited time. SteemFit stands for a balanced health and work life.  

Today's episode is going to be different from the usual concept of SteemFit!
Usually my SteemFit series consists of me sharing step-by-step routines in form of gifs, but this episode is different. When it comes to a regular week in my life, I go to the gym to exercise or do yoga about three times a week before starting work.. usually on Monday, Tuesday and Friday and I go to @sirwinchester 's dance class on Wednesday and Sunday. And yes do have a quite demanding work-life and my weeks are busy, BUT one thing I learned is that you never HAVE time, you only MAKE time for what matters to you and well... my health does.  Especially if your work requires you to sit a lot, you need to make even more effort to move a lot!

As I always preach to value your time and be efficient, today was a great example of that. Even having fun with your friends can be efficient. Combining physical activity with fun is a perfect way of tricking yourself into working out and trying a new sport with your friends creates extra fun.. and that's exactly what I did today!

After @sirwinchester taught the next generation of dancers and @soldier and I assisted him…(a post about it will be on his blog) 

we decided to see what else this new studio has to offer and in what way we could get some cardio in..

.. We decided to try something new and make use of what most studios do not offer… TENNIS!  

It’s a tough sport, and just like dance perfect to sweat it out, while having fun (especially if you don't particularly like running). You have to be fast and accurate. Somewhat more like this..

And less like this..

Yes we were joking around a lot, but at the end of the day we still moved our muscles and were pretty exhausted afterwards. All in all we stayed at the Aspria Gym for less than two hours (1 hour of Dance; 30 minutes of Tennis), and yet got our body to move A LOT..

Have fun when you workout and it won't feel like work.

After a solid round of tennis, @sirwinchester and I played fussball, which is what we always do when we see this game around. Both of us are extremely competitive, so it’s always an exciting and fun match!

On our way home @soldier and I had to stop on the side of a busy road to enjoy and take advantage of a rare and beautiful sunset! Such sunsets, just like good weather are particularly rare to witness in Hamburg, Germany..

So we quickly decided to film some dance footage, with this beautiful background and showcase this little tutting combo, @sirwinchester had taught in the kids class early that day...

All in all it was a great day, getting work done in the morning, physical activity in the afternoon and to round it off, dancing during a stunningly beautiful sunset. For the entire dance-session visit @soldier 's blog! 

When was the last time you tricked yourself into exercising and how?

Much love, 

- Mrs.Steemit 

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Hahaha i love it!

Great healthy post! great to get off our... seat and run around in fresh air! Thank you for sharing, namaste :)


Thank you! I will do a Steemfit more often, as it seems that we all (especially Steemit addicts, crypto trader etc.) need this reminder :)

Need to find myself dancing partners again!


Haha come join us in @sirwinchester 's class! That would be so epic :D


I would but you'd need to watch your feet.

A lot of people struggle with efficiency in terms of a healthy lifestyle balance I think because of work @mrs.steemit but I get what your saying about making time, also thanks for the info graphic even if it was scary.


Yes I agree. I'm hoping more people understand this

i like tennis but i have not played it on over 35 years


hmm maybe it's time to test if you still like it...

Such a positive post. You deserved everything's best.


Thanks! Only positivity here. Keep steemin :)

"you never HAVE time, you only MAKE time for what matters to you"
This is more than true with everything in life.
Awesome post.


I agree it's a huge life-key.. intentional living! thanks :)

Good sport motivation post thanks to share.


Great to see you found it motivating! :)


Thanks and welcome.

Great post! You look cute and so positive!


Thanks! <3

Great post!
You are super active ! That is so awesome.
I bet you would like AcroYoga! Have you ever tried it?


Thanks! I have, but not in a while. Might need to incorporate it back into my morning routine.


Oh nice!
Yeah it's so much fun!
I am super into Acro yoga.
I just started on steemit about a week ago and I have been posting acro yoga content everyday ;)


Cool. Def going to check it out! Keep sharing

Nice post... I used to play a lot of tennis! check out this funny video I found a while ago.


This is great! There are always those people.. I actually expected some "Tennis police" in the comment section ^^ Thanks for sharing!

the last time I'm working out, was last week :( But exercise are the best way to prevent any kind of diseases

Great post @mrs.steemit!!! :)


Thank you for sharing!!! Love that sunset!!! :)

I like Tennis, congratulations for this post.

We used to go bowling. I need to talk her into it again. Three games can be quite a work out.


Bowling with a good group is always fun. Neve thought of it as a work out sub though :D


It's good cardio if your not sitting waiting for you turn. Unfortunately, only certain muscles are targeted. Which ones depends on whether you're right or left handed.

Awesome post!! Life isn’t about finding yourself..Life is about creating yourself.. thanks for sharing :)

Last time I tried Tennis I failed way too hard :D Great post buddy!


Join us next time, pretty sure I'm not better at it :D

I am motivated!!! It does appear as if steemit encourages sitting down one place so ur steemfit is a very thoughtful idea that must be encouraged.


Thank you very much! That's the best kinds of response and makes me realize how much we need this reminder :)

Great post. #Sports #Tennis


Wow, I want to play doubles.

I love Tennis and more was played in school life but after married and two children , there is no time to play .


Hmm, if you really would love to play again, all you have to do is make it a priority. My mother since I was little and still today goes dancing twice a week, it's not only good for her, but also for me because I know when she comes back her mood is at least 10x better. Oh and actually my parents in America during my exchange-year despite having a little girl went to Tennis once a week together, and before I came the girl stayed at her grandma's or friends. One hour is about 0.6% of a week, so using less than 1% of your time in a week to do something you love, might be worth a try. Let me know how it goes :)

Hello mrs.steemit,
My butt hurts from sitting all morning trading stock.
Time for a work-out.
Have a great weekend


I feel you. Have a great workout & weekend too! Thanks :)


🍁 I just did a new post 🍁

Add a new entry daily to the draw 😜

Great post babe! It was such a nice day and playing tennis was a lot of fun!


Thanks love! Yes, can't wait for next week and our next Steemfit together :)


Ohh yeah I am so exited! #BigThingsComing <3

It's time to dance now.

I think no exercises need if we play tennis daily. Good for health, fitness.


True, there are many ways on how to stay active.

If I had someone like Mrs. Steemit along with me, I would have surely loved to leave my chair!!! ;)
No offense meant


I take it as a compliment :) In general I try to always drag friends along, so exercising doesn't feel like it

Love it! Mind and body @mrs.steemit


Yes, gotta train both :)

Each of you lives life to the fullest and it is a pleasure to follow along with you. Also, tennis looks way more interesting with you three. 😄


Aw.. compliment taken! thanks :D


Haha, you're welcome. 😀

Thank you
i'm pretty much a shut in .. so i think im gonna change my ways and take batter care of my health..


Do it! and let me know how it goes..

Sometimes it's hard to get moving!

Love the spirit in your posts!! Look forward to more...



gr8 boobs!

LOL ~ this is some funny sh*t!! Thank you @mrs.steemit!!
grinning ear to ear
Absolute upvote, following as well!!