Truly amazing. Kudos to Steemit inc. to all who attended but mostly to @roelandp! What a fantastic piece of organization and with such class!

I fully concur!

This was truly amazing and am so grateful to have made the choice to be here!

Hope to see you next time Old Dawg!

the best party...................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t tell me I missed you! 😭
Anyways I am so so so proud to be a part of this incredible community of “sweet” and kind People.

@roelandp did a good job indeed. Very charismatic! I hope we see more of him if Steemit inc. launches an advertisement campaign. There is @hilarski there, I knew I missed talking with somebody. SO many people....

This is an awesome promo for steem. I like this! More publicity for steem.

Looks like it was fun! I have to start saving up for a vacation next year, perhaps my wife and I will make it there.

I need help sir.....

Upvotes me & thanks.....

Looked like a lot of fun


SO much fun. What a fantastic Steemfest its been! Ive met so many incredible people and heard SO many incredible ideas over this week, my heart and mind are filled to the absolute brim. Thankyou to everyone who made this event such a joy to attend, and what a great party for the last night! Im just sad it couldn't go on longer! Peace and love you bunch of crazy steem powered beauties x o x o p.s. Im still in Lisbon ALL day today so hit me up if you want to hang out ;)

So what kinds of events did you participate in? Which part would you say was the best part of Steemfest 2?

me? The best part for me was the people. It was so exciting to be meeting everyone face to face and having countless conversations about this awesome revolutionary platform. It felt like family by the end. I will never forget that! My actual favourite night was the pool club. That party could've gone on forever.

Planning on doing it next year then as well? If so, maybe we'll meet (if I can afford it). I bet the next one will be even better and more exciting as the platform grows!

HELL YEAH! If I can I Will

Look at all those poor doxed people!

Looks like it was an amazing event.


Hey man, since you like Ned faces I made you this, bon appetit at the closing dinner!


A few more in Lisbon than at the Adelaide meetup on Sunday.

Next year...

Wish I could have been there!

Sad i had to miss this dinner, but the rest of my time at Steemfest was brilliant. Well done to @roelandp and everyone else who organised such a great event.

Sadly i wasnt there due to being too Far away.

Me on the other hand wasn't there because I have no steem power.

You will have your steem power and the time to attend such great gathering. Good luck!

So many friends there. Shame I missed it. Next year for sure. Talk to you in the smt discord soon @ned.

Que hermoso ambiente . Las reuniones y las celebraciones alegran y despejan la mente. Siempre que estemos rodeados de bina

What an awesome crowd! Hope to be a part of next years looks like it went very well and life long connections made.

Hey ned , how can .i buy steem with paypall or bank transfer :D this is a legit question , i have friends and to buy bitcoin and to get to exchanges and transfers is not an option for them , and i rich the limit for the amounth of bitcoin i can buy please has to be an option to be able to invest in steemit .

Payout declined , this is a good boss :D not like others that want as much money as possible , you are very decent Ned and we love you take us to the moon :D Or steemfast .

Looks like an absolute blast, would have loved to meet so many members of the steemit community and share in the ideas that were exchanged at steemfest. Here's hoping that I can make it to the next one.

Thanks for another wonderful experience! We appreciated the opportunity to present our film trailer this year! Safe travels home.

Top donk! I will defo be there next year!!

muy bueno, que lindo se ve todo y que lindo estar con un montón de gente con mismos intereses, no puedo ni imaginarme las conversaciones que habrán surgido

Who it was are you enjoyed >?

@ned, why is internet explorer not supported by steemit anymore?

Why did i get flagged for asking @ned this?

Thanks for the info @ned Resteemed and Share on Steemit Viral Facebook Page also on Steemit Viral Twitter and Steemit Viral Linkedin Group by @irfansardar Good Luck!

Hope I can make it next year. You guys had lots of fun!

We should organize steemfest in Croatia. There are a lot of users from Balkan on the platform and It would be great if we can all meet.

thanks for realizing how bots are destroying the interaction here.Next would be a way to harvest the dead accounts.

Nice posr

Hope I can make it next year. You guys had lots of fun!

I believe that this idea behind Steemit is wonderful and history making and I don't believe that I'm exaggerating. In the future all social media sites will have to compensate their members in some way shape or form. The other great thing about Steemit from what I can see is that it is voluntarily bringing together diverse people from all over the world to interact prosper and get to know each other. This should contribute to making this world a better place. Where else would we be able to interact and to discover that we are really not that different. Well aspire to the same things this is what makes us human!

Looks like they enjoyed their party. Good for them, especially if they travelled far to get to it. Get togethers are fun if you are like minded people. Although I agree with your views, not everyone on Steemit is ready to discover what others think. That's what life is, people diversity and striving to understand others. Some people simply do not have this at heart.

So awesome!!! :)
May this Steemfest be a catapulting effect for all of us, as part of the Steemit EcoSystem!
May we bond more and more as a community, and may we collaborate well with all our projects, and boost Steemit into the stratosphere, great success!!

@ned I hope to be there next year it looks like a lot of people had a great time! Best wishes! - @splendorhub
@splendorhub logo.png

Wow ! Interesting view ..all together !!
Cheers all the steemians there !!!

Look on right table..
There is white leather guy, @gardenofeden.
Is he wiping a tear? I respect the man and his mission.
He broke down on stage because he believes in his mission so much.
I must say I felt for him that moment.
Initiatives like that should be more widely found here on steemit.

Take some time and watch my pictures :)

ok enough i read all the post/responds what the fuck everybody wants to go next year. yea yea yea next year. who promised you that your gonna be alive next year or that steem will be there next year. get off your butt now and go after want next year. next year just might come 1 year too late

By His grace, i will come for the next coming one. Its a pity i am not capable of visiting this time around. I am feeling the miss, i knew that i am missing alot.. Keep the good work going

My goal is to make it to steemfest one day!!! and on that day we will all be able to say "we made it another year!" It will be a truly extraordinary milestone to reach and if we make it another year I have little doubt we will be able to reach mass adoption and make an attempt to cut out centralized overlords Facebook, Google, Amazon, and the rest of the corporate/government institutions that are trying to enslave us all.

Hello @ned

It truly amazes me how an idea of one man is changing the world. This is awesome. By your organization, being are being better informed, those who cannot write are being sharpened again, researches are being encouraged and above people are getting some extra change in their pockets. Kudos to you dear @ned. One day, I will have the opportunity of having a hand shake with you — this man who is changing the cause of history. Kudos to you once again.

@eurogee & @euronation

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it would have been nice to have dinner in such a crowded place ...

I wish I was there. I could have met @ned in person. Maybe next time hopefully I will be there. 😋


Hi dear @ned, let's settle the next destination for breakfast, lunch and dinner in this awesome spot for @SteemFest 3 👉

hai @ned, visit my account @ajihasan and dont forget to comment and upvote and follow me. :D thanks @ned

Good Information bro :)

This is really cool. I like this. Nice one!👍🏾

....and I missed the train!

@ned I would like to be there next year it looks like a lot of people had a lot of FUN in Lisbon.

Nice pic and the turnout looks great. My husband is there right now.

Todo muy bien, pero que la otra sea en España, que me he perdido la fiesta!!!

enjoy! 12 hour trip and we are home at last.

What a beautiful sight! Steemian s

pleasant togetherness

I hope you all had a wonderful time! I would so love to go to Steem Fest next year! Thank you for all you do @Ned, we appreciate everything you have helped create with Steemit! Thanks again! Also, thanks for the @OCD Mention this week, the team really appreciated it! :-) Safe travels!

Its really great to see lots of people taking dinner at same place and its also great thing for them too. Sure you guys enjoy lot steem

Looks like quite a good turnout @ned and the pictures + what I have read about it so far, seems like it went well and was enjoyed by all! Looking forward to maybe getting to go next year and seeing Steemit grow so much more soon. :)

This is amazing, that so many people came to party. strong community. Keep going Steemit!

That looks like a good dinner sitting there. Hope to see other posts of people who went. Maybe time to start gathering up the funds and attend next year. Hope everybody had fun and learned a lot.

Wow very nice happy all are in beautiful fresh smile.hope to join some of your steemfest dinner or lunch soon ( on my dreams hahahahha) Ok I will join now to your dinner here is my food.

my specialty beef with vegetables in soup. common guy's lets celebrate the steemfest 2 dinner of community success.. CHEERRRSSSSSSS. @ned

your post is very good plz comment and upvote me otherwise as you wish I have no problem

Wow, a really nice dinner.

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It's so sad to hear that it finished. Hope you had a great time!

woo, what a crowd of steemians is this...this is really cool photo.
I wish them all safe journey back home.

New year resolution - will be there next year

I wish i could join the party. That's Truly amazing, Organization is awesome.

Oh I feel that I missed out this year @ned. I will definately be there next year though! 😁

Really good works guys.
Hopefully I will be able to attend next year :-)

Is this a dinner for all the steem founders/big wigs?

Very nice event!!

Many heads of this community.

Fantastic, @ned! Lovely photograph of the closing dinner. I've been following steemfest 2 by watching live streams from @roelandp's blog. Looking forward to steemfest 3. Cheers.


Wonderful place to having dinner..hight class..he..he


Why does this arrangement remind me of Harry Potter?

It was great to meet you and so many wonderful people at Steemfest. Really appreciate this special community that you and your team have created. Kudos to @roelandp for organizing a fantastic event.

Looks like you had great dinner time!

Maybe next year :)

Waoww amazing steemit fest.
I lij

What an awesome event Cheers !!!


Congrats, everyone.

Let's all get ready for Steemit's next wave.

Congratulations to a succeful event, I know there will be many more!

From what I can see this was a huge success. Hope to be able to be there next time. Did it meet your expectations?

When people come together, amazing things are possible. Can't wait to see where steemit is at this time next year and to be part of the festivities at Steemfest 3

Good to see all those people behind Steemit and those who are active in promoting this wonderful platform.

I wonder if there were Filipinos there?

Soar High Be An Inspiration

Waao that's looking really cool :)

I wonder what it would take?

Looks awesome. One day I will definitely attend.

amazing steemit fest everyone enjoying the food and the party.

Good post Boss you are King of steemit

What a marvelous group! Want to be a piece of one years from now appears as though it went exceptionally well and deep rooted associations made.

Steemit and the Steemfest has been the best experience of my entire life.. it was the first time i go outside Venezuela and i meet too many people from too many cointries, it was amaizing.. Steemit is changing lifes, and even more in my country were the minimun wage a month is like about 8-10 Euros.. Thanks you @ned for this amazing platform and thanks you too @roelandp for this experience, you are the best... Hope to go to the steemfest 3 next year

This looks amazing!! Very classy indeed!! I'm not going to lie, I first noticed the ghost chairs that were used and couldn't help but click on the actual post, unknowing what the actual picture was of. I hope to be able to attend such an event in my lifetime.