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RE: Steemfest2 closing dinner!

in #steemfest24 years ago

SO much fun. What a fantastic Steemfest its been! Ive met so many incredible people and heard SO many incredible ideas over this week, my heart and mind are filled to the absolute brim. Thankyou to everyone who made this event such a joy to attend, and what a great party for the last night! Im just sad it couldn't go on longer! Peace and love you bunch of crazy steem powered beauties x o x o p.s. Im still in Lisbon ALL day today so hit me up if you want to hang out ;)


So what kinds of events did you participate in? Which part would you say was the best part of Steemfest 2?

me? The best part for me was the people. It was so exciting to be meeting everyone face to face and having countless conversations about this awesome revolutionary platform. It felt like family by the end. I will never forget that! My actual favourite night was the pool club. That party could've gone on forever.

Planning on doing it next year then as well? If so, maybe we'll meet (if I can afford it). I bet the next one will be even better and more exciting as the platform grows!

HELL YEAH! If I can I Will