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Steemfest2 closing dinner!

in steemfest2 •  last year

Truly amazing. Kudos to Steemit inc. to all who attended but mostly to @roelandp! What a fantastic piece of organization and with such class!

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I fully concur!

This was truly amazing and am so grateful to have made the choice to be here!

Hope to see you next time Old Dawg!

the best party...................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t tell me I missed you! 😭
Anyways I am so so so proud to be a part of this incredible community of “sweet” and kind People.

@roelandp did a good job indeed. Very charismatic! I hope we see more of him if Steemit inc. launches an advertisement campaign. There is @hilarski there, I knew I missed talking with somebody. SO many people....


This is an awesome promo for steem. I like this! More publicity for steem.


Looks like it was fun! I have to start saving up for a vacation next year, perhaps my wife and I will make it there.

I need help sir.....

Upvotes me & thanks.....