♨︎ blueorgy's ☞ STEEMFEST 2 ◇ Ticket Giveaway ✯ Announcement

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As some of you anxious Steemians have been anticipating...


I am officially announcing my STEEMFEST 2 Ticket Giveaway!

We are now a-little less then 2 months away from the big event, and there has been a lot of excitement and anticipation! The event will be epic and something you do not want to miss but with the smallest ticket price around 222€ [ 265 SBD / 191 STEEM ] on top of flights and hotel accommodations some just simply don't have the funds to make the trip. So I decided to ease the burden for a few loyal Steemians, whom might be right on the edge of attending.

Immediately after hearing of the upcoming STEEMFEST 2, I was extremely excited, of course, and had offered to help sponsor the event in anyway I could. I know how much these events cost to run and it isn't no cheap ordeal, quite the opposite. So once the ticket structure had been released I planned to purchase a Platinum Ticket in order help reduce those costs... but after talking with @roelandp we had a much better idea... Buy More Tickets.

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 11.31.17 AM.png
So for those thinking I coped out when buying a minnow ticket ;) think again

So I figure, instead of buying one expensive ticket, why not help others looking to go with less means and take the ticket price off the table! So here we are, I'm ready to giveaway some tickets to a once in the lifetime experience (trust me on this one!)

I wanted to give a quick shootout to the other great Steemians who are doing their own STEEMFEST 2 Contests / Giveaways / Travel Fund:

👏👏👏 @stellabelle @firepower @knozaki2015 @aggroed @ausbitbank @ericvancewalton @kevinwong @timcliff @good-karma @gtg @mariandavp @shenanigator @skapaneas @lichtblick @hitmeasap 👏👏👏

I'm honored to be accompanying you in the act of giving (If I forgot someone please let me know!)

The Giveaway

I'm starting this contest off with 1 Ticket to STEEMFEST 2 (No Flight / Hotel) and depending on the rewards for Giveaway Posts Starting with this one, I may expand it to Hotel Accommodations as well! Once everything runs successfully I will hopefully continue with a second ticket giveaway! So lets keep this going in order to get as many tickets in the hands of deserving Steemians as possible!

How To Participate [ & The Rules ]

I am looking for unique individuals and therefore I am making this contest very open ended. I will be looking for creative, passionate, driven users who will be a great addition to the event for everyone around them! So I will be accepting entries in any form, but be creative and unique!

Step 1.

Dream Up Your Entry
Examples: Artwork, Poetry, Photography, Writing, Animation, Initiative, Interview, Steem App...
Anything you think separates you from the rest!

Step 2.

Submit Your Entry
3 Ways To Do This!

  • Comment Below
  • Submit a Post and tag steemfest2-giveaway
  • Submit a Post and mention @blueorgy


@firepower had some solid rules that I will borrow for this contest as well

  • You can nominate yourself or be nominated by someone else.
  • Feel free to mention if you made any contributions to the community!
    It will add some weight to your entry.
  • If you nominate someone, please inform them of the rules or have them take a look at this post to avoid missing out on it!
  • I will be manually picking the winner, that being said, I will listen closely to the community which will weigh on my decision.
  • Winner has to show up for SteemFest 2017 in order to collect/redeem the ticket and participate in our global conference.

Good Luck Everyone!

UpVote & ReSteem to spread the word!

!steemitworldmap 38.736946 lat -9.142685 long Win A ticket To STEEMFEST 2! d3scr

1. Go to the Witness Voting Page on Steemit.com
2. Scroll down to #49 blueorgy
3. Simply Click the UpVote Button!

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Thanks for doing that. Great community initiative and altruism.

I would add few rules:

  • only the smallest minnows (under 1000 SP)
  • only quality content creators with no history of abuse/exploit such as copypasta, plagiarism, tag spam, high frequency posting, one YT link exploit, etc.
  • only users active in community (upvoting other minnows' posts, active in chatrooms and discord. etc.). Not those posting content for the sole purpose of gaining a reward from the community without interacting with the community.

That is just my suggestion :-)


Very good suggestions indeed! I was hoping for someone that would fit into these "rules" so glad you verbalized them.

Hi Hi Hi! @acromott and I would like to submit an entry for your competition. Thank you for hosting this contest, it has been so much fun coming up with our cheezy video! I hope you enjoy it and it makes you smile. I wrote a post on it as to what we would like to do if we got to go to Steemfest! Check it out. https://steemit.com/dtube/@karensuestudios/vzcckv2x

Karen and Cheyne


Thanks for your entry!! Good Luck!!
I will go view it now, looks great already... just from the screenshot 🤸‍♂️


hehehe.. ahh it's super cheezy. I'm blushing already just thinking about it! HAHA! :) ENJOY! thanks again for hosting... it seriously has been what @acromott and I talk about all the time... how amazing it would be to give back to our Steemit community. :)

I nominate sircork- here is his post on the various projects hisbworking on. His a witness and Radio man on PALnet

I also nominate scaredycatguide- here is post on the his most recent show on finance and music

Lastly I nominate uniwhisp- here is her work on educating the community on emotions

I have already created the post for some early contests but I didn’t allocate sufficient amount of money yet:/ - only for the travel and housing. Thus said your contest is the perfect one for me, therefore I will try my luck. I will of course also try in those shared by you. So here I go...may the worthiest one win!

i'd like to put myself forward for this -- https://steemit.com/steemit/@teamhumble/the-steemit-crowdsourced-video-1-people-behind-the-blog-posts-is-done-enjoy -- but also that if i got to go, i would totally do a mega one everyday at the event! :)

therefor is missing an "e" :-)


Thank you for that @ace108 ... 🤓 missed it.


You're welcome

Very good idea @blueorgy I like it when someone helps others to succeed.

Very beautiful cool @blueorgy

Good luck, mark me @blueorgy 😀

Great post
me resteem and vote

a very helpful contest for creative steemians. I have a passionate but not creative spirit. thank you for sharing this contest.

you are a good person who can support me. in this esteem progaram it is the one who can bring me into the real esteem. @Saflia

I am @tuanpuput will be participate in contest for creative steemians. Hopefully for reading and upvote from @blueorgy. 😢😢😢😢

Great post👍👍👍 keep it upupvoted👌👌👌

posting a very cool friend


like follow and follow back


thanks for upvoting my post @rizwankhan
I alway upvoted back those who follow and upvoted my posts.here I also upvoting your post.I hope you like this.have a nice journey at steemit

Hello @blueorgy - I will participate, but not with just one post - I will do a series of posts, because I've already planned something. I really would like to participate, but cannot afford the flight, the hotel and ticket. It is just not possible in the moment, because I am unemployed. But first I wanna do a new introduction post - I hope I will get a serious chance! How long do we have time?


Going to play it by ear mostly but thinking 2 weeks.

well narrated and good post. voted!!! keep sharing!!!

Thanks for the contest!
I'm coming to SF!


love this! :)

Wow looks good and exciting... Good plan buddy!!!

safe and successful in organizing events. I @boyelleq strongly agree with your good ideas.
good luck...

Success is always for all....

Bahasa Indonesia?

This is wonderful...although I can't see what fish you have to be to enter (unless I'm missing something) could someone please advise...thankyou!


It is officially open to anyone to enter , at this point really just need some entries. Everyone seems to be shy 🤗 and I hope a little push will get more users to join in. So if you wanted to enter feel free!


Ahhh thankyou....yes I will !

Great idea @blueorgy!
I'm just a mannequin, but maybe the first-social-media mannequin ;-)
I would love to meet steemian-friends at SteemFest... and I will hug all of them :-)
I never was on an airplane... and I don t know if I can travel with you, humans :-(
Here is a post of mine...

Big hug
Steemitri The Mannequin

Not bad buddy, keep it up

I @eveuncovered is valuable steemit member to teh steemit commuunity in here steemit since 3 moons i post nakie pictures every day so i is good value for steemit steemfest Lisbon. I is nakie under my clothes now too. We meet Lisbon yes?❤️

Good luck with the selection😉


You're a very silly girl 🙃. I'm sure people would love to see some interesting 😉 entires from you! Don't count yourself out, its open to all forms of entires!

To all ☞ Lets get creative people!


At first while reading your comment I thought you were serious, then, after reading your posts I see your english is very good and you were joking about the comment - but not aboot you is nakie onder yur clothes and post semi nakie pictures. Maybe we´ll meet in Lisbon, I submitted my entry a few hours ago, I hope I win blueorgy´s giveaway :D

@blueorgy Thank you for visiting my post, I am very grateful to you. This is a glory for me. I really hope a great vote so I can live well.

I would love to enter, but with a wee 8 week old baby my wife would murder me 😉

Thought I'd drop by, thanks for the vote on my wee story, it means a lot to know that someone read it and actually voted on it:-)

This festival sounds really fun! I think it's too far away for me to visit but will there ever be a festival in Asia....?????

Great post keep it up... upvoted!

@blueorgy Thanks for yet again making Steemit a better place!
I constantly see you doing things that help this community and I thank you for that.
If I hadn't already voted for you as witness I would surely do it. I hope others do as well as I have time and time again see how much you contribute.

Excited to see you at SteemFest!