THE STEEMIT CROWDSOURCED VIDEO #1 - people behind the blog posts! is DONE! ENJOY!

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it's finished, all the clips are in, i'm super happy with the result and this has inspired me to carry on with my other projects sketching out a design for a web app that i think some of you are gonna love, thank you to everyone that took part! :)

NOTE: we have started to map out the lines for the next video -- -- we are not accepting names at this time as we need to go over the draft lines many times and fine tune, follow me for updates.

where to find it (watch/download)

we created another steemit account called @teamvideo, we will use that account to upload all our future decentralized videos to the IPFS blockchain and other blockchains like it, just wanted to keep things tidy, this will be the first resteemed post over there, please follow that account for updates for just our video projects work.


i’m really happy to announce the first steemian crowdsourced video that i’ve done here on the platform, it was a joy to throw together, from just writing 28 lines of text out, putting some steem aside to pay people, i setup a spreadsheet and people came in and filled in the lines and sent me the files, it really inspired me way past what we created and inspired me to set about making something much bigger to make things much easier for future videos.

thank you to everyone that took part, you guys were awesome and i think the first video came together perfectly and it was great to connect with you through memos or the spreadsheet — i’ve been wanting to make a crowdsourced video for ages, the fact that i could do that by making micro crypto payments for time spent as well, well that’s huge! awesome! :)

@papa-pepper, @lloyddavis, @innervoice, @allasyummyfood, @demotruk, @daniel82, @everlove, @mariacherries, @paulie2coins, @dayleeo, @johleen, @quinneaker, @stellabelle, @andrarchy, @edje, @saramiller, @spaingaroo, @bania, @surfermarly, @heiditravels, @wrongjohn, @jaraumoses, @gardenofeden, @wrongjohn, @fulcanelli, @arbitrarykitten, @rootingrobert, @joshtristram,

lesson learned from this video

  • making sure people understood what i wanted recording (just the line)
  • additional locations for people to upload too
  • had to get in touch with memos (0.01) to get updates on progress
  • accused on only wanting whales in the video (erm, ok, wow!)
  • faster turnaround possible, just need to build it! :)
  • multiple ya potential production budget by x3 to be sure!

can we make this promoted post or hot?

got some funds to share?
consider hitting that promote button!
bottom right of this post.
any funds that this post gets will go towards the next one
and licensing of music and such like.

i’ve always wanted to appear in the hot or promoted tabs but obviously you really need to have a well performing post and well just lately mr humble has not been getting the usual love. if you were in the video i’d love to get your upvote and resteem if you felt i did a good job! this is the very start of something much bigger than this quick video, this is the start of real collaborative video on steemit.

resteem, upvote, tell a whale!

i’d really love it if you would resteem this post especially if you are in it to your audience, mainly because i’m proud of it and i want it to be seen but i also want the new steemians just joining to be able to put a face to a name, i think this maybe will settle some people wondering who the people are that are here, am i like them, will i get on with them, who are they etc — i’m trying to build video projects that bring down those barriers — if you know a few whales please ask them to do the same or drop the video in as a comment on a post if it’s relevant to conversation, feel free to spread this far and wide! :)

ready for the next one?

i’m already in the process of writing out the lines for the next video, do you think it should be shorter or longer? i was thinking for around the 60-90 second mark to keep people’s interest, i’ll start writing the new one this week.

support for steemfest 2

i’d really like to get to steemfest 2 with @dayleeo this year and make another bunch of videos there as well as daily vlogs of the event to steemit. we are flying from the uk to portugal probably as that will be the cheapest way BUT we might also take an overnight 24 hr ferry thing as well, depends how things turn out, either way it would be all about the video! :)

TRUST AND AUTHENTICATION. . epic wins pinboard → i was a brand advocate for nokia, 1000heads, verisign → won a vloggie for involvement in node666 (san francisco 2006) → on television for time team history hunters 1999 (burton on trent) → sold to evan williams (twitter) in april 2011 for 5 figures → went to phil campbell, alabama to help repair/recovery/help raise money month after a tornado ripped through the town (was on sky news, bbc news, al jazeeza, nightly news, alabama weather channel?!) → CNN for sxsw 2013 about austin south by southwest event → video chat with robert scoble from rackspace → i was in a music video can you spot me? → won the digital derry contest for 5k euros to kickstart web tv studio → did project work with sleepydog indirectly for nesta (responder) → crowdfunded digital signage concept called the pi street (do it for steem?)

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Great job of rounding up the Steemit Community to come together for this Steemit Promo Video!

This was a lot of fun and is great for the Steemit Community!

I am grateful to be a part of it and to help promote the revolutionary potential of Steemit!


thanks bro. yeah, it came together sweet. i was super happy with the result and am pumped to work on future ones! :)


I love to collaborate for the mutual benefit of this community!

I truly love the Steemit community and the foundation of which it is built upon.

I just made a post promoting this video with my behind the scenes footage of the shoot!


awesome dude. thanks for that and taking part, i know i'll be doing a lot more of these in the future. thanks for your support and video.

Yea bro!

Super happy to help the community!

I appreciate you taking the initiative and bringing us all together!

it's what i do matey! always been like the community micro manager, events, assets, live streaming so it's kinda native to me. i have much bigger plans after this to make the process easy and i want to get a piece of software (called sketch) so i can start to mock them up before looking for a developer to help build it out.


Keep me in the loop and I will be happy to help how I can!


loved the drop in! awesome.

I was trying to help the video be fun and unique to help promote this platform with so much potential for us all!

fantastic, loved to see you dropping in :)

hahaha well said ;-)>
Thanks for the comment.

It really feels great to be part of something this big.
I kept smiling through out the video.

then my job on video one is done. fantastic to hear.

Yes it is👌

Súper bien trabajo!!

What a pleasure watching this amazing artwork featuring so many shining souls.

I am grateful for having the honour of being part of it. May many amazing future projects arise out of this unique community!

thanks for taking part @rootingrobert it really came out well because of everyone putting in the clips, looking forward to the future ones! :)

Brill! love it!!! :)

thanks bro. i loved making it! :)

I am glad there is a lot of diverse people, it really shows how global we are now! And where we are headed as a global tribe.

exactly, that was my point with the first video was to connect the people behind the blogs, that we are distributed and decentralized at the same time, that it takes all voices from all cultures. i think i nailed that ;) again, thank you for taking part.

Super Duper job @teamhumble!! Yay!!! You---we---did it!! What a truly fun way to engage the people on Steemit and share the diversity and possibilities with the world. I'm so grateful to have taken part in this valuable project and am excited to see what comes of it and all the future fun to be had. I'm excited to see you and @dayleeo at Steemfest2. Ooooooo--what other amazing creations will be made??!!! Great job!! Upvoted! Will resteem it in a bit to keep it active on the threads. Blessings to you!

haha! you always make me smile miss @everlove yes yes on the Steemfest2 bit- pushing many universal energies that way, bit by bit! Also crazy proud of @teamhumble, I'm not surprised this turned out awesome but that doesn't make me enjoy it any less! Much more to come I'm sure of it! <3

It's great when we have people in our lives we can really believe in. He has already proven to be very inspired and I have no doubt more greatness is to come Super excited to hug you both in Lisbon!! <3

Aww yay! Work thrusters are set to maximum to work for the funds to get there- excite! <3

thank you very much for the support. i feel the love while doing my best to be humble about it! - i'm hoping to open up this avenue of video diversity in a much smoother, cleaner way moving forward! yay! :)

Experience definitely pays off and fine tuning the process will have you making LOTS of videos that will benefit many. So glad to be a part of this and hope to do it with you again @teamhumble.

absolutely, certainly going to be doing more. just want to optimize the turnaround experience, keeps me fresh editing too and as i upgrade to a new piece of editing software allows me to try new things which i'm excited about.

Yeah, I think not having a specified deadline leaves it pretty opened ended, for the full list of sign-ups could go on for some time if even just one line is unclaimed. Stating a deadline would get people on the ball to act more deliberately, then if all the lines are not filled by the deadline, just run a second call to fill the remaining slots. A second post might help people keep it in their awareness and have a second chance to join in if they missed the first opportunity. But that won't be an issue reeealll soon.... people will be looking for your posts to be a part of what you're a part of if you keep it up. It seems you are already working out some kinks and finding a good flow for this. It's all up from here!!!

It's great to be learning new things, and inspiring and supporting each other to greater heights. Thanks for helping to build community and for being a steady along the way!

i like the idea but in practice people often don't like rules. i've got a whole new fresh away of going about it for future ones so we will iterate as we go, i did about 5 or 6 posts about the remaining lines, it's catching people in the right place at the right time with the right tools. i'm working on that! :)

onwards and upwards is right! :) just saving now for a piece of software to mockup my vision and we can take it much much further! :)

I agree that people don't like rules--I'm one of them. It sounds like you have it all inspired up and ready for amazing things to come through. I love what you're doing @teamhumble, and grateful to play with you.

oh the joy, i'm so glad to connect on this level @everlove and spread that compassion through storytelling, words and video. feels like i finally found my people and calling even on a macro level.




huge fun to see you in there having so many laughs!

Gratefully that's what we do---that's how we live! Blessed everyday. Great to see you here @lloyddavis!!

Oh heeeeyyyy!!!! I can't believe I totally missed this post! The video is frickin' awesome... well done you and everyone who took part!!

how very dare you. nah it's ok, i understand. glad you liked it. i think it came out perfectly!

It really did. Resteemed. :)

Such an inspirational video, simple and with true emotions! Great job!

yep. that was the plan, it turned out pretty damn awesome.

yeah, this was cool! Thanks for doing this!

no problem! :) super enjoyed! :)

OMG!!! I was beaming from ear to ear watching this! You brought it boy, as I knew you would. Damn some of you guys had me cracking up! A buch of fruitloops we are eh?

Damn that was cool. The vid hurled "round the world and back to steemagain"

yeah did the job. kinda happy how it came out :) it's nice to feel that connectedness.

it certainly comes across, and I'm glad you got it out there! Nothing worse than being stuck on aproject you're excited about in a tom hanks terminal style limbo!


Yea baby!

YAYAYA!!! <3

Good video.. love your gif icon.

hey, thanks man! :)

This is a superb collaborative creation. So happy to see many of the Steemians I already know and love, joining forces together as one unified voice. I greatly look forward to adding my own voice to the mix, and eventually creating films of this nature to spread the good word about Steem. SteemOn!

thank you! means a lot.

My pleasure! Proud of you, you know. I spotlighted this post of yours in a curated list last night, recognizing some of the people with passionate messages to encourage the masses: The Top #11 List - Discovering Steemit’s Most Radical Creative Thinkers. Much love.

that's very kind. thank you.

Oh fo sho! Happy to support you in your mission. @quinneaker is like a brother to me, so it really is a treat to see him alongside many of the "greats" here on Steemit.

thanks! all good, was good to get the people behind the blogs! :)

Great video. Thanks for doing this. I shared it on Facebook.

i loved doing it, it gave me the feels.. . ;)

I turned out really nice. So nice I wish I would have been a part of it. ;)

don't worry. more coming. but i wanna plan some better ways to collect videos and i have a bigger idea than that i wanna mock up as a website or app.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Awesome, your stuff is great. If you need an animated Steemy puppet you know where to find me. I am doing this daily Steemit Show with it and it is easy to do.

super cool! :) i'll try and check it out. just gotta lot of plates spinning atm! i'm sure you know what that feels like!

I certainly do. ;)

Great work !

hey thank you, glad you liked it. thank you for the resteem. that means a lot!

This is super freakin awesome!!
Steemit is paradise! ;)

thank you, that's very kind!

Awesome video, glad to be apart of this community!

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

oh that's a compliment. thank you so much.

Great work @teamhumble, sorry i wasnt able to partake in it.

maybe the next one!

This post has received a 0.93 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @teamhumble.

This is an epic project,i am glad i participated.
Thanks @teamhumble for the video project.

hey there! yes, thank you too for taking part. it came out fantastic! :)

Lovely piece of collaboration. I happened to have 1 SD in my account (.17left), so I was pleased to make a small contribution to promote the post. Look forward to future ventures!

awwww, that's very kind. thank you! :)

Hellooooo Tribe! This is awesome. Shared everywhere. <3

hey thanks! :)

Wow, what a nice moment to see them all put together!!!
This is a real community!
Well done @teamhumble 😃

hey thanks @surfermarly, was great to have you in there! ;) came out great.

It's been a great pleasure!!!

Yeah man, awesome job!!! It was nice putting some faces and voices to the Steemians:):)

cheers, glad you enjoyed it. i plan to do a lot more than these.

Hurrah! It's brilliant, I knew it would be. Well done old chap!

I'm just going to post about it.

thanks lloyd! :) yeah, i was super happy with the outcome :)

That is very cool. I love the idea of everyone saying a little in a video and then putting them all together. I'm up voting and resteeming. :D

thanks @frostyamber that was the intention to show the people behind the blogs, i had a flash of inspiration, i'm going to take this idea much bigger.

You're welcome. It really will be very cool, especially if there was a little clip from every single user, of course it will either have to be split into several videos or one super long one. :D Of course I have no idea about video creation or editing so I shouldn't really say anything but I thought it was a wonderful idea and I can't wait to see where you take it from here. :D

Have an awesome day! :D

hmmm, yeah kinda like where ya going with that ;)

How nice! I came across another video platform, they are not operational yet but soon will.

platforms are great but nothing like manually making! :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Flixxo is a video platform like DTube, LBRY, Viewly.

i've seen them all come and go tbh :) so we will see ;)

Agree! So far seems to take a professional approach. DTube, not sure. LBRY also kinda professional approach + they already have a coin on the exchanges, but find their system a bit too complex, URLs need to be rented and bided on, and somehow I dont like the need to download the meta data blockchain local. Flixxo, they are preparing for launch, so they are even more new. And then I think also Decent provides seomthing, but not sure if they do video, or more text/image content or actually not sure what service they offer, they have a coin on the exchange though, so somehow in business. is gonna be awesome i'm hoping. i HOPE. d-tube. meh. not so sure either. lbry could be good but needs to be WAY faster.


Great job! It turned out SO good!!!

right?! yeah, stoked. btw, what did you film on it was so tiny!?! i need a smartphone as i've not had one for over a year but damn grrrl we need to crowdsource for one for you.

I know~ I need one SO bad :/ It's just a little android kyocera phone. LOL! I tried to film on my tablet, but it would not transfer no matter what I did- I also have a very old and SLOWWW laptop so that doesn't surprise me...

i was like, what format is this, then a realised it's like a flipboard maybe style screen and i had to turn it and i was like, i'll stretch it out and i was like, it's how big? wow, time traveller with the video size format! :)

Sooo cool! The message was so eloquently stated, the video so well put together. I think this is a great way to introduce people to Steemit and get their minds moving! Keep up the great work as an ambassador for the platform!

oh blush. wow. comment of the day. made me feel amazing. thank you so much. i've been a brand advocate for tech companies for the last decade so it's kinda my bag. now i'm just applying it to crypto.

That's beautiful! Can't think of a better way to promote a decentralized social platform than through a collaborative video...

eeeeeek, man i've woke up to so many lovely messages today. i'm really touched.

Hmmmm amazing, great job master @teamhumble

well thank you so much, means a lot.

This turned out great!

Great video! :)
So lovely to see everyone in it, made it real, friendly and appealing!
Good luck with your next project!

thank you. that was the point, the people behind the blogs, positive, upbeat, from all corners of the world, decentralized in living location but central on compassion and sharing. it worked out really well.

Great job @teamhumble. Can't wait to see the next one ;)

thanks darling, cheers for taking part! meant a lot. next one is coming, i've put up the spreadsheet and i'm writing the post out today ;) you heading to steemfest 2 this year?

Every time i see good and talented people like this on steemit i just say on my mind sorry FACEBOOK.

wow, this is the first time I realised that it was done.

haha, steemit!

it is DONE! :) :)

you probably sent me a message as you describe in the post, but I am still as across the steemit blockchain as ever

thanks mate
If you want anymore from me you only have to ask

Ask on Discord is always the best way I think, always same name I am.

are you on discord? I am trying to remember if I have seen you there

occasionally go on discord but not a big user by any means! :)

Hi. I'm new here. and this is my first comment for you :)

welcome to steemit.

Thank you for an awesome post.