Steem Fest Venezuela (English Post)

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Steem Fest Venezuela

Hello my name is Henry Mijares I am 37 years old entrepreneur I work as a music and theatre producer I'm CEO of the company Prodeventos in the city of Valencia Venezuela, in addition to my work in the artistic environment I studied to become a Linux Professional and CISCO expert with more than 12 years of experience in the field of technology and Open Source projects in general, I have been involved in the Crypto World and digital assets movement from the past 8 years.

My partner Mr. Juan Ferreira and I have taken the initiative to produce the first Steem Feast made by Venezuelans for Venezuelans he's also a passionated investor of the ICO world and CEO of the company Jafer Producciones.

Why do we need this kind of events?

The main component of Steemit is us "the users" our effort, time and dedication on the community create value by generating content however we cannot lose sight of the fact that our economic system is based on the confidence that users place on the platform, so the more people join the greater will be the reliability and growth of Steemit.

Our proposal to the Venezuelan community

Organize an event for Steemit users (Free Entrance) in the city of Valencia (November) in a 5 stars Hotel conference room for at least 1000 people (May be more according to the amount collected)
Collect 1000 SBD "Author Payout" in publications related to the event which will be exchanged into local currency to produce the event. That amount may sound like little money to foreign people but our currency is extremely devaluated so 1000 SBD would be enough.

Resteem and Upvote

Event Dynamics

The dynamics proposed by the production company will be approved or modified according to community suggestions.

  • Welcome words from animator.
  • Distribution of drinks and food Open Bar and Open Food (all you can eat and drink).
  • TED X style presentation by Venezuelan Engineers about Steemit.
  • TED X style presentation by Venezuelan YouTubers that will be proposed by the community and hired by the Company under the condition of disseminating the event in their social networks achieving a greater penetration of the Steemit community at national level.
  • TED X style presentation by Venezuelan members of Steemit proposed by the community to tell their success story on this community.
  • Electronic Music DJ
  • Show Robot LED
  • Closure
The Producers "Prodeventos y Jafer Producciones" represented by the citizens Henry Mijares and Juan Ferreira respectively undertake to provide the entire organization for the event which includes

  • Rental of conference room in 5-star hotel
  • Contact and pay YouTubers, Engineers, Open Source Professionals, animators and technical staff for the assembly of the event as well as bartenders, catering, promoters, and protocol.
  • Manage and pay all taxes hall, fire brigade, urban cleaning, and advertising.
  • Organize all the corresponding logistics to purchase food and drink for at least 1000 people.
  • To provide a modern physical infrastructure in the TED X style for presentations that include: floorboards, metal structures, professional sound and lighting, giant led screen and scenery.
  • Domain rental, hosting and hiring of staff to create web page related to the event.

If we are successful, we could expand the experience to the whole national territory:

  • Central Region
  • Western Region
  • Region of the Andes
  • Region Zuliana
  • Region of Los Llanos
  • Region Insular: I Dream about of organizing this one, imagine a Steem Fest in Margarita Island surrounded by all those beautiful beaches that only costs us an Upvote :)

Please Upvote and Resteem this kind of project benefits the community as a whole

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While it may not be a scam in your opinion, scam is not appreciated by the community and could be flagged or may result in action from the cheetah bot..

More Info: Abuse Guide - 2017.

You have helped to ruin a good account for no reason I'm powering down ... Good job dumb ass

Why do you say this is a scam?

We have asked you to confirm the authorship of the github account. You have ignored our request.
You have also ignored Steem Fest organizer request.
We concluded that your post is a scam.

Did you even check my other posts? do you think someone who takes enough time to writte something like this on a foreing language (My natural language is spanish) could be a scammer?

I have change my profile to this "Steemit rules have no respect for people who have work and invest on the platform" is that enough to prove the account or do I have to get on my knees and beg for mercy?

What do you mean by "confirm the authorship of the github account"

!cheetah unban

Okay, I have unbanned @xervantex.

!cheetah ban

Okay, I have banned @xervantex.

So you just banned and take not responsability for your actions? have you even read everything I have writte on this post? Did you even bother to read my other articles with original content?

Why have you done that?

You have helped to ruin a good account for no reason I'm powering down ... Good job dumb ass

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Dear xervantex SteemFest is a protected name, please refrain from using it for your own events. If you want to cooperate please email to [email protected]

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Looks like Identity Deception to me. Last few days there have been fake identity posts popping out asking for upvotes for fake trip to Steem Fest. They all fish for blocktrades, insta, mindless curation on such posts. More headache for us at Steemcleaners.
Some other example of scam to compare:

ok thanks.

You have helped to ruin a good account for no reason I'm powering down ... Good job dumb ass

Your account is not ruined. You only lost some reputation. Your previous reputation was quite low so you can easily build it backup by posting original content and following the guide:

I though it was an Open Name anyone could use but I'll change it there is no problem in that ... Before flaging people can actually ASK

Note, i have not flagged anything. But to use your analogy: Before using a name 'can actually ASK' . Thanks for your understanding.

as for all other actions taken on your account (banning / flagging) i don't know about that, I don't have time to do that stuff, so that must have originated somewhere else... Please reach out to those users individually, you might find some on You might have become victim of too rigourous Steem-cleaning service.

Well this issue have been solve, due to the fact that you are the owner of the name Steem Fest what do you think about using the name "Festeem" ???

I think what you're trying to do is important for #Venezuela @xervantex!

I think some of this censorship going on is so Orwellian which is what I thought SteemIt was supposed to be in direct opposite to that kind of image.

I guess little people can be silenced into submission in the name of fighting spam on here and that's ok.

I'm not sure how this is supposed to take market share away from #Facebook if you can't even post anything without being harassed by SteemIt's #Orwellian censorship bots on here every time you post a link LOL!

Thank you for following me if you haven't checked out my introduction post yet...

Please, check it out and #UpVote if you like as I faithfully up vote everyone that follows me...or at least I try to!

Thank you so much and have a blessed day.

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