Steemcleaners and SteemitBoard to offer a badge to users who verified their profile

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very cool action @steemitboard

About 400 have been given out already and about 500 to go. If the account is verified just give us a little time to get it processed.

how to first play it?

It’s a welcome step in protecting accounts, even 2FA using google authenticater can be implemented for logging in, steemconnect apps, and for steem withdrawals from account as an additional security layer.

Thank you @steemitboard and @arcange. I'm very happy to receive mine!


it is just a badge, right?
it doesn't mean anything in terms of security or available options

It means that if you post on Steemit, and somewhere else(facebok, instagram, Googleplus, etc), and your account is verified, your posts will not be marked as Plagiarized. Otherewise, you risk getting listed by Steemcleaners, as plagiarizing content.

That's nice, I can't wait to get it on my board

Well...I had to alter it a little.

Nice efforts. Keep up good work.

I am very grateful to @steemitboard who raised the post value and gave me a new badge, I love your project @steemitboard

how can i verify please

I don't quite get what I should fill in on

Username — well that is simple
Steemit post — a post on steemit or a post with a back link to steemit?
Media link — or is this the post with a back link to steemit?
Additional information — anything else, simple enough.

Steemit post - A post on Steemit with a link to your website or other SNS
Media link - Your website or other SNS with a back link to Steemit

It was what I did and my Steemit account is already verified but I haven't received the badge yet.

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