First names for SteemFest confirmed. Many more to come. Ticket Sale Started!

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Quite overwhelmed to say the least after the introduction post past monday! SteemFest is on a roll and we are looking forward to it. Venues confirmed and quite busy days on have passed since :) Thanks for all the help offered! Will try to funnel this practical generosity as it comes.

Just now we have opened up the SteemFest Ticketshop. Tickets, all right. But for what you might ask?

First Names SteemFest Amsterdam:

You can expect a presence and presentations by the following people (random order):
  • @ned, USA - CEO Steemit

  • @infovore, Nigeria - creator of the SteemMag series

  • @tatianamoroz, USA - singer/songwriter, podcaster and bitcoin aficionada

  • @xeroc, Germany - Longtime blockchain expert and developer of Piston

  • @heiditravels, USA / Portugal - travel blogger and surfer

  • @ericvancewalton, USA - writer of poems & novels such as the trending Alarm Clock Dawn series

Presentations, workshops and performances will generally last about 20 minutes max, unless more in-depth time is required. Other items will include: a 'Whale' panel and a 'Developer' apps pitch session and the Appy Hour in which you can shop by developers of several apps.

(Many) More names to be announced soon!

SteemFest Ticketshop is now open:

The budget for this event for 300 people is now surpassing € 115,000 and with help of Steemit HQ and Whale support we are trying to lower the lowest entry price to about 1/4 of it. You can help out sponsoring the event by picking a more expensive 'Support Ticket' in various levels. If you are not attending you can also buy a 'NO-ENTRY-ticket' for which we thank you very much and send you a gift to your doorstep.

By buying an event ticket, which you need to bring and exchange in Amsterdam for a SteemFest wristband, you get access to the following:

  • 1000 SP provided by Steemit HQ when you show up in Amsterdam with your paid ticket. Distribution details will follow.
  • Day 0: Friday 11 November:
  • Day 1: Saturday 12 November:
    • (Taxi) Boat trip from SteemFest Volkshotel to Conference Venue
    • A full day & night of conference / presentations / workshops and party in a beautiful all rented out Conference Venue, the Tobacco Theatre in the Centre of Amsterdam
    • Including all day drinks, lunch, dinner, bites
    • Including open bar at night with sodas, Heineken Beer, Gin, Rum, Wodka.
    • Expect a great mix of content by fellow Steemians: panels, workshops, recitals, music performances, literature and more.
  • Day 2: Sunday 13 November:
    • Long Boat tour along the canals of Amsterdam
    • "Red Light Mashup" - an afternoon filled with activities in Amsterdam's oldest neighborhood
    • Climb the church
    • Bites & drinks
    • Small sessions in locations at 50m distance scattered around the "Old Church"
    • Nearby musea to enter with your festival wristband
    • Guided Walking Tours
    • Closing Dinner & Drinks in SteemFest Volkshotel

The base ticket price for the aforementioned full program including lunch, dinners, bites and drinks is set at € 111 including fees.

If you can afford it, you are very welcome to buy a more expensive 'Support ticket' (available at various levels of support: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) which enable us to fill the current 'hole' in the budget :)

Not included:

How to buy your SteemFest ticket with SBD / Steem?

Pay manually using SteemPay:

  1. Read these steps carefully.
  2. Click the below button to pay 144 SBD (not Steem!).
  3. The steempay page opens and shows you a MEMO text.
  4. FIRST! Mail that MEMO text to including your Steem Username and optionally First & Lastname (if you dont give it we will just put your Username on your ticket).
  5. Follow the payment instructions of the SteemPay page: Wire 144 SBD to @steemfest with the given MEMO Text (which you had just mailed to .

Manual Steem Based Dollar Payments are processed every day at 10 AM CEST and 22 PM CEST by checking our mail and validating the incoming transfers on the @steemfest wallet. Then we mail you a ticket or coupon code to claim your ticket.

Pay with SBD via the Bitcoin route automatically:

Next to credit card, paypal and various debit card e-banking options the SteemFest Ticketshop also offers the option to checkout and pay with Bitcoin.

Note: If you opt to pay with Bitcoin be sure to pay EXACTLY the amount stated and no cent more.

Otherwise difficult manual stuff needs to happen. Also pay directly from your own wallet, not from intermediates!

These payment methods can be utilised to pay with SBD / Steem for SteemFest via the Bitcoin route:

  1. Sell some SBD / Steem on a market of your choice (Bittrex, Poloniex) or via and withdraw to your own wallet.
  2. Transfer the amount due to the payment bitcoin address shown in the the SteemFest Ticketshop. Or you could charge your virtual creditcard at E-Coin/Wirex or Advcash and pay with that instead.

Celebrate Ticket Launch Weekend with 5% Discount:

Only this weekend you can buy your SteemFest ticket with 5% discount by clicking this link.

Staying Anonymous

We can totally understand you want to stay anonymous for your very own reasons. Although the ticketshop asks you to write down your first and lastname, you can just makeup something here. Note that you need to keep your ticket safe and for yourself, especially if you don't use your own name on your ticket.

And yes, all proceedings of this post will go towards funding SteemFest and closing that budget gap :)

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Hey, yea this would be awesome! Guess a speaker slot shouldn't be a problem - and don't hesitate to contact @roelandp or me directly for further question on !


Will do! Ill try and get you guys a Silver Steem Ring to giveaway!


Maybe also record that Steem ad in Amsterdam :)


and Don't forget the Steemit silver ring(s) :D

Great event unfolding!

Awesome Guys!
The person who bought the first ticket should get a reward of 5000000 SP !!


Agreed.there should be more incentives for people to rush and buy


More incentives? You get 1000 SP for just going... and the community is providing a huge event for like $100 which is a massive discount. I could probably drink $100 worth of booze so it seems very reasonably priced.
Unfortunately, I live in the U.S. and that is one long expensive journey. but it totally seems worth it with how many activities that are being planed. Plus, you would make amazing connections just by showing up and presenting your personallity.
This trip could easily pay for itself in the long run, even with a 1300$ plane ticket, 250$ room, and 120$ event, The whole trip would be around 2k$.
I might get lucky though, My cousin works for Delta and flys anywhere in the world for free, so if i can convince her, I may just get a free ride while introducing her to the steemit community.
I'm working on it, and hopefully things pan out so I can make it.


i've seen pretty cheap flights around these dates if you are willing to delay the flight time with 4 hours with a stopover in London for example. Try

How I wish I can attend. But it's just too far away. Hope I can earn enough steem to go for the next Steemfest.


There will be a livestream!


I was just going to ask this! I wanted to go so bad , but glad this is an option can't wait. THANKS for doing this!

Oh man.... November is so close, this is going to be insane

Count me in !

Awesome! See you all there!

Amazing deal. I hope to make it there.

Congrat's everyone! I hope to see you there!


Since I am from Amsterdam, I definitely want to join! Time to make some more posts and get this ticket funded!

I just bought my ticket!
I live in sweden so it´s not too far, if I had lived in the U.S or further away, there would be no way I could afford it.
See you all there!

Yes guys be SURE you pay only from your wallet and not bittrex and such and dont over pay (if you want to do so, choose a different ticket category).

When over paying, it causes all sorts of troubles (((


Sorry about this. So it appears to be a unexpected hickup with the Bitpay <> Ticketshop backend. I have tested the ticketshop by buying with BTC as well and it took about 1.5 hours for confirmation and then nothing happened.

We have contacted the ticketshop people. All sales have been recorded and it is just that something API-wise might have changed.

Ultimately it will be fixed by monday, but I hope sooner.


NP, im sure it will get sorted monday

I missed this post before but whoa:

1000 SP provided by Steemit HQ when you show up in Amsterdam with your paid ticket.

That's an awesome incentive! Practically tucked away in a list of bullet points.

For the Support Tickets and levels, I suggest to save what everyone got and those who helped make this possible by buying the more expensive ones should be assigned an "achievement" sort of sticker or recognition on their account page in future updates. :)

See you guys there! This is going to be great! The subsidized ticket is excellent VFM for all that's on offer! For anyone planning to come, don't think twice about it! Get it while you can at the discounted price! If you make it there, dont forget to meet up! :)

This is so awesome!
I can feel the success of this event already!
What a great idea and this will really boost the Steemit Economy!
I have been implementing a lot to boost the Steemit Economy as well by integrating Steem$ it to my web sites and creating steemit gear.
I will contact you in chat!

the price of the room is per person?


That's really not too bad a price...


i get it its per room. but for 2 people, 3 or 4? lol

Wow the program looks so enticing! Would really love to be there to meet and listen to all these presenters.


many more will be added!

record all the party mates 8]

Upvote this post. I real want buy that tiket by SD.

Thats great, I will be able to purchase via SBD soon.

Shucks I'm going to miss it unfortunately. Do make sure you stream all the best events for us. Won't you? Maybe if I get a passport and hitch a ride with Charlie I could just make it. Anywho, give everyone lots of love from me ...Robert

Ooo. 125 SBD? That means, I need ~$100 SBD more. Hmm. Hope some of the things I am working on would cover that. :-D
Only bit missing would be the transportation.


144 SBD it says i think?


Gah, I mean I need around $125 SBD. Confused. :-D
Hopefully I'll be able to make at least part of that during next week or so, before all the tickets are sold out.

WOOOOHOOO!!!!! Cant wait to meet all you bada$$ in steemfest!!! Much love :D