7949 STEEM will get me to attend SteemFest 4 in Bangkok | Road to SteemFest 4

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So, 'someone' wants us share how to budget our Roads to SteemFest! Money is part of life, and certainly part of The Road to SteemFest - but it's never my favourite topic to talk about. For now I'm job hunting and most readers that have been following me a while longer know how the past few years haven't been easy for me health-wise - which has put a big dent in my financial planning and savings.


A trip all the way to Bangkok is therefore absolutely not a logical thing for me to do at this moment in time.

But here we go.
As I'm still hopeful for some sort of good things happening in the coming months and I also sort of can't imagine myself not being there as it was so amazing and uplifting last year.

Simplified budget: flight, hotel, conference ticket

Figuring out costs for this thing is actually pretty simple: I need a flight, a hotel, and a conference ticket.

Of course there's the smaller expenses, like some drinks and food, some transfers both in my own expensive country as well as in significantly cheaper Thailand. For simplicity I'll just keep those out of the 'budget' as it's mostly costs I would probably make in some way or another when staying at home as well - plus a little but more but that's probably going to be manageable if I can make it through the first part of expenses.

Flight to Bangkok: 3339 STEEM

The biggest chunk of the budget will go to the flight from The Netherlands to Bangkok. I know I know I can probably make this a little cheaper by adding a few more stops. But since I travel with medical assistance, meaning someone is picking me up from and to the gates with a wheelchair, transfers to me are pretty much really boring as I'm always at the gate way too early and I have nothing else to do but wait.

It's also pretty annoying to be dependent on another person to get you to a certain place in time. So forgive me for minimizing the amount of transfers I want to make to one (1): it halves the cost of the flight to add one stop, but adding another stop will not halve it again. So one (1) stop is pretty much the optimum for both cutting costs and not adding too much extra hassle to an already big trip.

With all of this taken into account I can find a flight ticket for about 540 euros, which translates to 3339 STEEM as I'm writing this post.

Hotel in Bangkok: 1664 STEEM

Staying at the conference hotel is super convenient, and although I did stay in an Airbnb apartment at SteemFest 3 which is pretty much the best thing to do if you are an introvert like me and want to have some alone time during breakfast (haha), I would want to stay at the conference hotel this year. This has much to do with my suspicion that Bangkok is a lot less easy to navigate for me while I walk with my walking support and I don't want to spend this very scarce 'foot power' on just getting from and to the conference location. So there. I could save some money by not staying in the hotel but I'll probably gain a lot more fun and save some pain by staying in one of their reasonably priced rooms.

All in all the hotel room will cost me 1664 STEEM for the stay if all works out with flights and stuff, if not and I have to arrive a bit earlier or later then one or two more nights would be necessary.

Ticket for SteemFest entrance: 2946 STEEM

Well, that's pretty much straightforward as @roelandp made a nice widget on his website where you type in your name and based on your current Steem Power it shows which 'class' of Steem Fish you are and what your ticket will cost you. After generating payment links it will also show you how much SBD or STEEM the ticket will be.

645 SBD or 2946 STEEM is what I'd need to pay for a regular SteemFest ticket. Now I know I can choose for a Minnow or Plankton ticket and Roelandp leaves this decision entirely up to you. But I did buy a plankton ticket last year when I had only 3000 Steem Power and felt I really was a tiny fish in the sea. One year later I'm a bigger fish though, and after I experienced what is included in the SteemFest ticket it really wouldn't sit right with me to not pay the regular ticket price.

Screen Shot 20190810 at 19.04.02.png

There's a difference between 'expensive' and 'a lot of money', in this case a ticket is a lot of money, but for what you get in return it's not expensive.

Seeing from the @steemfest wallet transfers only 3 people so far have paid their tickets in STEEM, which makes sense as it's an incredible amount of STEEM to pay if you're 'just' an author/curator. Most don't earn that in a year from authoring and/or curating :-)

To sum it up:

7949 STEEM is what I need to attend SteemFest. This is the minimum though. As I said I didn't factor in 'other expenses', and also: these are the prices if I book TODAY. Which I can't. If I wait longer then the SteemFest ticket price will go up (after the end of this month). By then, flights will be more expensive too as November is a hugely popular month to fly to Bangkok. And what's worse: maybe the hotel rooms will not be available anymore because these rooms are limited, of course.

I don't know if I will go at all if I had to stay further away from the conference location, for reasons I shared above.

That does mean that at this moment in time I don't see myself going to SteemFest. And if I'd have any chance of making it I'll have to make it work in the next two weeks.

So let's see.

How to make 8000 STEEM in two weeks? :')
Tips are welcome :D

I do have 113 STEEM in my savings balance from my RoadtoSteemFest post payouts, so at least there's a start :D

Screen Shot 20190810 at 19.32.16.png

It sort of calms me writing this down. It suddenly made it real for me and shows that it's really out-of-reach for me to go at this moment in time. It will sadden me immensely if I can't join all the awesome Steem peepz but either something incredible happens in the next few weeks, or I'll just have to stay back home and trust that that's what's best for me, for now.

IF I somehow got my hands on the amount of money needed to go I'd go in an instant.
Who knows, miracles do happen, sometimes.

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I would like to be there if I had time

Shame you don't have time to go - it really was worth it going last year, for me, and I do have time to do this kind of stuff :D

It’s a shame if you don’t make it, because I know from last years event you really enjoyed it - from your posts and also all the other Steemians that were there whose photos you popped up in. It’s a long trek from Europe though, and the costs soon rack up especially with flights.

Who knows though like you say, maybe something amazing will happen yet. !COFFEEA 15

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Yes - I really really enjoyed it. I don't even know if I'd be so active on Steem if it wasn't because I've met some of the amazing people I'm interacting with daily. But the costs are intense and life happens in the meanwhile - I'll just keep my fingers crossed for my lucky day, who knows, maybe COFFEEA will moon :D Cheers @c0ff33a!

I wish I could help you out, but right now I have enough steem to maybe buy a pack of gum.

It would be an amazing time though, I would love to travel to Bangkok. I hope one day to make it though. I hope anyone who wants to go can one day make it.

I really enjoyed this breakdown on how much steem it would take to get there. It makes me think of how other things in my life could be bought related to steem :-)

Hey @meditations, same here, I'd love to help everyone out and buy tickets for all the amazing people we have here :-) Maybe that day will come, as I feel I've gotten a lot of support from the community always, it would be such a big pleasure to give something in return, someday.

Glad you enjoyed the breakdown. I'm never enjoying 'money talk' but it really does help to break stuff down and confront yourself with reality ;-) Someday we'll be able to buy gum and flights all over the world, I hope :-)

Cheers and have a great day!

I think the hotel isn't at the conference venue... but being at the hotel would mean plenty of helpful steemians to share Ubers with etc.

Shame it's looking like you can't make it Rosa. I'm also officially out this year. I really can't make it. It's impossible for me to afford... and when you pile debts of over £2000 into the mix I'd be insane to even think about it.

I realized that it was impossible for me about a month ago, and have been a bit down about it all since. But, such is life.

I like that you've laid out the budget in steem, lol maybe I could afford it if I powered down 100% and begged a few £100 from family... but then I wouldn't even be able to write comments on steem 🤣

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I think the hotel isn't at the conference venue...

Oh shit, I must have assumed, didn't even think about that. Yes, traveling from and to with others will definitely be a lot more fun and also helpful, but I heard most things have to be done/are more convenient by river boat, don't see myself jumping on and off boats just yet though :D

I realized that it was impossible for me about a month ago, and have been a bit down about it all since.

I understand. I felt the same a few weeks ago but it was more stress of 'how to do it', and now I laid it all out and it seems too much I also experience some sort of relief that I won't be spending that money. Is that weird? I'll have to either trust that 'something magical' happens and I'm going to get there with less financial strain or I just start saving up for next year.

It will definitely hurt and make me feel down a bit a few more times though.

maybe I could afford it if I powered down 100%

With a 13 week powerdown we wouldn't even make that :')

That's a pretty big amount of STEEM hot damn, not too long ago you could get away with it all of that for 500 steem lol how the mighty have fallen. I'd love to attend SF4 need to make sure I can free up a week for myself and not just the money, I think it would be a lot of fun to put asses to usernames, I mean faces

:D Yes, 500 or even 1000 STEEM would be totally acceptable for me to spend on this trip, but 8000? Nah, that's all I earned in 1,5 years :-)

Sure, if you can make it please do! It's amazing to see those FACES I can promise you that. Good luck on making it happen <3

Don't be a bitcoin pizza guy.

LOL. But that's at least some kind of fame.

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Or shame?

That's the best summary of my post actually. "I don't want to be like the Bitcoin Pizza Guy".

Enough said ;-)

Definitely gives perspective of not only the cost (or better said, the investment) to go but also the unfortunate price of Steem. I prefer to buy and hold that Steem. I have been feeling similarly as a Splinterlands player as it is taking too much Steem to buy cards these days! Luckily, they have started to accept the DEC token. Maybe the launch of all these new tokens can help? Maybe in thr future we can buy Steemfest tokens to help save up for it!

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It's an investment, indeed - It was totally worth it last year. Cards are crazy expensive now in STEEM, so I'm just waiting for the moment where I can pay 10 cards with 1 STEEM :D SteemFest tokens sounds awesome!

7949 STEEM :D well if i continue to post every day, in maybe 7 years i would be able to go to steem fest, then i just need a time machine :D

That means you're almost there! :') LOL :D


It sounds much more reasonable in dollars, but even then the price is going to put a lot of people off.

I'm half expecting it to be cancelled TBH.

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Ouch, that would be really sad. I don’t know, I can’t really ‘see’/guess how enthusiastic the Asian side of the world is about SF being in Bangkok. Maybe we’ve overestimated their willingness to come together? Maybe we don’t see them talking about SF because they are sharing in languages we don’t read? Curious to hear your thoughts. Even if I don’t attend I’d want it to take place as it does create a nice ripple effect of friendships and energy throughout the community.

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Yes it would be a shame!

I just don't feel that there's that much demand for it this year... maybe not enough to make it viable...?

Then again maybe there are a bunch of people I don't know about just being quiet about going!

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Could be. The STEEM price is super depressing. At this point even 1$ STEEM would make a huge difference as I would be willing to cash out 1000 STEEM in exchange for SteemFest, as I get so much more in return for that investment. Don't think I can say the same about 8000 STEEM though :-) Wish FIAT life were easier, but hey, if that one was easy I wouldn't be in crypto ;-)

We'll see! Glad you booked an awesome holiday though! That will be amazing however, and I'm sure that lots of Steemians will meet-up as there seems to be quite a few in Thailand/Bangkok anyhow.

Well, actually I'm surprised that the whole trip can be done with "only" 1.600 USD.
I have to admit that I would love to join a steemfest once. But this is way too expensive for me.
Well, perhaps another time in another country :)

I hope you'll make it there ...


Yes, it isn't even that bad, but it all depends on timely booking and if I could book everything today or better yet 2 months ago I'd have pretty cool discounts.

But yeah.

Fingers crossed.

I'd love you to be at one of the SteemFests as well, I've seen how you enjoyed your meet-ups so far :-)

Sometimes things happen for a reason, and we have to go with the flow and see where it takes us. Hope your way to SF4 will be what you desire!

At this point I decided to trust the decision will somehow be made for me. I still hope I'll get there but I'm not going to be stressing about it as I can't really influence it at this moment in time. Thanks for your comment @rimicane :-)

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La salud es algo maravilloso que se perfecciona a través de la bondad

Es por eso que cuando sonreímos rejuvenecemos, y cuando nos alegramos vivimos como 100 años mas
es mi humilde opinión ¡saludos!

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