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Not much can be added from my side to all the euphoric posts of the past days about the SteemFest. Except for saying that I share all the excitement to 100%!

SteemFest was a wonderful experience and I feel privileged and lucky that I can consider my self being a member of this founding community - like all of you, who are reading this. So much enthusiasm, friendliness, diversity of skills and intelligence!

From this plurality of awesomeness something great will arise - I´m more convinced than ever!

I would like to share one moment with you, which really enthused me as it made me realize how Steemit had become an actual reality:

Some of you may be familiar with my #localgemsafari posts. In this series you can send me to coordinates within a certain perimeter, and I report back with my camera whatever I find remarkable there.
In one episode, steemian artist @shortcut had sent me to the Bird´s Eye Jazz Club in Basel, Switzerland. When I had arrived, I noticed a graffiti on the wall next to the club´s entrance:

The message "Revolte heisst Leben / Revolt means life" reminded me of an earlier post of @shortcut, which made me believe that he may relate well with this slogan. And so I captured it for him.
And then, at the SteemFest I found out that @shortcut not only liked that slogan, but that he had taken the efforts to create his own design of it to actually print it on a shirt!!!

For me that was really a light-bulb-moment in which I realized that we Steemians are not just a number of users who spend some time on a new platform, but a community of actual people who start having a real-life impact on each others.

That´s simply fantastic!

Steem on friends, great magic waits ahead of us!


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This is a 100% SP post!


I agree, @shaka--this community is too great to fail! Steemfest was an incredible experience, full of energy and inspiration, and I believe everyone felt that our coming together was something really special. I'm looking forward to all future meet ups and growing with the community!

Thank you for your response @saramiller. I´m glad that you feel the same way, Steemfest was a bath in energy and excitement. We haven´t talked in Amsterdam but for sure we will at Steemfest 2.0 :-).
All the best for you and the entire gardenofeden crew!

Thanks for sharing the story, @shaka! For me this is also a good example, why steemit is so special.

I never did something similar before: Responding to a post, where someone wanted me to send him to a place of my choice. Then getting this special message back. At that moment it was clear, that I had to build on that and show you at steemfest. I mean, steemit is really a lot about collaboration and that's amazing.

I was very pleased to meet you (and so many talented people) at steemfest and my confidence in being part of something great truly skyrocketed.

Thanks for sharing your view on this @shortcut. I fully agree, it´s the collaborative spirit that glues us together. Whatever the approach is to get in contact with other Steemians, we are joined by the conviction that we are part of a community that will grow into something enormous...
Was a real pleasure meeting you in person @shortcut!

Nice pics and thanks for sharing. Namaste :)

@shaka, that is so cool. I really like the photograph and very cool shirt from @shortcut. It's a beautiful thing seeing a community grow organically like this. Very cool that you could make it to steemfest.

Thank you @runridefly, I´m really glad that I could make it! Like @blueorgy I now always wear the Steemit scarf which all attendees got whenever I leave the house - to further contribute to that organical growth :-)

Wirklich toll ! I was not online much past days even weeks but glad I caught this post . I agree a thousand times how great it was !

Thanks for stopping by @mammasitta! It was a pleasure talking to you in Amsterdam. It was an unforgettable event!

It was great meeting you :)

Thank you @mrs.steemit, it was a pleasure for me meeting you, too! As mentioned, I was really impressed by the Steemfilm but also by the way how you presented! You have a great stage presence.

Thank you @shaka for sharing your ideas about Steemit community, its gonna be more friendly for me and others who is new to it. The world is changing fast and its great that we can participate in it.
Wish you good luck and much light!

Thank you @niksun and good luck for you too! It seems your Steemit journey has just begun. Enjoy!

Thank you @shaka for good words and good luck for all of us and Steemit!

Really nice article @shaka and great that we met us at SteemFest!

Absolutely, thank you @future24 :-)

thanks alot for sharing @shaka I am realy excited to read all this reports from Steemfest, hope to see you all next time🙂!

Hope that too @nekromarinist! SteemFest 2.0 will follow soon :-)

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