SteemFest³ updates: The Kraków Vlog - Mobile app now available - New names - Ticket competitions

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Please don't forget to vote Steem in the (only more day left of voting, let's secure that spot - it will be a great benefit for Steem).

This week saw the realisation of the the draft program, communicated with speakers, ordered first print materials, got the SteemFest mobile app accepted in the appstores and made a pretty raw cutted vlog of my Kraków visit to check out the SteemFest venues, so I leave you with that. For embedding purposes this video has been published on Youtube.

18 days till Kraków!

SteemFest Mobile App now available

Just like previous years the SteemFest app is available since last monday or so. The codebase originally developed by @good-karma has been adjusted, upgraded with new features such as:

  • Offline maps: Don't get lost in Kraków, because this offline map has got you covered.
  • DIY Sights & Audioguide: Kraków's best sights and walk the integrated audioguide
  • Notifications: Enable notifications and receive timely updates during SteemFest.
  • Interactive timetable: Check out the program minituosly and read details about speakers!
  • Connect & Remember: Scan fellow attendees' badges and follow on Steem!

    Download the SteemFest Mobile app

New names announced:

  • @hightouch: Founder of FutureShock and Fundition
  • @neo: Creator, artist, vlogger, entrepreneur
  • @guyfawkes4-20: Co-founder of @SteemRomania, OCD curator, Sndbox steward
  • @alexvan: Co-Founder of @SteemRomania, business developer, witness
  • @arcange: Entrepreneur, developer, creator of SteemitBoard, SteemSQL and blockchain based applications
  • @grampo: CEO of Waivio, excited about potential of open attention trading
  • @prc: Witness, blockchain developer, cryptocurrency evangelist, voluntaryist & music addict
  • @martibis: Founder of Steemitworldmap and Learntocurie!

Unfortunately @oliviadejeu can't make it this year and had to cancel her appearance at SteemFest.

Ongoing SteemFest ticket give aways

Get your SteemFest ticket at

Ticket prices increase in 1 hour!
read more about the price increase algorithm here

Have a nice weekend!
Greetings from Amsterdam,


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Ive been voting for the contest every day and making posts to remind everyone every day! We are in first place!
Yea go Steem!
Feeling the Steem spirit and theres no better place to share it than SteemFest!

Really you were wearing a T-shirt? So Weather should be great! No cold now and in 18 I dont think it will change so much maybe.

By the way, incredible places you found and crazy doves in Kraków R!
This Fest will be awesome for sure...

Hope I will make it! As George Michaels said: I gotta have faith, hahaha


nothing changes as fast as the weather. this was recorded a while ago, but Last week it was still a “golden summer” in Krakow

Awesome! Downloaded my app yesterday and I’m so looking forward to not only seeing Krakow but to meeting all of you who are attending. When I joined here earlier this year, I never could have imagined where it would have led me. Super excited for what the future here holds.

Thank you for all the hard work you put in @roelandp and all of the others who have contributed to make this a reality.

@roelandp it's been fun promoting the Netcoins voting contest. I saw that INS came swooping in at the last minute but I still think that we'll win it. I feel like the community did a great job of collaborating together which will hopefully bring more exposure to our token and take it one step closer to mass adoption. Have a blessed Sunday with your family :)


Been waiting with excitement and looking forward to it!!! Not going to be an easy trip, overcoming adversities to get there but will make it. This looks really cool, will inspect deeper tonight :)

Thanks so much for giving creators on the Steem blockchain an opportunity to talk about their projects! Looking forward to speaking at Steemfest, we will be dropping some info on where Steemitworldmap will be going over the next few months as well - trust me we have some cool stuff planned for all of you current and future mapoholics out there! Looking forward to seeing you incredible steemians there!

@martibis from the @steemitworldmap team!

I'm thrilled to be on the list, thank you! I'm really looking forward to meeting the people that are attending SF. :)

Roeland, you are a great vlogger, thanks for showing us Krakow! Two weeks to go, looking forward for it!

Glad to see some new names!

This post is featured on today's news (in Chinese :D)

Greetings from Brussels, Joy

Can't wait!!! Great video!
And the app looks great, too!
... but what is the DIY Polo Disco...?? 😳🤔

Getting closer and closer, Krakow is waiting for us


You're up late, room mate! :P


Just come back from the town :P


Ohhhh ;) ;) ;)

Great sneak peeks and tips in the vlog. Will download the app now!! Thank you so much @roelandp! Less than 3 weeks left to go, can't wait :D

Awesome!!! Got the app the other day and it looks awesome. Can't wait to hear @guyfawkes4-20 talk :D


That if you manage to wake up in time for my talk. But, yeah, coffee's always there for us. :)))


ahahhah you have a talk, so how no sleeping during yours then LOL


It looks like I do. You can sleep before it, wake up for 20 minutes, and go right back to sleep afterward, I might do that myself, lol. :))

Hello @Roelandp, Thanks for the update! Team @Oracle-D is very excited to attend SteemFest this year especially for the bowling cup. Our team is fully prepared and we are going to rock the alley. Cheers and see you soon! :)


Bowling on meth?


He’s got it goin on, wow nice onesie hunk

Thanks for the latest update @roelandp! Can’t wait to meet you in a few short weeks!

Ps... I’m getting there quite a few days early (Saturday night), so if you guys randomly need any help with set up or anything like that, feel free to hit me up! in discord I’m Coruscate#6642. 😊


oh nice. ok thanks for the offer! im mostly residing in :P


Oh cool. I had heard of the telegram chat and totally forgot about it. Haha I just joined. :)

I think Verge finally gave up lol 😆 suckas!

Great video. Its got me really excited! Krakow looks beautiful - I hope the weather is good over SteemFest.
I have to remember to pack warm clothes as its still 25-30 C here in Tel Aviv.


yes. It was 20 degrees last week in Kraków but I also saw some zeroes in 2 weeks all of a sudden. OMG. Weather weather. see you there!

Krakow is going to be great. It's just a pity that I'm going to miss it.

The app is going to make things easy and interesting. Good work

18 days to go. I'm really excited

Excellent! wonderful @roelandp. I've already downloaded the app and now I can't wait to make my sneaky entrance in the "Pink Bowling Club" to try pluck all the plumage to a good bunch of wealthy whales in Kraków dripping steem all over those beautiful pool tables dressed in blue. (No matter these are not 'pink' too) They won't exit unharmed from that massacre!! Hahahaha


However, I only hope that I could also win @steemfestdreams contest with my entry. And then, I will know if I'm gonna be a step closer to achieve that wild dream.

Cheers!! }:)

I just threw on the mobile app and it looks good until now! Love the scanning function and curious to see how it will function!

Follow me

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Screammmm... I actually had no clue how it would really be until watching the vlog! The places will change every so often. Gonna be dang fun and interesting for sure!!

18 days to go. I'm really excited

@roelandp, Just watched the video and for sure it was an amazing tour of video and i believe that this SteemFest will be an awesome one. And want to say that in less than 6 Minute video you've tried to cover the important aspects and it shows that you've put efforts of days into this for sure. And in my opinion everyone is waiting for the day when the greatest Collaboration of Steem starts.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

LOL those pigeons cracked me up!!! OK so I assume you filmed this a while back because the weather looks warm! The venues looks amazing, I can't wait! Great job organizing!....but I still don't have a bowling team...yikes...


3 people in a team :) basically u only need 1 muse i guess to cover the two of you :)

great convo starter during opening drinks.

I wish I could go to Steemfest, Poland is high on the list of nations I want to visit.

Looking forward to steemfest. :)

Its a shame the latest steemfest 3 app requires ios 11.1. Have an old iPhone 6 and don't want to upgrade and slow my phone down :(



update done. please try again.


Great! Thanks!


oh thanks, I will do an upgrade right away (had to update 2 things anyhow) so I will make the build available for lower iOS! Thx for reminding me about this!


update... waiting for review - will support up down to IOS 9.3, ok?

Wish I was going to be there! Good luck this year!

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Voted 3x already! Thanks for reminding me to do a 4th!

Wow, you really picked great venues man. 89 is one of the best clubs out there, and ICE is like the most prestigious conference place. But regarding the music of your choice... please, don't do that again :PPPP


mehehehe DISCO POLO !!!

Ohhhh yeah the hype continues. Cheers for the steemfest app

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Thanks for the updated! The Time is going with more excited!
best of luck all for another great steemfest.

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Ik gooi het in de groep hier thuis. Uitje naar Krakau met nog steeds mooi weer dan...

Whoa.. 18days, well that puts it into perspective! Downloaded the app and am loving the connect and remember option. I had this thought that I would have to have a pen on me at all times to write down usernames so I don’t forget, you have solved that issue for me and it’s much appreciated 😊

Loved the vlog, super nice to see all the stunning venues and people in shorts!!! Many will be pleased with that. It looks like a beautiful city and I’m excited to explore it.

On a side note.. hey @tarazkp.. have you seen roelandp’s hair? He has great hair... just maybe something to look into 😜


I think that @roelandp is easy going enough to let me touch his hair. Sorta takes the fun out of it ;)

This is going to be epic! :D And thanks for mention me on website but a bit wrongly :P its @neopch not @neo ;)

See You in Krakow :)

This has got me even more excited!! Cant wait to get there and meet some amazing people!

Amazing idea of the post

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Thank you

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Buddy @roelandp Wow i do not wait 18 days, its amaing moment wait for us... If i can take any chance to join steemfest i will join # thanks buddy

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Less that 3 weeks to go! I'm just installing the app as I know it will be useful. Of course a lot of the value of the event are the conversations that happen when people meet in person. I think some of those could be very 'interesting' with all the controversy about abusing so-called bid bots. Let's keep it friendly!