Why should you get a free Steemfest 3 ticket?

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Do you have your head full of ideas what you would like to do at Steemfest, but are struggling to pay for a ticket?
This is your chance to get free entry then!

I'm giving away one ticket to Steemfest (just the event, travel and accommodation not included, make sure you can cover those yourself before entering. Ticket on your name and not transferable). To enter, write a comment about what you plan to do to make the event even better for everyone who attends!

I will choose a winner at September 25th after the hardfork.

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Hi @pharesim, thanks for offering to give away a free ticket! I'm hoping to attend Steemfest 3, as Steemfest 2 was absolutely amazing.

What I would like to offer is free acro lessons to anyone that would like to try acroyoga, friendship, and love. I decided to make a video better explaining everything. :) Enjoy!

I will definitely sign up for a lesson there, the videos I saw of you doing it look like I need to try that too! I guess @lichtcatchtoby, @nissla and @berndpfeiffer also should try some yoga, they sit around too much in their jobs anyways :)

Haha, to be fair, I already had a whole day long professional acro yoga workshop once, and also practiced it a bit myself. Same with normal yoga! But it would love to see @berndpfeiffer to do some yoga. I would consider myself to have an creative and open mind, but I just cant imagine him doing that. Prove me wrong Bernd!

I would prefer some Yoda Lessons ;)


awwww :) Will you be there? That would be amazing!

Aw! I love the video! I hope you'll win and we all get to see you there!

Yay!!! I hope you can make it! I may not be there but either way, I want ALL of my steemit friends to be able to go!

aawwww! It would be so amazing to see you there!

Great initiative @pharesim to many of us that as you said are struggling in some way.

First I saw this I thought that the best thing I could do is to reach drunked Steemians to their places but I know those things don't happen.. hahaha... (sorry couldn't resist the joke).

But if happens I will do that.

To be true I want to go to the SF3 at any cost cause is something I need, last year saw the Live Streaming and was sorry of not being in there.

Lately all my work in the Blockchain has been for projects and spread the word about the Chain IRL so my rewards are used for that. I have a 2K USD trip plus accomodation and that is a mess.
Anyway... my philosophy is not to cry about those things, just a detail to consider cause if you see my wallet you will find some Steem in there that is for that.

To be true as a photographer I could say that I will take pro pictures of the Steemians and the Event and Video footage too, it can be sure.. but the most I would like is to give a hand in there with the organization if needed and interact in all the behinf the curtains job so I can go some days before to put hands at work! Cause in my experience doing those things are very reconfortables.

And of course also help and make my best to achieve a really great Stream of the Fest to all the people that will be a part of it... but from home if it's needed.

So I put my offer and you guys in there decide what can be more helpful for the community in case I can have the chance to get that Ticket.

GL to all the participants in here cause at the end all of us are part of the same!

Peace V!

Leo I love what have you suggested and what value you can add to the SteemFest. He is really a professional with the photos,videos and different designs. We have been working closely with him. His Fundition projects are amazing, totally world-changing! So hoping the person who deserves it the most to get it :)

Thanks so much @enisshkurti for your words man! So many dedicated Steemians working strong for the Chain in here.. so I'll be glad to get the chance.

Peace V!

Have you tried contacting @roelandp or @firepower? I guess they're happy about any volunteering helping hand available.
Let me know how this goes!

Good tip... I Will!

Talked with R and full house in there! :) Let's see... Cheers!

Greetings @pharesim.

This is a lovely idea. I propose this for someone else not myself....'to make the event even better'.......

.......would be to find out more about Roland's Steem.wallet and make sure the word gets out.

........also to put out a tip jar for Steemchiller's SteemWorld tool.

....and last but not least....organise a giveaway from the Silver Steem coin fellow.

Wishing you and yours all the best.

Kind Regards,

@bleujay/ @bentleycapital (bleujay's artwork)


Thank you @pharesim for the opportunity to get a free ticket to Steem fest! I really want to go to the event, and I even know for sure that I'll be there! But I want to win the ticket, because buying a ticket is bad for our budget)) (At the moment I am in a decree, our husband cares about us. Therefore, this ticket will help us to save money.)

Who I am

My name is Alina. And I'm an Artist, urban sketcher and markers guru. I plan to make a few sketches of Krakow.

This year at Steemfest, I want to teach everyone to draw)) To be more precise - I will show everyone who wants a bit of knowledge about marker drawing. I'll bring markers and paper and tell everyone what to do.

What I do in real life

I did not draw from an art school, and I did not even think that I would take brushes and paint. And when I bought the first book for a baby in the store, I realized that such books can not be shown to children, the quality of illustrations is low and the ideas themselves look creepy. And since then, almost two years ago, I decided that I want to illustrate books. But to illustrate - I need to learn how to draw ... or at least remember everything I knew about 10 years ago. I bought myself markers, watercolors, participate
in marathons, passed training courses and slowly moved to my goal. I could not jerk quickly - home life still has not been canceled, but for me in the first place - my daughter, it was for her that I decided to change something.

And now, from the first watercolor drawing and sketch passed two years. My blog is a diary, part of my way. I believe that I am ready to move on, I show my portfolio to publishers and participate in their competitions. And in my blog I share sketches, which I paint every day. For two years I have not missed a single day, I always carry a notebook and a liner. I have accumulated a lot of knowledge, which I want to share with those who are just starting their way in creativity.
Cheers, Amalinavia =)

SteemFest? Why not!


Good luck @amalinavia. I would be a liar if I said I didn't want to win, but I am conflicted seeing that you are here entering as well. I wish you all the luck in the world. I love your art and maybe we can meet and chat over a beer at Steemfest 3 if we both make it :-)

Good luck @amalinavia!

Good luck, @amalinavia! I think that you deserve to win.

Good luck!

Lets go!)

Good luck!

I wish good luck!

Good luck @amalinavia, you deserve it!


Good luck to you!

желаю выиграть билет на Steemfest!

I wish you luck)

I hope you win :)

Желаю победы, Алина!

Thanks for the illustrations to my future book))


Love your giving away a ticket. Hope to be able to see you there!

Wow! The question is so simple yet so difficult. :D

Well, I know what I would bring for sure is my ' STEEM SPIRIT !' and some more 'LAUGHTERS' to the event. People tend to say that I'm funny.. I'm not sure why as I think I'm dang serious.. LOLOL Like, that moment when Steem blockchain was all frozen or you know, when Steem Monsters was just announce and people gone wild opening the cards... Just to name a few :D

But who knows? Maybe I'm not that funny in real life after all! Ha!

More 'SURPRISES!' I know there will be a lot of surprises at the fest. I do have a thing that may create even more surprises there. I have this idea of opening the first Steem Cafe in Bangkok or even in Thailand where people could come spend STEEM in real life. That's not a joke or careless saying.. Here's the progress!

'ENERGY' and the 'GIGGLES'.. who doesn't like good vibes? I don't know why I giggle so much. I think it's not a bad thing and imagine people would start giggling with my giggles.. :D The giggling Steem Fest !!

'AWESOME CONTENTS' Not trying to brag but I have been called some good names for my content creations especially, video contents.. We will have such a good memories stamped on the blockchain in form of written posts/ photos/ and videos.


That dtube link leads to another user's video ;)

Oopsy! MY bad :D fixed and here's just in case also >> https://d.tube/v/waybeyondpadthai/a7x6i6zj

Thanks for watching <3


I'm going to try something different...

If I think about how I can improve the stay of each steemian in the SteemFest, a thousand things come to my mind.

First of all, I am a great dancer. My hip movement on the dance floor is something never seen before and can cause instantaneous palpitations in any lady or gentleman. The best thing about this is that all those around me at that moment, get infected and generate the same attraction. So, pharesim, if you're on a dance floor in Krakow, you know where to put yourself.

I'm an excellent lover and my priority is always to generate pleasure in those around me. It's something that comes naturally to me and I always give myself 100%. It's like a way of life, I walk down the street, always trying to give pleasure...

I'm an excellent hand reader. I can anticipate things up to 50 years in the future, but I have that limit, 50 years. Sorry if you wanted more...

Last but not least, after years and years of practice I have developed a method to conquer girls that is infallible. And of course, I'm always willing to share my knowledge on the subject.

Clarification: Probably everything written before is false, because the truth is that I don't know what I can contribute to the SteemFest and I don't want to promise things that I will not fulfill. If someone needs help, I will help. I'm willing to have a good time and meet people who for more than a year, I only see them virtually. I hope this comment doesn't upset you, but I would like to win the ticket and I prefer to put a little humor to all this.


Well I just bought my ticket myself yesterday but I would like to nominate @mrprofessor. He's doing a lot of great things for the Steemit community. He created #cyclefeed and just joined the team @travelfeed and is also working on a translation for a game to help @utopian-io.

MrProfessor to Steemfest

But that's not everything he's doing for the community. He loves the Steemit community that much that he is already selling stuff he owns. Just so that he can afford the trip to Poland from Brasil to join Steemfest.

Would love to see that smile on his face when he gets this ticket hehe 😎

Couldn't agree more, please send @mrprofessor to Steemfest! He deserves it so much!

Totally second that - I don't know a person who deserves it more than @mrprofessor This guy warms every heart and would be missed by so many if he's not being able to make that trip from Brazil to Krakow!

Oh my dear god! Just want to make it clear that I'm not paying these two for this amazing manifestation of love!

I have so many things to do on Steemfest that it's even hard to start, I want to promote the projects where I'm working, I want to promote Brazil, I want to promote happiness and enthusiasm, positivity and perseverance. That's what this world of ours is in need.

I'll bring my bicycle all the way over to Poland and I'll use it to talk about how you can pursue your dreams even when things look terrible, after that I'll use my bicyle to follow the EuroVelo where i'll be able to tell travellers and cyclists on the way about Steem.

I want to come back to Brazil with a lot of knowledge about Steem so our community can organize events and workshops.

I could go over and over talking about the reasons why I'd love to go toSteemfest, yes I'm selling my own stuff to go, yes it'll be a life changer for a man who quit his job to dedicate his time the Steem blockchain.

Sorry for being overly dramatic and thank you @pharesin for being generous, thank you @guchtere and @for91days for being lovely behind my back.

You deserve it too @for91days! I hope you're going! But wait...maybe you're going to the US I can't remember

My travel expenses are not as high as for others wanting to come from a different continent. I'll be at Steemfest and will leave from there to for a trip to the US. Are you going to be there?

I agree! @mrprofessor has always been active in the travel community, you wouldn't see a day without him there! He is a great representative of the travel community and I know he can spread his Steem enthusiasm when he's there. He believes so much in Steem so I hope he gets there from Brazil!

Owwwwwn, you are lovely @wanderless!!!!!!!

@mrprofessor brings so much energy and vibes to the Travelfeed discord channel everyday, there's never a dull moment when he's around. If he can do that online I'm sure he will do 100X better in person at SF3 and make it an even livlier event.

He will probably have to cycle all the way from Brazil to Krakow, so please let him win a ticket asap so he can start his journey soon in case he doesn't make it. GO mrpro!!!

Heeeeeeeey @livinguktaiwan, you are the best! I'm almost building a boat that I can pedal \o, let's cross the Atlantic on my pedal boat weeeeeeeeheeee

i also want @mrprofessor to get a ticket for the Steemfest - Simply because he is an amazing guy who ads tons of value to the community with his Projects and just for being awesome!

Duuuuuuuuuude, thank you so much! We have to meet on day and go take some amazing photos!

Fo sho man! 100%!!

I concur with this. Since joining travelfeed, he's always been around to support my noobish questions and is a true community steemian! Would be a travesty if he didn't come on this trip!

Hoooooorraaaay @nickyharvey, you are great man! Glad to have you around.

Thanks for having me in your group @mrprofessor! Go geddit laddo :)

Nono, not my group. I'm just like you, now we have our souls sold to the Steemit Travellers.

Haha, I would prefer my soul being "shared" with the Steemit Travellers rather than sold :)

You're so awesome for giving away a ticket!!! This is going to have a huge impact on some lucky steemian FOREVER! They'll be 74 years old telling their grandkids about the awesome steemfest they got to experience because of YOU. That's kind of a big deal.

<3 <3 Someday I'm going to do the same, you just watch.

Thank you also @emjoe for nominating me, but I think I have to sit this one out because I can get the ticket, actually, but it's more the travel part that's going to be a problem for me this time.

Maybe if I can raise the money then that will change within the next week! I could raffle off unopened steem monsters cards! But I wanted to still give some away though.

Or I could become a walking billboard for a crypto company. Who knows? Anything crazy could happen!

BUT if I went, I'd bring a lot of things to the event! I'll only start with one since it's technically not relevant, haha.

I have a HUGE idea for steemit that I want to partner up with a developer for. If a developer sees this, hit me up!

I'd wear shirts and hats and scarves and socks (it's going to be cold, after all) repping all of the steemit dapps!!

Heck, I think I should just do that anyway. Wear steemit dapp shirts all week. But I will make sure to wash them so that people think steemit doesn't stink haha.

Hope miracle happens and you can have the money to travel there. Would love to meet up with you again.

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aww you are so awesome! :) hehe Steem swag! I dig it :0)

I plan on sharing my knowledge and learning from the crypto masters on how to grow this paltform and also to grow my knowledge because you’re never too old to learn

@journeyoflife has my vote early on for what that matters!

I vowed early in life to never stop learning so maybe it is you echoing my own opinion like so much.

If you don't look back on yourself in 5 years and say "wow what a dumbass I was then compared to what I know now" then you have wasted 5 years!!

  ·  11 months ago (edited)

Hi @pharesim,

Your question is definitely harder than the more common "why do you want to go" contests. I hope it's OK to respond here in a video, as I find it easier to communicate that way. Thank you very much for this opportunity, and good luck to everyone!

Besides what I mention in this video, I would of course document every second of this event, and help with translations in case this would be needed (German, French, Spanish, Dutch or Luxembourguish....unfortunately not Polish lol)

As I said in the blocktrades contest:

@evecab is a the Steemian you will get as she shows herself, honest, fun and genuine. These qualities are very important and rare for a Steemian and even more so for a community creator. Eve has helped me since the beginning of @promo-mentors and even in bad times (including the bear market), her activity has stayed the same. She is a person who is very fun to talk to and you'll see that she affects groups very positively with her genuine interest in getting to know people.

I have already created about 25 minutes of raw uncut speech about my Steem’s endeavours in order to get to Steemfest. I have covered everything, from my motivation why I started heavily participating in the Blockchain matters, what my vision here is, to which communities I’m engaged with and what I do for them to make Steem a better, more valuable place. I have also tackled why I want to visit Steemfest and see my colleges face to face. The videos have table of content so it should be easy to search for what you might be interested in!
Those are the two videos I created.

Part 1

Part 2

I did not cover the outlined question thought, so here it comes. How will I make the whole event better? As of yet I’m not skilled enough to have a speech there. What I can do though is spreading positivity. I’m a walking positive vibration and if I’m going to be allowed to participate I’ll make sure that no one ever feels sad (unless they avoid my sight of course:D). All I can guarantee regarding the direct contribution to the WHOLE event is that I will boost the overall positive attitude there. I want to visit the Steemfest to brainstorm with my colleges on how to make Steem more valuable place and during evenings getting to know as much people as I can and showing them some love:).

Oh and I will also bring frisbee and teach people how to throw properly!

Oh and I will also bring frisbee and teach people how to throw properly!

An essential skill that I need to learn!

Lets do it then!:)

I will just tag @jeanpi1908 so he sees this and maybe enters this as well!
Thank you for giving a steemian the possibility to attend SF3. That's awesome!

Danke @flugschwein fürs tagen, ich werde morgen mein Kommentar schreiben.

Habs gemacht .

'If Wishes were horses...' @emjoe would have loved to be there but..

I think you would love to see @nomadicsoul in steemfest3, She is an awesome Steemit lady that supports everyone around her. She is currently in Indonesia helping out the locals there amidst the crisis rocking that part of the world despite not being her country of origin.

Also, a visit to her blog will get you INFECTED with her Charisma and hard work. She currently has plans to bring stuffs to Steemfest3 if her plans work out.

She is lively and hers a good sense of humor too.

Try giving her the ticket and you will ever be thankful to me. Go check her out 😂 .

You can also read her believe in the Steem project post.

Hold some Steem to buy Steemstuffs on the link.

Keep up your good works. You add more life to the Steemfestdream with this kind gesture.

awww @emjoe thank you this is the sweetest post ever!!!!!!


Wow! So great to see that you are doing this! I am not going to Steemfest but I just wanted to leave a reply because this is amazing!
You will get a hard time picking a winner with all these amazing replies you got!
I also want to wish everyone who entered good luck!

Much love Snekky!

I will Come up with thoughts and minds later on, stay tuned m8

I just wanted to say thank you for doing this. I see all the things you do to help support individuals around here and have become very accustomed to seeing your name appearing frequently in positive ways. Just wanted to say that that does not go unnoticed and you are very much appreciated. Hope you have a wonderful day ❤️

I can say the same about you girl =)


❤️😉🤗 thank you

Thats great. I wish many people attends this for development of the community. Thanks for choosing a winner.

I will meet everyone who participate in the steemfest and make fun with them.


It's NEO here :)

I am a vlogger and also a part of DDaily (@dtubedaily) community. My plan is: I wish to do a travel vlogs since day 0 when I will left my home until I get to Krakow and SteemFest3 of course. Also as I am a part of DDaily we've got a "AirBNB Mansion" :D already booked in Krakow so there will be a lot of vlogs and collaborations inside of it and I wish to do a proper edited vlogs from event, promote other creators and to show the atmosphere for people who can't be there.

Will also record a story for other social platforms outside of STEEM like Instagram, Facebook to promote STEEM as well as I though about going live on Facebook, Instagram, DTube or DLive (even for a 5-10 minutes, got webcam on usb and small laptop so it should work :D I can probably use my tablet as well)

I've got my plane tickets already booked, accommodation etc. so the last thing I need is a SteemFest3 ticket :)

Also I've got a plan to upgrade my Sony Action Cam which I have now to Canon G7x (I have found a nice prices for used one on eBay) to make my VLOGs even better quality but when I will buy a ticket to SteemFest3 then I probably can't afford camera at the same time especially that as you know price of Crypto and STEEM is very low at this moment :)

Apart from my DTube & DLive I also got my YouTube account and I will definitely upload VLOGs from event to promote STEEM also.

You can check my vlogs (especially travel ones) and editing on my @dtube , @dlive or YouTube account:


Thank you for your time.
Bless Ya! :)

To be honest, I don't think my presence will make any significant difference there. Let me see what others have to say! I'm all ears.

Thanks pharesim you are really supportive and your effort is appreciable for our steemit community i give my witness vote to you :) and i make Dtube video on witness whom i like as a witness

I already have a ticket, so I am writing this not to win a ticket (or win it so somebody else hahaha), but what can make this event even better is to make it more accessable to others who dont have the funding to attend.
I know so many people who would love to come but cant really make it happen because of financial reasons. So what would even make it better is if we would all put in 1 Steem so that we could invite so many dedicated others!

Wonderful idea, but it'd be pretty hard to choose the lucky winners, what comes in will never be enough for everyone...
If you set up a plan I might be willing to act as escrow, contact me if you want to get deeper into this.

Let me give this some good thought how to set that up man...it wont be an easy task but it should be doable! The more the merrier right

Oh awesome to read this! So we're gonna meet in Krakow? 😎

And curious about the idea your thinking about.

We are gonna meet in Krakow! Ow yessss, you can recognize me from my red rose :D

But the idea is just something that dropped by in my brain because more people should be able to attend..
It was just a thought, but having this more concrete hasnt worked out in the mind as yet (kind of busy moving this week hahaha)

🌹 in your hair or attached to your clothes? I can bet a lot of people will wear a rose to be recognized by others 😈

You need to walk around with a bag of drop or something? 😇

hello a question since you have more experience in steemit than me.

What difference will there be with the hardfork 20 to the current steemit version?

I have missed @pharesim on my feed for the last few weeks!

No contest entry for me but what a nice gesture for the STEEMit community.

Do you have another STEEMit handle I should be following for more posts?

Once in a while I put up some travel/photo posts with @jukatravels, but the last one there has been weeks ago too ;)

I actually miss his vote in minnowsupport trail lol

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I would try to convince people to host SF 4 in Greece next year ☺️😂
Just kidding...I would just love to see in person all those I daily interact in the platform...and a few “legends” even though I never talked to them before. That includes you too😉 (early adopters)

Ps Love those photos on your alt. I guess I’ll have to check it more often since it I like watching different photography style than mine.

Have a great day @pharesim

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

I'm giving away one ticket to Steemfest (just the event, travel and accomodation not included, make sure you can cover those yourself before entering.
It should be accommodation instead of accomodation.


I need to ask. how much will a ticket cost

Streak for Steemit! Please don’t choose me I cannot afford the travel but that is what I would do to make it more entertaining 😅

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I finally boughtmy ticket to the steemfest @pharesim =)
Happy to see one of the steemians to come over sponsored by you.

Best wishes to you and your girl.

See you there bro.

I am not good in selling myself. I have actually borrowed a big portion of money from my husband to fund my SteemFest trip. This trip is going to cost me my three months salary. Getting a free ticket would really be like winning the lottery. I am not sure what I can do but I believe I just need to be the best of myself. Being able to attend SteemFest 3, being able to meet Steemians from all over the world will be an unforgettable experience. And by sharing this experience to our fellow Team Malaysia members would definitely help motivate and grow the team.

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Just got my ticket the other day, but appreciate you giving away ticket!
Looking forward to SF3 and see you there?

Hey mate, if you don't mind I am going to tag a few people in here just in case they didn't see this or the resteem.

@celestal @honeydue @guyfawkes4-20 @raj808

Great initiative and will like to learn more because we (@thegreens, @ecodesigns and @mr-greens) are looking forward to organizing a SteemFest in Cameroon in January 2019. Will like to learn more.

SteemFest is a unique yearly event organized by the master of event organization, @roelandp himself. You need another name for yours.
Besides that: great, go ahead ;)

If you have time, my you support may account pleas

A very wonderful work and really developed well published, my dear

If I win the ticket I will teach everyone how to endure the unenduarable, unbelievable, and most horrific medical condition a human can get @pharesim

I'm so excited to see who wins!!! I know I already commented, but it's the 25th for me already and I'm excited because several people I talk to entered! I'm going to make conversation starter tshirts for steemfest whether I end up going or not! That way even shy people can easily talk to each other and skip boring small talk. I keep thinking of new things I'd do to make the event better for everyone who attends! I love that question! It gets my brain juices going with tons of ideas!