Happy HF20 day! Steemfest 3 giveaway winner(s) announcement

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Well, could've been worse...
Let's hope we get back to normal soon. One wasted day and 5 days of not voting is a pity, but if that's all it's still been kind of successful, no? Oh how much I hope the lessons from the rejected HF17 will some day be put into practice...

Technical issues aside, I made up my mind regarding the free Steemfest 3 entry. It was a really hard decision, thanks to all applicants for their submissions! Also thanks to all commenters, what happened down there showed me once more why I'll always wanna stay a part of this community

During the struggle of choosing the chosen one I had a glorious idea. I have some more tickets, but I have plans to give those away at a later point, and it wouldn't be enough for all anyway. But I got a couple of STEEM, and I've been sponsoring Steemfests too extensively to scrap for dollars right now. So I added a second price of 100 Steem, and all the other 15 participants qualify for that.
There are no strings attached. While it would be appreciated if it would help you to realize the trip I'm aware it's far from enough to enable all of you. Power it up, pay it forward, whatever. Thanks for being a part of steem!

So, without further disruptions,

The Steemfest 3 ticket goes to @raj808

100 STEEM have been transferred to

Looking forward to see all of you in November!

Follow my blog, vote my witness, there will be more

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Wow, thank you so much @pharesim... this means so much to me! I just logged into discord and discovered this from ginabot & then that I could vote on steemit again, my mana is out of the negatives and I've won the ticket from Pharesim!!! OMG so made up right now 😃

Ha ha, happy HF20 day indeed. I look forward to meeting at SF3 & I shall buy you a beers to say thank you. 🍺 🙂

So kind to gift runners up steem as well, you are a diamond! I see so many amazing people in the list, I am honored 🙏


Contact me on Discord for the ticket. pharesim#1708


I've messaged you on discord @pharesim


just so that you know it is me :-)


congrats my dear friend, you deserve it!!!!!


Thank you Eve and sry for the late response.... I got HF20'ied. Had to wait until I had more magical mana power to comment ;-)


Congrats! See you at SteemFest 3!

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Thank you @elizacheng and sry for the late response.... I got HF20'ied like a lot of people ;-) I will see you at steemfest 3 :-)


No worries. See you soon!

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Congratulations to you @raj808! Very happy for you and actually everyone! Sorry I can't upvote your comment right now. If I make it this year, I will also buy beers @pharesim! We should probably all just have a Novermberfest beer party in your honor


Thank you for the congrats @nomadicsoul and sry for the late response.... I got HF20'ied like a lot of people ;-) I will see you at steemfest 3 & yes to a Novermberfest beer party in honor of pharesim :-) Such a kind person!


haha we all got forked over! But it's all good! :) Sounds like a great plan


Hurray for @raj808! Where there is a will there is a way, they say.. well deserved my friend!

I woke up this morning and checked Steemit and Discord as per usual. I was totally stunned and super surprised to receive 100 steem! Thanks a lot @pharesim! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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Close but not there yet, I am happy to earn 2nd place as well and will try again later to earn the ticket in your other giveaway.

Will also be looking forward to the 100 steem

The Steemfest 3 ticket goes to @raj808

A really good choice mate. I know that he has been working hard and stressing it of late to get himself to Poland and I am sure this will help him out a lot :)

Looking forward to see all of you in November!

It is shaping up to be a lot of fun. If my wife asks.. it is all work related...


Thank you for the shout out @tarazkp and sry for the late response.... I got HF20'ied like a lot of people ;-) I will see you at steemfest 3! This ticket has sealed the deal and I can make it for sure, certain 100%... flights are now booked :-)

Thanks a lot. I can’t express how grateful I am...I guess I’ll just have to shake your hand on SF and tell you that you’re the man:)

Oh my... I'm so THANKFUL for this! and congratulation to the man! :) @raj808
To all fellow 2nd places as well.
Agreed with @kristves, this is real generous! :O

❤ Thanks again @pharesim


Thanks for the congrats waybeyondpadthai and congrats to you also on winning the steem :-) See you at SF3 hopefully :-)

Congrats to @raj808 and all of us.

Thank you @pharesim for 2nd place and 100 STEEM :D That's so kind.

Bless Ya BRO! :)


Even if my upvote is worth nothing, at least we can upvote and congratulate you with a comment!


Thanks for the congrats and congrats to you also neopch on winning the steem :-)


Yeah Man! :D

Glückwunsch! Congrats 🍾

Oh yeah, I can vote gain!


And writing comments, really nice! :D

Okay i missed out on this contest but this is generous and you have my vote as witness!

God bless and keep you Sir @pharesim I appreciate it.

Thank you very much for giving something away for minnows who wouldn't be able to come to SF3 otherwise. This really means a lot to the community in my opinion


I agree!!! It means a LOT!! And very inspiring and motivating

Thank you very much I appreciate your help to makr my steemfest dream come true. And congratulation to @raj808


Thank you for the congrats @jeanpi1908 and sry for the late response.... I got HF20'ied like a lot of people and was unable to comment ;-) I will see you at steemfest 3. I am still reeling from this amazing thing and hats off to pharesim, such a kind person!

Vote for you. Congrats @pharesim

Congratulations to the big winner!!
Also congrats to you too @pharesim. Even though there should have only been 1 winner, you just made us all winners.

I didn't see that coming...
And it was my first notification from Gina after all this mess...I was like: for real???

Thank you so much for this act of generosity and I wish I can make it to Poland to meet you and thank you in person!

Have a great day! You certainly made mine.

So I can finally vote, but my one vote took my voting power from 100% down to less than 28%. I am not impressed with the HF20 roll out. We really should expect better testing than this.


haha this comment made me check mine, it took mine down to 29% after just one vote. Glad I used my vote for this picture. No worries. Just give it time, it will not be like this always. It's just temporary and to be expected I think for the next few days

Congratulations to the winner(s)!
Even a 100 STEEM is quite a lot!
You, Sir, sure are generous!


yes it IS quite a lot! Sorry I can't upvote your comment but I think you understand right now haha


I totally understand you! Comments matter too! ;)

wow that is very generous of you @pharesim!!!!Thank you so much! My prize will definitely go towards travel expenses if I can make it happen somehow!

It's a bit ironic that I finally see a post of yours I can comment on and I can't vote! But it gives me the perfect opportunity to say thank you so much for your recent support. I already knew you were awesome, but the details in this post- above and beyond man, you rock!


Thanks! So your recent witness unvote was a mistake? I was wondering...


Wait, unvote?? Yes that was mistake!?! I'll go fix it now!


Well now I'm really glad I commented, I don't even know how that happened. I actually went there to make sure I had already voted for you as witness- then I somehow didn't see your name so I wrote it in at the bottom- I don't know how that unvoted you. Fork man, sorry about that, all fixed ;0)


Glad that was cleared up :)

You are awesome 😎 thanks for doing this! And congrats guys!! See you all in a few weeks.

I'm really upset with the voting power problem that was caused by this update. They should've been more carefull before launching .

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Such a detail @pharesim... no doubt is a boost to reach the ticket! And congrats @raj808 and the rest of us!

No doubt that the big prize in here is to see your gesture man...
Peace V!


Thank you for the congrats @leotrap and sry for the late response.... I got HF20'ied like a lot of people and was unable to comment ;-) Maybe I will see you at steemfest 3. I am still reeling from this amazing thing and hats off to pharesim, such a kind person!

Thank you!)) Your 100 steem brought me closer to the trip. I have to collect 20 - and I'll buy a ticket!))
@raj808 , Congratulations! I hope to meet you on the Steemfest))


Thank you for the congrats @amalinavia and sry for the late response.... I got HF20'ied like a lot of people and was unable to comment ;-) I hope to see you at steemfest 3, I was looking through an old post of mine only today and saw a really nice comment from you on it. I have my fingers and toes crossed for you that you make it! I am still reeling from this amazing thing that has happened and hats off to pharesim, such a kind person!

This is huuuuuuuuuuuuuge @pharesim,

a humongous push into my motivation to gather the resourses and fly all the way from Brazil to Europe - I'd row a boat to cross the Atlantic if I could.

First of all a big thank you for the generous gift, and also a big thank you to my friend @guchtere, who nominated me without me knowing about it. A thank you to my friends and project partners @jpphotography, @for91days, @wanderlass, @livinguktaiwan. The epic travellers @worldcapture and @nickharvey.

I'll do my best to go, and if I declare a defeat I'll use 100% of the resources to power @cyclefeed, where I'll be able to make the cycling community happier.

You are all amazing!!!


Yes yes well said! Sorry I can't upvote your comment but I love how you worded it!

I'm with you, I'll do my best to go, but if it fails I will use for next year when it's worth more or for SOMETHING good. I like how you think. Giving back what you were given. You're obviously a good guy @mrprofessor


Heyho @nomadicsoul, sorry for not getting back here, was enjoying a little bit of Steem holiday haha

Let's be positive and we'll both get to SteemFest!!

Wow really nice gesture @pharesim way to generous!!! 😍👍
Congratulations @raj808 looking forward to meet you in Krakow.

But the best of all congratulations to all the numbers two with your Steem. Go make it work for you and others!

Congratulations to all the winners!

Wow wow wow. I wasn't expecting this at all. My mouth was literally just hanging open. WOW!

VIELEN DANK!!!!!!!!!! Mein Deutsch ist schlecht (iche habe gelernte ein bisschen mit Musik) aber du verdienst ein dankeschön in Deutsch!

Seriously, thank you so so much for your kindness and generosity. I can't believe you did that for me and for all of these people! It just makes me so happy to see this kind of good and kindness in the world!

And also to see how huge your passion is for steem/steemit. It's kind of overwhelming und tolle.

I will try my best to put this to good use. If I'm ever given something, I want to do good with what I was given so that in that way I can sort of "payback" who gave it to me somehow.

So for now, I'm thinking maybe power up, maybe make my vote worth a teeny bit more, and then keep voting on other people's content to give back a little.

And then next year, or when I think there will be a bull run and steem will be worth a lot more than it is now, I can use it to pay for steemfest next year.

So actually, you said it is not enough for all expenses, which is right...

...but maybe next year it will be! Or at least for a lot of them!

And maybe I can also do a small giveaway with some steem I've earned.

Anyway, ich will dich das du weisst das I appreciate it and will try to put to very good use and will not waste it.

Whatever it is that I end up doing with it, ich will nicht vergesse.

For now... going back to creating shirts for steemfest!

That is awesome to know congratulations to all the winners :D

Omg! Thank you so much! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Hope to make it, thanks for the extra boost! You rock!

Congrats to the winner!

Wow man! Thank you very much for the prize! With this you help a lot. I hope to see you in the steemfest! Have a good day! Cheers

Fabulous! This is yet another example of the good you do for the community! 😊