My Bank Froze Me Out of My Account and Left Me Stranded 😱

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So yesterday this happened: my bank decided that, despite having me as their customer for over the past 11 years, the fact that I got a job in Estonia upon graduation from a Business School and moved there four months ago automatically turned me into a money-launderer in their eyes.

Already last week they stopped sending and accepting funds from and to my bank account, but they lied to me about this fact every day this week, when I called them and wondered what the heck is going on. Yesterday they finally admitted to freezing my account – just when I was waiting for my monthly salary to pay the rent and the bills.

The worst thing: it happened during the traditional SteemFest bowling tournament. Instead of enjoying the game, I spent over an hour on the phone with the banksters, trying to convince them I was not a money-laundering criminal. They made me contact my employer and forward them my contract in Estonia. My employer managed to comply and help me within minutes, bless their heart. Still, the banksters were not convinced. They told me to come to their office in Stockholm in person and explain why I was still using my Swedish bank account, if I lived and worked in Estonia. Then they told me plainly that I shouldn't be using Swedish banking services, if I no longer live in Sweden. Completely ruined my evening.

Luckily, it's slowly being sorted out. I'm moving my funds to Revolut and my employer transfrered the salary to my Revolut card, so I at least could pay the next month's rent. Both Revolut and my employer proved hugely helpful in this entire ordeal. I felt like they were pulling me back to the surface, while my bank was trying to drown me in their b******t, despite the previous 11 years of doing business with them.

I also want to personally thank @rollie1212, @gengua, @dmitrydao, @kaerpediem, @dylanhobalart, @khimgoh, @elizacheng, @andywong31 and many others for checking how I was doing last night (I guess I wasn't doing so great emotionally, as I was dealing with the situation over the phone with the bank), for listening to my woes and offering me their kind words of consolations. Thanks to you guys I am already doing massively better! ❤❤❤

And this whole situation has given me a renewed feeling of meaning and urgency to be engaged with Steem – because together we are trying to break free from the oppressive system the current banking system is imposing on ordinary people all around the world. Even in countries like Sweden. Thank you all for your support!! You are a living proof that Steemians are a family! ❤


Not your own bank, not your money.

You've done great things on feedyourminnows, thank you.

Best of luck. !trdo !BEER

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Thank you so much for your support!! Prost!

Hard for those of us that have easy access to a Bank to make sense of the idea of having a bank is bad, while millions around the world are bank-less wishing for a bank.
Lesson learned: Not having a bank account is bad but having a bank account that you think is there for you but then Isn't even though you've done nothing wrong is in my opinion even worse.
Be Your Own Bank = cryptocurrency = Steem & co.

Hope things have worked out and are getting back to normal for you.

Thank you, @streetstyle! So true. I'm trying to rebuild my everyday financial life on Revolut now, instead of my "normal" bank account. I think it's gonna work just fine. I'm going to lose my regular monthly private pension saving plan at the bank, but the rest should be fine. Gonna be DCA into Bitcoin instead. STEEM will be playing an even larger role from now on too.

Death to the oppressive banking system! Long live crypto currency!

Hi @oleg326756

Too bad to hear what you have now experienced with your bank.
In our modern age, the bank should have provided you with information before freezing your account. There is poor treatment of their customers.

Thank you for your sympathy, @xpilar. That's how Swedish banks do it. They treat their customers' money as their own. If we behave, then maybe they will allow us to use some of it. Unless they just don't feel like it.

So much for globalization. Banks are driving it further but then cannot handle it.

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Hey @oleg326756, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Here i thought that is the only reason to have a Sweden banks accounts.

The insanity of some places.

No, that was a Swiss bank account. ;) Indeed, buddy, the world has gone mad...

Do you Think this has Something to do with crypto? SEB denied Swedish cryptoexchange Trijo open accounts. Because it was to "speculative business". So obviously they dont like crypto so much.

I know People with bank accounts in different countries But I do not know where they get the payments

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No, it wasn't crypto-related. My mom and dad sent one payment each in the early October to help me out financially. It was clearly indicated in the message attached to their payments and I told my bank the same thing. But they, seeing money coming from Russia (from my parents) and from Estonia (my salary) to my account in Sweden, immediately suspected money laundering. Although the amounts weren't very large. Now I'm moving everything to Revolut, because my bank doesn't allow to move funds to or from my account anymore. :(

WHAT A NIGHTMARE! @choogirl has several issues with banks and her post(s) about it is painfully hilarious. I suppose Swiss banks are notorious for money laundering. The media does portray them that way at least. Glad to know it is all working out in the end and your boss sounds AWESOME!

Sorry, you had to go through such a stressful situation. You handled it so well. I hope you feel better about it sooner rather than later.

I am doing better already, thank you, dear Kubby!! So many people on Steem have expresssed their support and solidarity in the last couple of days. I'm much more calm now.

I'm only hours away from Tallinn, waiting for my connecting flight in Moscow. Pretty tired after a long flight from Bangkok, but looking forward to being back home tonight. Cannot wait to sleep in my own bed again! :) And going to church tomorrow will further help me to regain my balance.

Do you consider attending the next year's SteemFest, maybe? :)

Glad to hear it is all slowly falling into place. Sleeping in your bed and attending church is exactly what I would need in order to refresh and recharge.

As far as SteemFest goes as I am no longer as active on Steemit attending isn't an interest. If it aligns with my travel plans then I would attend. How is it going so far?

Yep. Fun times NOT. @oleg326756 I recommend you also look at TransferWise.

Yep, considering it. Their headquarters are just across the yard from ours. However I hope that Revolut should be a sufficient solution to my everyday financial needs.

Sweden has really increased their capital controls. Yes, it is to avoid money laundering (which just means avoiding taxes).
Keep in mind that Sweden still uses the Kronas. A strong and untethered currency. Which stands to profit from the devaluation of the Euro. It is ACTUALLY the European Central Bank that imposing strong regulations on Sweden. Too many people pumping money into Sweden instead of hold Euros.

Actually, Swedish krona has been tanking against Euro during the entire 2019, sinking like a rock. I'm better off now, receiving my monthly salary in euro, than I was when I had my savings in SEK.

That is correct! It is a virtual depreciation pumped by the EU. That is exactly what they a weakened Krona. In a recession (like is expected), the Krona poses a reserve of value threat against the Euro.
They do not want individuals exchanging Krona for Euro or USD.

❤ hugs
Glad everything is ok in the end.
More ❤❤❤ and hugs

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Thank you, dear! ❤

@barmbo denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient

Blessings, dear friend. I am sorry you have had to go through this! Prayers.

Thank you, dear Janelle! ❤ Wish you were here now!

I am in spirit🤗❤

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That’s exactly what the potential of blockchain is about. Te Nanking system is there to just make money. And they do not want to associate with people with little money (unbankable people). And money laundering is force upon to them by gvt regulations as those money didn’t pay tax and gvt wants tax money.

The world is a crazy place. Will blockchain become main stream ? Not if the powers of gvt and bank had anything to say.

Agree 100% with everything you just said.

woah didn't know that was going on last night... sorry about that. Dumb banks.

It's all good now, friend. :) Tonight I'm going to be much more sociable and cheerful and won't waste this amazing opportunity to socialise and have fun with the fellow Steemians!

So horrible @oleg326756 I am so sorry that you had to go through that. Hugs, hugs, hugs!! Really hope it gets sorted soonest!

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Jen la kutima frenezeco. I think you should sue this bank as what they did is in fact a crime.

I'm seriously considering this. For now I filed a complaint with the Swedish Consumer Protection Authority. I'll probably sue the bank, if I don't get help from the authorities first.

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Hey @oleg326756 how have you been?? I hope you're all right and everything is settled

They told me to come to their office in Stockholm in person and explain why I was still using my Swedish bank account, if I lived and worked in Estonia. Then they told me plainly that I shouldn't be using Swedish banking services, if I no longer live in Sweden. Completely ruined my evening.

This sounds so weird to be honest. It's like as if you have given up citizenship when you move to another country for work.

Unless the influx of migrants with new bank accounts realising weird activities have triggered banks to be phobia of opening and transacting accounts....

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