Steemfest bowling

in steemfest •  last month 


It's the start of an amazing night of fun bowling. Does not really matter who won or who lost ( ehemmm.. Cuz we lost twice} but its about the fun and experience.

Always great to be able to socialize with other steemians from other part of the world.


This was my awesome fun bowling y3am called DaRockers 😃😃😃😂😂😂


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Looks like you guys have a lot of fun.

Dammit...I wish I could be there...

Greetings from Greece

I bet the fun is just starting more to come from steemians having fun and vacations

So, cool that there is such an initiative that steemians can come together and have fun together. I wish you good days there!

A shame you didn’t sign up for the tournament! You were good from what i could see when you practised. No shame to loose against them though;) i saw @theycallmedan playing as well ;)

Glad you enjoy it there - heard the Germans won again as usual :-)?