The Steemit Roadshow Does Steemfest!!! 2 Months, 6 Countries, 1 Steemfest

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We did it!

The steemit Roadshow has just completed its
final destination.
(for this tour)

We have spoken to hundreds and been seen by thousands
of potential adopters and investors.

We have raised the (old) Steemit flag in 6 different countries in the hope of bringing more attention to this amazing platform.


I would like to say a big thank you to @roelandp for suggesting to do the Roadshow at the market next to the famous steemfest pancakes and for supplying the beer and water for the famous Roadshow.



This was the final destination for this leg of the Steemit Roadshow and if I'm honest I didn't do a very good job of getting new people to join on this day as everyone I spoke to seemed to already be a steemian, which is great news, It seems my efforts are paying off ;)



@exyle @lukestokes @markwhittam @kevinwong

It's been hard work but at the same time heaps of fun. I have really enjoyed spreading the word about steemit and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to help the platform and their blog grow.

By doing this roadshow I have raised awareness about steemit but I have also gained huge support and attention from some of the big players in the steem universe, all in all, it's a win-win situation for everyone.

I believe to make it on steemit you have to bring some value to the platform and by doing stuff like this you are definitely going to stand
out from the crowd

The Steemit Roadshow Lisbon

The Steemit Roadshow Sweden

The Steemit Roadshow Copenhagen

The Steemit Roadshow Amsterdam

The Steemit Roadshow Paris

The Steemit Roadshow Spain

The Steemit Conference.


More to come from my promotional work with some,

new ideas

new energy

and the new LOGO :)

If 2% of this community goes out and promotes Steemit, then just watch the price
of steem go up!.


Hey buddy!

Wish I spent more time with you at SteemFest!

We are in Portugal for another week or so. Be great to hook up with you, we are planning on traveling to other areas of portugal for a few days. Lets connect if you want to get together and live it up!


Yes yes yes, let's do this :)

The family is feeling better now and we are ready to explore what Portugal has to offer!



We were thinking of staying here in Lisboa for another day or so. Going to Sintra today and maybe another castle. Then going south as there is a sustainable community in that direction and beautiful waters.

Any ideas???

good job out there mark! It was great to catch up with the steemit roadshow and have a beer (and a pancake - with molasses??? hmm...). Good luck out on the road with your fam. plenty love. basil x x o o x x

Hahaha! yes Mr @basilmarples
It was an honor crossing paths with you sir, steemit needs more characters like you.

Yeah Well done Mark, look forward to seeing you back here and hearing about your steemit adventures in Lisbon xx

Thank you Aishlinn, sitting on a beach chilling with the family after steemfest. Look forward to sharing it with everyone :)

You my friend are a remarkable and highly spirited person! You stand for what is right and bring joy and hope to others. Thank-you for all of your hard work! Your energy and positive ways is so wonderful and I thank-you for making me smile and have hope! Thank-you!!!!!!

Thank you for your sweet comment @cabbagepatch, it's uplifting to read and feels very genuine.

We hope we can bring you some joy to your life even when you are not feeling 100%

Take care!

You are so kind and loving. You give so much to others even though you have gone through so much yourself. That makes you a very special and wonderful person! Thank-you!!!!

congratulations and thank you! as i am part of the people that jumped in the steem train due to your roadshow and many others i know. lots of love from us xx

This is great news, More Steemit Roadshows to come!, you've done a great job Mark, and I am pretty sure thousands more have heard of Steemit through this your wonderful Train of steem!. Well-done Buddy.

Thank you @kryptocoin,
I appreciate your compliments.

Looking forward to taking it to the next level :)

And the great adventure ends on such a sweet note mate! You've put so much energy and love in doing this roadshow, you merit huge respect from each and everyone on this platform.
Looking forward to your the start of your new adventure which will be soon I am sure!

Wow thanks mate!

Reading comments like this makes it all worth it :) thanks for your continued support of our blog.


Waw @markwhittam I must say this is a very great work and I commend your effort. Its good to see that majirity is now aware if steemit, I guess there are still more that are yet to know the good news...haaha so we all woukd continue ti propmot steemit in our various location.

Well done for the hard work, am glad to see your face too and that of @kevinwong, @exyle and @lukestokes. Good job!

Thank you @gloglo,

It was a real shame you couldn't make it, I would love to have met you in person, maybe the next one?


Definitely the next one it would be. Glad it was very successful too.

Remain inspired.

You are a really good advocate of the Steemit community! Just received your photo together with Exyle via WhatsApp! Good the both of you met each other. Keep in touch as always!

Thank you Bro!
Ahhhh brilliant! He's a great guy, we had a really good chat and I see why you guys are friends.

Thanks buddy!

You did such a great job to promote the Steemit platfrom.

I gave a speech about how to create valuable content to train people how to post and so on. Here is a version where I added all the slides. Enjoy this on

its a big acheivement for all steemian that you guys are doing all the best promotion to spread the nation wide for steemit.

Oh how I wish I could have been present for that last picture! Thanks for the update Mark, from the looks of everyones faces, it appears you all had a great time! Cheers.

Yes @intothewild, we really did have a good time, happy smiley faces all around :)

It was great meeting you at your stand - the roadshow is such a great idea!

Wow great job my dear friend. I have missed it lot but have passion to go in next time. You are awesome, Great picture with @exyle and others. I have come to know from lots of steem fest post that all of you friends are enjoying there greatly. Thanks for sharing such a valuable information, stay blessed and happy my friend.

Thank you @maya7
I am sure that everybody who came had a wonderful time, the atmosphere was amazing. Hope to see you next year my dear friend.


Thanks for the nice reply my dear friend. Wish you a very beautiful time ahead steem on.

Awesome, awesome work dude! Great finally meeting that famous beard in person! Keep it up! I’ll keep supporting this massively valuable work on steemit and hope other whales will also be encouraged and inspired by ur work! Thanks also for using the #promo-steem tag as it really can become a place where whales can visit to support great promo work like urs!! STEEMON!

Cheers mate!
I think what you guys are doing is great, the London Investors gig was Epic!

Thanks for the mention in your talk at steemfest, a few people came up and said they heard of me from your presentation.

Right we better go and get some new merchandise then I suppose :l

I'd better get growing my beard!

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