My SteemFest3 Memories - Video - Text - Images of a breathtaking trip to Krakow

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It's been a while since SteemFest 3 in Krakow. All the more I was happy to look back a few days ago and view the video and pictures in my archive. The idea came to me to cut the whole for me but also for you once in a video together. You can find the video on Youtube at the end of the long post.

When it was clear to me that I would participate in the Steemfest, I knew that I would take a little photo and video equipment with me. I used my mobile phone Huawei Mate 10 Pro and my newly purchased Sony Alpha 7 MKII. I edited the video in Adobe Premiere. The first longer video I made so far. Many thanks to @mrdalle for the help and the tips & tricks.


The journey begins to Krakow.

All things are packed and loaded in the car. Full of joy my twin brother @rivalzzz and I are on our way to Dortmund airport. Here we still had to cover 100 kilometres :-) I parked my car on a parking lot about 5 kilometres away from the airport and from there I was taken to the terminal by shuttle bus. Arrived at the airport we were allowed to wait a little bit. We spent 2 hours at the airport terminal until we finally got up. That was already unusual there I for a long time no more with an airplane have flew. I'm not afraid or even afraid of flying, so I didn't have to worry.


enter image description here


enter image description here

We've arrived in Krakow.

Landed in Krakow and with the suitcases we had to get Polish money (Zloty). My brother got the first zloty from the cash-machine at the airport. A very stupid deal and course... In the city center of Krakow there were much better dealers with better courses. At the airport we drove with a blue Mercedes E-Class Taxi directly to the INXdesign Hotel. After the check-in we first went to the 2 floor to our room, took off our clothes, checked out our hotel room - freshen up and went outside, because the first Steemians were already waiting for us.

enter image description here

The first evening with great new friendships

We have Monday night... Two days before the Steemfest starts and have already the Information that some Steemians are already in Krakow. We asked @anomadsoul where the whole gang is. We met the people in the Alchemia Bar (which then probably became our favourite pub). Barely arrived and welcomed the new Steemians then went to a game what they were already playing.

We sat now at the table and a game was played which I will not forget so fast and my first impression was amazed. Tinder with GPS on other continents beam let and then the girls were displayed in a scale from 1 to 10 to rate. All at the tables participated and at the end then an average value was computed. It was about how attractive the different nationality looks to you. Funny and as first action with new people a really funny beginning 😀.

On the Party in the first evening were @celestal @zlatan-spielberg @anomadsoul @martibis @martibis @stoodkev @rivalzzz @roxane @oroger and @coruscate

A lot of Steemians on the very first evening with lots of great and funny conversations.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Day 2 - Get to know Krakow with @stoodkev and @rivalzzz

After the first evening with some more Polish beer I had my first headache right after getting up... Something was foul in the Pale Ale beer which I had never drunk before. So after the first breakfast in the INX Design Hotel I went out and looking for a pharmacy. About 1,2km away from the hotel we found one where I took some headache pills (Ibu 400). In a still very old-fashioned pharmacy I have indulged myself then times such a miracle pill directly. I went a little further through the city. Arrived at the water @stoodkev reported and told me his location in WhatsApp. He was eating on Kazimierz Square and ate a mega baguette. So we two went to him and had such a huge baguette.
For about 3 Euro Incl. one Coke a really good price and also very tasty. When we finished eating, we walked to the old town of Krakow and looked around. Relatively long we stayed at the big castle. In the evening we had another drink with some Steemians. This time we were in the Coolturka Bar with yes, I want to say about 15 - 20 Steemians. Among others the guys from @steempress-io were there :-) A legendary evening with awesome people. And it got funny when @anomadsoul started to conjure up the beer because the pub wanted to close and should be drunk.


enter image description here

enter image description here

Day 3 in Krakow and the first day of the SteemFest

New day! Sleeping long and going relatively late for breakfast. @rivalzzz absolutely wanted to get to know the first new Steemians in the Qubus Hotel around 12:00 o'clock. After breakfast and another break in the hotel room we walked to the Qubus Hotel. Here I can still remember exactly that the user @nathanmars helped me a lot to upload my video via on the smartphone. It was really a torture and took over 7 attempts until the video was finally uploaded and the post was created. Thanks again to @nathanmars for your help and patience! And your very surprising immediate upvote after the video was finally uploaded. I wondered a lot. :) More and more Steemians are arriving in the lobby.
Especially I was happy to finally meet my "Pink Hero". The dear @techslut :-P But also other cool Steemians arrived to enjoy the SteemFest. So also @alexvan with which I made a small tour through Krakow :-) With @illucifer I also experienced sooo much. While bowling and at the SteemNight we took really crazy pictures in the photo box :D And many more Steemians like @demotruk @jongolson @flauwy @sorin.cristescu. And at 3:00 p.m. it was the time. The participants of the SteemFest3 were allowed to redeem their tickets for the ribbon. In the GoodyBag were some nice things... like an @steemmonsters card and a rare comic. But there was also a scarf and a t-shirt for each participant.

enter image description here

It will always be later and so gradually we approach the welcome drink in the Qubus. Many acquaintances were made and also here I was finally allowed to get to know some interesting Steemians in the evening. Especially I was happy to get to know the german speaking community. Many new faces but also Steemians, which I already got to know at 2018 in Fulda. In the evening we went to a restaurant with some of them to have dinner together. Among others @unique.esprit @jeanpi1908 @schererf @theaustrianguy @nissla @tomhall @fabianklauder @rivalzzz @dagmar-tirol @twinner and @alexvan . Many thanks to @jeanpi1908 who made me aware of the Pale Ale - But... it is somehow not so my taste such a beer with 7.5% :D ... After the common burger dinner we went back to the Qubus Hotel Lobby to get to know more new Steemians.
It feels like 200 registered Steemit users are cavorting in the entrance area and in the restaurant area of the hotel. I also met @elear from @utopian-io there. Many greetings to @tashidelek and @pharesim and his sweet dog @jukatravels - It was really great to see you again! :-) Since the welcome drinks were over at midnight, some of you decided to go through the night in Krakow. We went to a pub that goes down some stairs. So to speak an underground pub. With about 30 people we stormed down the pub. Besides the 4 guests who were in the pub, it was a pub full of Steemians :D Off to the bar and the first 20 beers ordered for the whole pack. Beer is cheap in Poland :-D At about 3 o'clock we found our way back to the hotel. The few hours of sleep were really necessary.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

Day 4 - Conferences - BearBowling and the good old Alchemia

After a short but good night the time had come. The first conferences started. We started with a rich breakfast in INXdesign Hotel. Beside the Austrian friends there were some other Steemians at the hotel breakfast buffet. After breakfast we went back to the hotel room with all our clothes, packed the camera and off we went to the conference hall which was only a few minutes walk from the hotel.

Arriving at the hall we soon started with @roelandp's welcome speech. He greeted us very warmly and guided us through the day. He also explained us how it works with the headphones. Each participant could use headphones to follow the conferences. You could switch to 3 channels. In the first channel you could hear the main stage. In the 2nd channel you could hear the stage on the upper floor. And on the third channel you could hear music throughout if you wanted to relax a bit.

After @roelandp the awesome guy @arcange came on stage and presented the scanning project with the SteemFest3 App and the @steemitboard. I listened to the presentation of @ned, but then I stayed outside and in the front area to get to know more new Steemians. Since the presentations were recorded or streamed live, I could watch them after the SteemFest in a relaxed atmosphere.

enter image description here

The presentations took the day over their course. Around noon there was a buffet where all participants could help themselves. Different dishes were available. Drinks could be ordered the whole day free of charge at the bar. After the meal we continued with the presentations. Many Steemians also used the time like me to connect and exchange. And so many conversations were held, outside music played but also diligently scanned. Because there was a contest of @steemitboard. If you have scanned most of the Steemians, you will be ranked higher. In this contest I could reach the 6th place.

In the evening we had dinner together in the conference hall. The food was very tasty :-) And after we all ate a nice dinner, we went to the Pink Bowling Club together with many shuttle buses to really shoot the pins through the area :) Arrived at the Bowling Club there were shoes for all participants. My shoe size of 42 was a bit too big but it was enough. Shortly afterwards there were drink vouchers to get free drinks at the bar. So off to the bar and ordered a big beer... to get warm :-) At the beginning until the draw of the opponent teams was finished, we were allowed to practice on the tracks and see which balls are good.

When @roelandp then announced the duel pairs, it was mentioned that there is a prize money. The noble donor of 600 STEEM! was @therealwolf and wanted to make the game more interesting with the prize money! You can read more about it here. Great idea. So the evening took its course at the bowling alleys and the games were played. With a time limit of 15 minutes for the individual teams, the whole thing was quite well organized. Except for a few technical problems, everything went very well. Super also for the "Team Germany" because, yes exactly, we took the title of BearBowling at SteemFest 2018 home with us.

Many thanks to our team @rivalzzz @felander @jaki01 and me @louis88. I am super proud of it! 💪 The highest number of strikes we managed in a game that was limited to 15 minutes were 5 strikes! When the game was won and we got the trophies and the banner, the DJ played the song "We are the Champions" by Queen. A moment I won't forget in my life. Feel the whole bowling facility and all present Steemians have sung along. A real goose bump moment.

enter image description here

Gradually shuttle buses met us again and brought us to the back of the Qubus Hotel. From there we couldn't leave the evening like this and had to celebrate our success on the bowling alley.

So we walked into our all-time favorite pub of Alchemia and spent some hours there, laughed and drank a lot of beer :-) I don't want to tell you too much about the evening but we arrived very late at the hotel.

enter image description here

Day 5 - Conferences Day 2 - Drones fly and a Night of Steem at Club 89

Since it was very late the previous evening, I had to catch up some sleep and was accordingly a little later in the ICE Krakow Congress Centre. I decided to walk there and enjoy the beautiful weather. I used about 20 minutes and took some impressions of the beautiful city of Krakow with me. Arriving at the ICE I had to check at which side I could get into this big building. So I walked around and met the first Steemians on the other side who told me that the event takes place on the upper floor.

Upstairs and a fresh coffee with orange juice to get rid of the little tomcat that ran to me. A short time later we went with @unique.esprit @reiseamateur @tanbay @rivalzzz to the nice side of the main entrance to take some cool drones pictures. You can see the result of the recordings here. It was very informative what the @unique.esprit did with its drone and told us about it. After we finished outside it was time to do a mass of Steemian Selfie in the congress hall. Of course he didn't take it without flying the drone in the room and taking the Steemian's photo 2018 from the air.

enter image description here

Even before the lectures were finished I went back to the hotel to become a bit of a fitter for the Night of Steem in Club 89. I didn't take the dinner together in the ICE Congress Hall with me and instead went out for something like that with @rivalzzz and @twinner. Unfortunately the food we chose wasn't that great. When we were finished in the restaurant we took a UBER taxi to Klub89. That was one of my very first UBER trips. I miss the UBER concept a lot in Germany. In Krakow it was soooo easy and cheap to get from A to B. For a small trip where we have waited about 1 minute for a driver who has brought us to the Klub89 we have not paid not more than 4 euros. Arrived at the Klub89 we then had to go down the stairs and into the cellar.
Hidden behind a red door the Steemians were gathered. That evening I took the opportunity to present @roelandp with my personal gift and thank you for organizing the SteemFest. Unfortunately he was very busy as usual but at least we could chat a little. :-) I hope you like my present to you and will find a good place with you as well as always remind you of the SteemFest3. In the evening there was a DJ on the program as well as the @steembirds. A band with funny and great songs around Steemit. I think the @shortcut still has an overview? :-) In the evening at the bar I talked briefly with @reggaemuffin and picked up the present for @obvious, which is now safely here with me and waiting to be handed over personally :-)

enter image description here

When the party was coming to an end we went to the upper floor and had some beers there. Here I got to know the Steemian @erik71. Since he is an enthusiastic whiskey connoisseur I was allowed to taste a good whiskey and listen to something about different whiskeys. Around 2 o'clock night the club then closed and were asked in front of the door.

With 2 Uber Taxis we went back to the hotel. The funny thing about getting out was that @lizanomadsoul and some other Steemians took over our UBER directly :-D So shake hand and we go on. For me off to bed. Sleep ... there absolutely had to be a little more sleep to be able to take the coming days well.

Day 6 Sightseeing - boat tour and the #BeerSaturday from @detlev

The program on SteemFest Saturday didn't start until 11am... Certainly Roelandp also thought that the party in the evening would be a big party. On Saturday we met some Steemians at the INXdesign Hotel to discover the city of Krakow. We visited many locations and took many photos of street art. While some Steemians went to visit the concentration camp in Auschwitz I wanted to take the opportunity to get to know Krakow better. Furthermore, I was of the opinion that I didn't want to push down my great mood and experience with a visit to such a terrible place. So we walked across Krakow with some people.
We ate baguettes again at Kazimierz Square. The first baguette I ate there on day 2 with @stoodkev and @rivalzzz was three times better than the one I bought that day. So I put the baguette away and ordered a doner kebab. The kebab had it really in itself. And I only ordered a "small" one. Since it became always later we had to spur ourselves then nevertheless still something around the boat to reach around together over the river to sail. At 13 o'clock the boat left and drove about 1.5 hours over the beautiful river Vistula. Here beautiful photographs could be made. A real highlight of the day.

enter image description here

When the ship landed again we walked to the castle Wawel to the landmark of Krakow. There is a big dragon that spits fire in different intervals. Many tourists were gathered at the place and waited for the flames to rise into the sky.

After that we walked a little to the center of Krakow. There we admired the architecture of the buildings and later we had a burger in a restaurant. At 9 pm we met again at the Alchemia Bar to take part in the #BeerSaturday. Unfortunately the pub was already crowded, so we had to choose an alternative location.

So we went to the location where Art at Steemfest had been before. Arrived there Roeland gave me a handful of free beer stamps which I distributed among the people. A very nice evening again with many great and interesting conversations.

At the SteemFest Karaoke I didn't take part but I already saw some videos :-D People had a lot of fun there. In the evening or morning I was again at 02:00 o'clock in the hotel and fell into bed like a stone.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Day 7 @cleanplanet City Walk - Salt Mine Visit and Last Party at Steemfest3

On the last day of the SteemFest3 in Krakow there was still a lot to do. Among other things there was the City Walk of @cleanplanet and the visit of the salt mine. In the salt mine there was the closing dinner and afterwards a last party in the upper floor of the Qubus Hotel. But let's start at the beginning. At 11am, @yann0975 and @french.fyde were invited by the founder to participate in @cleanplanet CityWalk.

The participants got a bag and disposable gloves and had to write their steemit username and date on the bag. When all participants (about 20) had finished with the lettering, they went out into the streets behind the Qubus Hotel.

The purpose behind the project is to free the city or the streets or better said, the world from garbage lying around and to transport this garbage into the designated garbage cans. The CityWalk was scheduled for a good hour. After about 1 hour and 20 minutes we were ready and collected a big pile of garbage.

At the end we threw all our little garbage bags on a big heap to take a picture of it. During the CityWalk I found a big black garbage bag so that we could dispose everything together at the end. @yann0975 told us something about the project at the end.

Then we walked back to the Qubus Hotel together. A complete success for the project @cleanplanet which was a lot of fun.

enter image description here

After the CityWalk I went back to the hotel to freshen up and put on my fancy clothes. On the last evening it may be then also gladly more chic.

At 16:30 the buses for the shuttle to the Wieliczka salt mine arrived at the hotel. With the whole team we went to a big parking lot in front of the mine. Together we walked in and were divided into small groups which had to go 380 steps into the depth.

Arrived below then the guidance has begun by the salt mine. As I noticed, we only saw 1% of the salt mine on our route. A special highlight was the moment when we entered the Hl. -Kinga Chapel. A huge chapel in the underground... so about 300 meters deep in the ground. Further information about the salt mine can be found on the website:
When the tour was finished we ended up in a huge hall where the closing dinner was held.

enter image description here

@roelandp went on stage and thanked all participants again. There were standing ovations in the hall when Roland finished his speech. A really good mood! At the end there was an @steembay auction of @rivalzzz who offered his Steemit Fullcap for auction. The winner was @therealwolf, who grabbed his cap for a price of 140 Steem. The food and drinks followed shortly afterwards. A very tasty last dinner with new friends, old acquaintances and just lots of great people who are also Steemians.
At the end of dinner we were told that only 3 people can take the elevator to the top at the same time. (Phew, after all... I thought we had to walk 300 meters up again :-D) But when we arrived at the elevator a few more people could find room in an old mine elevator. Arriving at the top we went back to the shuttle buses to take part in the closing party in the Qubus.

enter image description here

After about 20 minutes by bus we arrived at the Qubus and were allowed to party, chat and even play baseball with a wine bottle in the upper floor of the Qubus :-D Right @rivalzzz and @steemmatt ?! Many thanks to @jeffjagoe for the Video ! Of course @therealwolf didn't miss the opportunity to get an autograph from the remaining Steemians on the previously auctioned Steemit-Full-Cap. @artbunny has drawn a beautiful "SteemFest3" and then the cap with a silver Edding became a unique object, with great memories of the SF3 in Krakow.

With music, impressions of the SteemFest on a beamer, free drinks and lots of farewell or until next year the SteemFest3 came to an end. :(

enter image description here

Of course I still used the possibilities to record some memories in the form of Selfies. And here are a few of them:

enter image description here

Day 8 - Departure from Krakow to Dortmund - Return home

On Monday morning it's time for breakfast. There I had a good breakfast with the Steemian @fabianklauder and my brother and then packed my bags. While packing my suitcase I couldn't really believe that the SteemFest3 is already over. With packed suitcases down to the reception, immortalized in the guestbook with @louis88 and checked out.

With @rivalzzz I walked slowly over to the Qubus Hotel. There we spent some time in the lobby and had some conversations. Here I was given a Powerbank which got lost in the @vladivostok the previous evening. Since I didn't know if he has already left or not, I simply took the Powerbank to me to send it to him by mail when I'm back home. Unfortunately nowadays it is not so easy to send a battery by post from Germany to the USA. But I will bring the Powerbank with me if I should be at the next SteemFest to give it back to its rightful owner :)

The @pharesim was so nice and offered to take us with his van to the airport. So we packed our suitcases into the van and drove with @pharesim, @tashidelek and the great dog @jukatravels to the airport. Many thanks again for the shuttle! Hope you 3 have another good trip!

enter image description here

Arriving at the airport we first walked to the suitcase scale to check if our suitcases are not overweight. And of my allowed 20 kilograms weight I have reached exactly 19.45 kilograms and was therefore no problem. We went on to the check-in counter and checked in our suitcases.

We went on to the security check, which we quickly completed without any major complications. And then I looked into my wallet and had a few zlotys left. A small snack, a Coke and a Snickers must be enough for the 1.5 hours flight from Krakow to Dortmund back. At the terminal we met some more Steemians who were on their way to Germany. When the boarding at the Ryan Air plane started I was able to take a nice picture of the plane.

The return flight was pleasant and I was able to close the eyes a little bit. Of course I had reserved the same seats I had on the outbound flight. Thus I sat again at the window and had a wonderful view of the airplane and the environment.

enter image description here

When we landed in Dortmund our suitcases arrived quite fast on the conveyor belt. Out of the airport and called the Airport Shuttle Service from the parking lot and told them that we wanted to get to my car. He arrived a short time later and brought us to the airport parking lot where I had parked my car. Then Zack packed the clothes into the car and drove another 100 kilometres home.

An exciting experience after almost a year of membership here on Steemit. It was a special experience to participate in the SteemFest. I got to know so many nice new people and now after the SteemFest I'm happy to read so many contributions from the users because I have a face to the user after all. Since the SteemFest3 flashed me like this, I will see that I can also participate in the SteemFest4. I am curious where it will be next year.

Thank you very much for your support. You are a great community!

Many greetings
your @louis88

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Thanks for sharing these great memories! I especially enjoyed the video, which features quite a few cool transition fx. P.S.: I certainly still have the Steembird's setlist. You can see it in my post about 'A night of Steem'.

Watched the whole video bro!!

Really enjoyed it and It felt like SF3 happened last week.

Thank you so much for putting so much efforts into make this video !!!

I didn‘t even noticed that you took a picture at that time! 😅

Thanks for sharing your point of view! I still like to read all these posts about the SteemFest. It was such a special time. 😊

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What a damn cool video. Like to go back today to have simply more from this atmosphere and spirit.

See ya around.

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  ·  6 months ago (edited)

One of the best SteemFest³ recap video and post I saw. Looking at the video made me a bit sad, mainly because it perfectly reflects the awesome atmosphere all days (and nights) long in Kraków and I really wish it never stopped. Please, bring me back there ;)

Can't wait to meet you again next year!

Da hast du ja gut alles zusammen gefasst, du hast das beste aber ausgelassen ;P

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Ce sont de merveilleux souvenirs que tu nous fais revivre!
Les frissons de certains moments intenses, une rencontre, une accolade... un éclat de rire...
Merci de cette rétrospective.
Nous souhaitons déjà le Steemfest4...
L'équipe de @cleanplanet par ma voix te remercie de ces images.
A Bientôt

Dude was ein Geschichte! ii bii scho wieder da wenn ich das so sehe...It was a pleasure meeting yall and the video actually is good editted man! Kudos!

Wowwww what an epic post! So many pics and video <3 I love it :D

Can you do me a favour and send me that pic in Coolturka through Discord? (soyrosa#1544) - I really love it and have great memories of that - since it was my first night meeting Steemians.

Thanks! <3 It was sooooo nice meeting you and can't wait to meet again next year!

Unfortunelly I did not have enough time and money to come in Krakow: I would like meeting a lot of famous users and talk all together about the future of this platform. So manu question marks!
However your posts help me to live the Festival.

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I played your video and Little Kobold started to dance along the music.
Obviously she likes it too 😂😁.
It was great to get to know you and your brother personally and just like you was really an amazing experience alltogether. Hopefully we could take part again next year. Nice written article and the video is a perfect highlight.
Habt eine schöne Adventwoche von uns Drei.

Wonderful photos and videos! It's always so wonderful to see photos of my friends having fun.