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Hello my fellow steemians !

I am happy to announce that I will be attending the Steem Festival with my wife Maria, which will take place in Amsterdam on 11-12-13 November 2016! Read more infos about the festival here http://steemfest.com/

I am so excited to meet all of you Guys and Girls! I can't wait!

As some of you already know https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@liondani/hi-liondani-here-aka-daniel-schwarz-happy-husband-father-steem-witness-steemit-enthusiast apart from my liondani witness "job" I have a regular job in Greece as a part time Dealer In Club Hotel Casino Loutraki!

I normally work 3 days a week. Guess when?... Fridays,Saturdays and Sundays! :)
Due to my schedule I was not sure I was going to be able to make it! But when I asked for the days off, they told me to my surprise that I had exactly 3 vacations days left! I was so ecstatic! Maybe it is my destiny to always follow steemit after all... Just look at the Loutraki-Casino's logo! Is that also a "coincidence" or what? :)

enter image description here

Is there ^^^ something familiar to you? :)

...no comments ;)

so back to the Steem Festival part...

My thoughts about the steem festival initiative is that it could end up as the best PR move EVER for steemit! And it will! Imagine all the crypto world (and not only) focusing on us! It will certainly have a positive impact to steemit reputation. People will be curious to know what steem/steemit is all about! So kudos to all members that are contributing to making it a reality. Special thanks to @roelandp that had the idea at first and is organizing it with great success https://steemit.com/steemfest/@roelandp/save-the-date-steemfest-1-11-12-13-november-2016-amsterdam-nl ... so that is one more reason to not forget to vote for his witness @paynode currently at rank #45 https://steemit.com/~witnesses

As you may possibly have noticed my witness liondani has made it today to rank #19 and I am now part of the top19 witnesses !!! Actually I am in this place for the first time!!! I am grateful for your support!!! It makes me feel more responsible for my role as a steem/steemit witness/contributor and It motivates me to increase my efforts even further.... So I take this opportunity to announce my decision about splitting my witness rewards to the community...

I will contribute 50% of all my witness rewards towards the Steem Festival initiative, starting from the end of this post (first payment) until the event will take place ! I will make one step further and will liquidate the rewards to Steem Dollars (so in parallel I will help the SBD peg) and will transfer the SBDs to the fresh created special account for travel reimbursement @t-r-f ! Confirmation and further details will follow from @roelandp in the comment section.

PS Obviously all Steem Dollars rewards from this post will be donated to the @t-r-f account also.

My contributions will not stop of course with the Steem Festival funding initiative. Much more initiative ideas to come the next days/weeks. Stay tuned!

See you all in Amsterdam !!!

Sincerly your witness,


if you liked what you saw you can vote for me on https://steemit.com/~witnesses curently in rank #19 ;)

Daniel Schwarz

enter image description here enter image description here


Thanks to @skapaneas for his art creation! (right lion)

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Hey @liondani! Super great initiative and very humbled!

As said before in various posts on @steemfest and recently with the questionnaire, there will be the so-called 'Travel Reimbursement Fund' initiated for people to lighten up their total costs to join the SteemFest.

How the Travel Reimbursement Fund @t-r-f will work:

  • Once a 'Travel Reimbursement Fund'-applicant arrives in Amsterdam s/he can apply to get part of the trip reimbursed by registered the trip details on a terminal and by showing proof (a boarding card for example).
  • Reimbursement will be based on miles travelled (as generally the further, the more expensive). Starting point will be the distance from the airport of departure to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.
  • The 'SBD per Mile'-rate will be the same for all.
  • Once all applicant entries are in (we set a time frame), the total of Miles travelled by all applicants is available. Also the total funds to be shared is available so a SBD/Mile rate can be established and payouts can be executed.

I originally wanted to start working on setting up the account and announcing next week, but since @bhuz and now @liondani asked about it, I've setup the dedicated account for this already!

So yes @t-r-f is hereby officially verified. You can also see that it was created by my witness @paynode: http://steemd.com/@paynode .


Paid 50% of this posts Author Rewards in 2 batches to the Travel Reimbursement Fund account @t-r-f

right click and "View Image" ^^^ to see larger the screen shot

and paid 50% of 144 SP of my witness rewards for Sunday & Monday converted to SBDs (1 STEEM=$0.45,witness rank #20)


right click and "View Image" ^^^ to see larger the screen shot


Following. Good day.


Awesome awesome awesome!
@roelandp you are so AWESOME!
So excited about this and am wishing it the best and supporting as much as I can!

Congratulations on joining the top 19, @liondani! You've been around since the beginning and always enthusiastic about making Steem/it the best it can be. It is well deserved.


Thank you @smooth ! Sadly I am out of top19 again :)
I hope I make it again and my contribution towards the community will have a 20X impact again as I envisioned! Your vote at some point would help to that direction :)

PS I am happy you are on top19 also! It's not a coincidence for sure!

Fantastic post and thanks for your help with @t-r-f! Looking forward to the fest and meeting you. :)

Awesome! Resteemed and tweeted this for extra exposure!~


Thank you!

See you there ;-)


I can't wait !!! So excited!!!

@t-r-f is different kind of reimbursement from the 1000 sp?


Yep! @roelandp will explain further !!!


ok. thanks!

Congratulations and thank you for supporting the success of the ENTIRE STEEMIT COMMUNITY!
I love this community so much and this is one of the reasons why. There is so much helping and supportive interactions going on.
I founded a successful sustainable community so have been living in helping supportive lifestyle for a long time. It is nice to see others doing that in their own way.
I am following you and hope to see you at SteemFest!

great initiative!


I will do my best!

The casino logo does look similar to steemit logo. Great job donating for Steemfest!


The casino logo does look similar to steemit logo.


Lion goes to Amsterdam!

Congrats for sure, and all I can say about that casino logo is..... Yup!

Just upvoted and voted for you as a witness! I think it's cool that you are supporting SteemFest. I agree that it will bring a lot of attention to Steem and Steemit. I was wondering if it has already helped Steem as the SteemFest announcement and the spike in the price of Steem happened at about the same time. Please consider upvoting or resteeming #steemfestdreamers to help more people go to SteemFest!


Thank you.

Glad to see you there liondani! The Loutraki-Casino's logo left me speechless! What a coincidence :D



Καλησπέρα Φίλε!

Great job!

Wow that's awesome. That's really selfless and amazing!

Great way to do it man!

This is an awesome initiative - thanks for all of your work on Steemit and for supporting the community!

Awesome, see you there!

Super late to the party, I thought I'd already witness voted for you but I hadn't.. So fyi you just got my last witness vote :P


It's never super late! I appreciate your support!
Every vote counts!
Thank you ;)

I've never been to Amsterdam but am super excited to be attending Steemfest!


It's for me too the first to Amsterdam!

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@steembeast very good post my 3rd grade teacher is from amsterdam i have always wanted to visit. Maybeone day