[save the date] SteemFest 1 - 11/12/13 November 2016 - Amsterdam, NL

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About 5 weeks ago when I was doing the dishes it suddenly popped up to me. "Steemit is great, how cool would it be if many steemians from all over the world would meet in real life". And so the idea of SteemFest (working title SteemCon) was born.

Tbh the whole Steemit launch and vibe reminded me of the early days of Twitter, where you got to know so many new people in such short time, but only online, and when we finally met at a meetup it was epic. I still have many friends and acquaintances from that period.

This idea of a global "conference" to enable steemians to meetup kept 'bugging' me and I started talking to some people from the community on Steemit.chat how they would feel about this... Overall the response was: "Great! when can i book my flight?" So i knew I hit somewhat of a "want" here...

I really like the local meetups and they really add value to the Steem ecosystem but for SteemFest the "vision" is to bring many steemians from all over the world together to nurture new IRL relationships, learn from each other and just have great fun.

Since this idea was "kinda big" from the get go I wanted to have official endorsement by Steemit HQ in the USA so I reached out to @ned on Steemit.chat with the following:

Ned, I'm dabbling with the idea of having some kind of bigger get-together... Like a conference but not too corporate but try to embrace the Steemit frontpage feel in a day full of diverse content... Sort of Ted X meets Pecha Kucha etc. Best of confs (imho) is to meet other people and most fun I recall was meeting twitter people for the first time IRL...

Amsterdam could be a fitting place, but I am biased... but might be nice to cut ties from home for a few days 🙂 Have you guys thought about something like this already?

Before coding I studied Hospitality Management, worked at a festival for a couple of years, and have afterwards organized a couple of hackathons (organizing 1 at the moment too).

Think about it...!

And yes, he was very enthusiastic about the idea. So from there my thoughts where: Wow, this can just really happen!

And so it will!
Really proud to pre-announce this! So you can save the date for:

SteemFest 2016

11 - 12 - 13 November
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

(Yessss @cass is officially aboard ofcourse :D with great designs!)

What will it be all about?

Steemit is different compared to other 'Blockchains'. You might have heard the term "Blogging is the new mining", and yes Steemit is a great mix of diverse thinkers, technophiles, libertarians, crypto enthusiasts and creative people in general.

The conference global program schedule will be as followed:

Friday 11 November (Day 0):

People fly/travel to Amsterdam. Night drinks in the official conference hotel (package deal will be announced asap) Volkshotel.nl

Saturday 12 November (Day 1):

Plenary Conference. In the morning we go by boats from the Volkshotel to the Conference Venue in the city centre. The conference will be as diverse as Steemit's Frontpage. 20 minute pecha kucha / Ted X style presentations. Part of the program is already set, and the rest will be open for your suggestion (soon more on that). In the second room workshops, and well have Lunch, Dinner and a Night party (with Steem Djs) in this place too.

Note: This day will be livestreamed and recorded, so no one will miss out (well,... Amsterdam of course), even if you somehow can't make it!

Sunday 13 November (Day 3):

Unconference day, called the "Red Light Mashup" where we are able to enjoy a "late sunday breakfast" in the hotel (until noon) and go on a longer boat tour along the canals to the oldest part of Amsterdam, which won't be that much about XXX in on a sunday during daytime and you can 'hook'up with fellow steemians as a diverse set of activities is planned nearby for you to pick: Guided tours, climb the Old Church tower, visit a weird attic museum on the canals, follow a workshop, grab a coffee, explore side street surprises and we have a base hangout (looking at a former arcade hall at the moment), all within the vicinity of one-other. This lazy sunday afternoon is followed by a closing dinner and drinks in the Volkshotel.

Costs $$$ and Wins. How does 1000 Steem Power sound to you?

So yes: drinks, lunches, dinners, open bars, conference venues that must cost a shitload right?

The idea of this event is also to show the power of Steemit and next to support from Steemit HQ, quite some whales are supporting SteemFest and therefore help lower the ticket price a great bunch for SteemFest to make it as accessible as possible for any Steemian to join.

Very soon (this week) we will communicate the conference ticket price. We are even working on a 'Steem Travel Reimbursement Fund' where you can apply to get part of your trip paid by this fund, based on miles travelled!

What we can already say is that Steemit HQ has this supercool (!!!) offer for all Steemians showing up (with a ticket (available soon)) in Amsterdam: 1000 SteemPower onto your account!

We have also bargained a great package deal for the Volkshotel for the given dates and more info will be published on that soon. This will be the official hotel and key events (opening drinks, closing dinner, boat departures) will happen from here, so its great to book a room there. Soon more info. We have blocked 130 rooms for the conference, so that would mean the hotel would be practically owned by Steem people. LOL.

What can you do now already?

  1. Save 11-12-13 November 2016 in your agenda and book a flight / train / start arranging visas!
  2. Follow @steemfest the official account for SteemFest
  3. Signup via SteemFest.com

Wait with booking a hotel until we announce our hotel package and ticket price.

Soon to be published on @steemfest

  • Conference Ticket price (trying to make it 1/4 of the costprice per person)
  • Hotel package details for the official conference venue "Volkshotel" (130 rooms blocked)
  • Infos on the Travel Reimbursement Fund to claim back (part of your) travel costs
  • First names and 'call for program ideas'

Financially I can say is that this event will be run of @steemfest which will turn into a multisignature account very soon (before sponsor money will be put on the account). More info on that soon, but you can already check @xeroc's recent posts if you want to learn more about multi-signature steem accounts.

All proceedings from this post will be transferred to the @steemfest account and help fund SteemFest 1



I'll contribute SBD i'll collect with "steemfest" related posts till venue date :) Well Done!

Steempay.io will also forward some SBD from it's posts to help financing this awsome project. Keep up the good work!

Cheers to the Steempay.io team! :)

Really looking forward to meeting you and @steve-walschot at the convention!

Fantastic @roelandp! I've been waiting for this for a while! I really hope to be able to make it to the event. This is going to be expensive for sure but I know it will be worth the long distance travel! I'm glad you took the initiative to make this happen and cheers to all the whales and @ned/Steemit for endorsing your proposal.

I think this is going to be huge! A great opportunity to meet some known and new people from Steemit. Awaiting further details!

Btw, It goes without saying @roelandp that if you think that I could be of any help in putting this together, feel free to ask!

I second @firepower. And @roelandp ask up if anything.
And can't wait to see you guys there! :D

This is awesome! Can't wait to catch that flight now! :D

I can't wait!

Looks like we will be in Holland 11 - 12 - 13 November @fabien

Definitely coming. Count me in! If you need help organising or something else contact me

Great work from you and @cass and great initiative! Definitly the place to be in November!

So good to hear, congrats and all for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Hoping this will be a huge success for Steemit and everyone part of the community!

Guys it is very difficult for me to come, BUT I will make everything is possible to eventually come with my wife Maria ! It will be 100% worth to make it successful! It could turn out the best PR move that ever happened to steemit... I hope all great authors, developers, witnesses, investors will be there... It would be awesome to meet all of you in person guys and girls!

That was my skin reaction when I read your post @roelandp ;)

really hope you guys can make it!

Really well said!

I will contribute to this initiative as well.

You da man! \m/

Awesome. Will definitely try to come! :)

try ? Get out of this jail mate AHAH !
you must come :)

Count me in.

Great idea with the travel reimbursement fund; I will pay for the trip myself.
I hope that helps support others.

Great, I already advertized the event to a company employee (ad campaigns) here in Amsterdam.

Shla-Rafia - Quality Promo Since 2013

thanks Shla-Rafia!!! You the King!!!

Thanks, I want to print flyers. My listeners are also kings. From this morning:

King on, :-)

cool cool. verify with @cass he is the king design as you most probably know :)

@cass Could you post a little flyer so I can print it?
Like SteemFest and a link to my profile. Would be nice.

sounds like a great idea-we could perhaps incorporate an "ideas session"/brainstorm into the conference so that steemit knows how to grow whilst taking along the smaller participants.

for example the platform itself could be more user friendly--like being able to upload pictures from your own laptop rather than going to the internet to get pictures....

i have not seen a help feature on the site either which most sites do have as a basic ......

thanks for this suggestion, really love this!!! will you attend?

I was just talking to @kryptik about this, and he let me know on #steemprentice that this post was trending. So we have a location and dates! This is awesome!

I am going to be very, VERY curious about the travel reimbursement, as I live in Alabama and work for peanuts most days (love the job though), so I'm not in the whale category for being able to afford a trip to the Netherlands. That said, if there is a way I can make it there, I will go. Absolutely love Steemit, love the people here, and would love to be part of our first international gathering.

What a great idea. I love Amsterdam and steemit and I will definitely try to make it there.
This is one of those 'once-in-lifetime' chances.
Can't wait to meet all you awesome guys in person.
Thanks for all the great work so far @roelandp !
And now I do my dishes hoping an amazing idea like this will also pop up ;-)

Finally out, count me in... ;-)

As you know already ! I be there ! I am flying in from Bali with stop in Munich , Vienna and Amsterdam for ADE and of course this Festival can't be missed. Can't wait ! 💃💃💃

And we shall meet! :D Looking forward to this event!

I am so excited to see this come to fruition! I feel we may all need to wear our @usernames. I have multiple people I would love to meet in person and have so many ideas that I may not be able to sleep until this time.

@roelandp thank you so much for putting this together. As much money as I can will be saved for this event. Please let me know if there are any ways in which I can help you with this monumental endeavor.

Wow, super excited to see an official announcement. @roelandp really really appreciate all your efforts. I know that holding and arranging of such events is extremely difficult, so send you all possible words of support.

I Look forward seeing all you guys personally. Already checking flights for these dates.
So, Amsterdam, I'm coming

Epic, where from? Be sure to follow @steemfest and consider subscribing the list via http://steemfest.com (only email necessary, username helps!)

I'll come from Moscow. Already subscribed

That sounds amazing. I just uploaded a post about my trip to Amsterdam a few hours ago :D Anyway, i would love to come back, especially for the Steem fest!

I cant imagine a better place for it!

Amsterdam is a LONG way away but I'll see what I can do about making those dates work. Fantastic idea and thank you for putting this together.

Great! The perfect city for this kind of event! :)

Aww yeah! Sounds AWESOME!! :)


Outstanding idea, I hope I can save enough money to cover a plane ticket before then, 2 months and counting.

This is sooo cool! Thanks roelandp :) There's just no way I'm not coming :D

This is something I would go to and volunteer at, I can't wait for more information to see if I can swing it! All the luck in this, everyone

What a great idea!!!

Perfect! Just the occasion I've been waiting for! How can I not be there...?! :) See you all soon.

hell yes, we want in!

wwwwoooooooooooo!, where from? Be sure to follow @steemfest and consider subscribing the list via http://steemfest.com (only email necessary, username helps!)

We definitely will! We are from Pennsylvania USA!

This sounds awesome!! I'll do my best to be able to join.

How do we sign up to be considered for a Ted X presentation?

Call for program ideas will be posted soon I think beginning next week after the first names.

Awesome! Bookmarking: $b.conference $b.steemfest

Another great stunt of attraction. Looking forward to hear more on this promotion.

I hope I can make it... I spent 15 months in this wonderful city and it would be great to be able to pop back and especially meet my fellow enthusiasts.

and it's not expensive for me to go, only 100EUR round trip. even if i live on the other side of the europe

wow.. i will joined..

Amsterdam is the perfect location for this incredible gathering!

Whoa this is pure awesomeness! Wish I lived on that side of the planet!

it's plane simple: earth is flat.

plane simple

This comment is underrated. :DD


This is great. I wish I could fly there but unfortunately I am not able to. Hopefully you will have a live coverage of the event.

there will be livestreaming yes. and recordings. and video. and photos. and a #HASHTAG :)

Got those days off work so i would love to join you and to get to know some of the amazing people on here.
Gotta scrape together the funds, better start looking for tickets early.

Damn you Norway and your heavy taxation on every single thing, even if we pay tax of our hard earned money we gotta pay tax again when purchasing...anything.

Looking forward to the upcoming updates @roelandp

well you are in Norway.... you are rich in Amsterdam!

Hehe not every Norwegian is rich, works the same way like it does in every messed up economic society. The rich will get richer and the common man struggles on with his paycheck ;)

But it has always been a wish of mine to visit Amsterdam and this seems like the perfect opportunity to do so, a much needed "vacation"

Your almost neighbors agree. :P

If I only had more money but I'm broke as fuck. :(

It's so close. 2 hours to airport and 2.5 hour flight to Amsterdam. Flight is only about 200 euros...

I think I have try to get more SBDs :)

This sounds increadible! So psyched that you're organizing. I joined the Steemit book club and after the first call last night I felt so excited to be able to connect over the phone to fellow Steemers. In person would be such a blast!

Will try to join.

What a huge idea! Can't wait to hear more about it, joy!!! Thank you for posting and informing us all about this news. Namaste :)

Help me get there

Confession of My Profession

Attending this conference would be awesome

Heb het gelezen Ivy. :-)
Waar een klein land groot in kan zijn!

heel spannend :)

@roelandp oh je bent de Dj
daarom dus ...

nope. I denk het niet.

ik bedoel - je bent de DJ die op een van mijn blog comment gepost hebt (ging over "making my post reader friendly- heb ik al veranderd)
ik dacht - hoe kan dat hij Nederlands comment schrijft - jij bent eigenlijk een Nederlander - (daarom dus) sorry was niet duidelijk geschreven - dood moe gisteren.
Fijne dag verder.

Had je nog ff moeten vermelden dat weed legaal is, komt er nog wat meer volk langs :-)

I am in. I dont want reimbursement. Just 3 whales upvoting my posts and i am covered lol.
@roelandp please make sure u release the details soon. Some of us need to plan two months ahead.

Day 0. 11 november. People fly in. Night drinks
Day 1. 12 november. Plenary Conf, (venue is currently in option). As diverse as Steemits Frontpage. 20 minute pecha kucha / Ted X style . Second room workshops, Lunch Dinner, Night party in this place too.
Day 2. 13 november. Unconference, do a touristique thingy in amsterdam, 10 people groups activities in the old city centre with a base hangout. Closing dinner in hotel.

Hotel Package & Conf. Ticket will be announced soon, hopefully today, latest somewhere over the weekend!

thank you again. Me and my bf we already subscribed in the website provided above. Looking forward to new information.

2 months is a good time frame to get things in order for this trip! Hope you can make it there! :)

It's cool. I am going to enjoy the videos and photos :)

Monday 14th of November will have a lot of SteemFest posts ;)

there will be internet on the venues :)

I'll probably be watching live stream if any.
Visit and meet Steemians from around the world would be thrilling experience.

Sounds great! I am in! :)

Will there be punch and pie? More people will come if there is punch and pie!

sounds good @roelandp 8]

ah finally the announcement ! great work man !

Amsterdam is not so far away, that is super

So cool! I love this city. Since having visited it once, I've been dreaming to go back there. I hope I can manage to go to this conference.

Great to see that this is actually happening I will definitely try to make it!

How I wish I could make it... but too new to Steemit to afford an impromptu trip to my favorite city in the world. Joined yesterday. Well, here's to hoping I can make it next time. :sigh:

YOU ROBBER YOU! YOU STOLE MY IDEA AND MADE $10K OUT OF IT! REMIND ME NEVER TO FOLLOW YOU!! https://steemit.com/steemit/@mindhunter/tis-a-great-steem-kingdom-we-reign-over-here-we-should-have-a


Are you serious about this or what?
Did you read my post?

The SteemFest idea originated 6 weeks ago. After carefully planning at first with Steem HQ and some early users I decided to ask around a broader group of Steem users, setting up a realistic budget, visit locations, hotels, and only then I announced this (a bit delayed as it was planned for last week friday already).

Note you can read this in the post, if you want mother-f'ing proof I can screenshot my chat with those people i mention in the post with the dates.

I think it's quite unprofessional of you to start pointing fingers about people hijacking your idea and I hope you are just making some kind of humor i don't really understand...

ps. i did not want to post this publicly here but since your username is not on Steemit.chat I am sort of feeling obliged to do this.

Hope we can continue to chat on a normal level afterwards and you see the bigger idea here. Thanks and love from amsterdam. And happiness. And joy. and then some.

I can confirm to have heard about SteemFest over a week ago at least, thus older than @mindhunter's post relevant to this. Can send you a snippet of the conversation if the user insists of seeing proof, contact me on steem.chat.

Ha ha! You got screwed by a whale robber!

p.s. an invite or a slice of cake sent from the event may do good to heal the damage :-)

Yeah baby, that's what I'm talking about. THIS. WILL. BE. EPIC!
Booked it in the calendar, waiting for the final details to get the flight ticket. #romania will be there

YES! What other details do you need? Please let me know what is missing before you will book. Tickets will go on sale asap... Trying to get the budget as low as possible

I DM-ed you on steemit.chat. Looking forward to final budget proposal.

Heyy, good idea, I would like you to consider to broadcast the event using Periscope. This way everyone can participate!!

there will be proper livestreaming. not periscope. I think youtube.

meh .


I'll be arriving to Poland on november 11th!! I won't make it u.u

still enought time to change plans... Poland Amsterdam is 2 hour flight, operated by KLM and others!

what a great idea!

Yes! yes! yes! They made a comment about this in the Steemit Meet-up in Berlin when @ned was online with us but i though was only that, a comment... Looking forward to meet a loot of Steemit fellows in Amsterdam :)

I'm SOOOO GONNA JOIN IN... This is awesome. Now the only thing remains for me is to figure out the way to get the visa.. :D :D

This is an awesome idea and I am looking forward to join!

This is really a good idea. My ecovillage community the Garden of Eden has loads of experience with putting together and being over the top successful with events like this. You can learn more about us by checking out our founder's steemit articles @quinneaker or directly to our community's articles @gardenofeden . Prepare to be blown away.

It's so far from me. Sadness :-/

I am so sad about the final dates :( I had every intention on making my way to this meeting but I already have plane and Football tickets to go see the Pittsburgh Steelers on the 13th of November :( such a shame! I would have loved being there with all of you guys :( And dont't get me wrong I would much rather assist the SteemFest to meet all of you and I would forget about the game if my parents weren't going too.

yes, this was a bit better:

  1. More hotelrooms available in the official conference hotel
  2. There is another conf on the previous dates
  3. This is after US elections

#3 might just create a bunch of new expats arriving in Amsterdam and looking to determine their next move. ;)

I just had a bit more of a think about this. I believe this event could be huge for building the future of Steemit.
Firstly, it would greatly strengthen relationships and build morale among the existing Steemit community.
Secondly, this is a huge marketing opportunity to get media/news coverage and publicity for Steemit.
So full credit to @roelandp for conceiving this idea and all that you've done to date to make this happen. Like I've said already, I would love to come if circumstances permit. Please let me know if there's anything I could do, perhaps to be involved in marketing the event (as I have a marketing background) or maybe communicating with our Chinese community.

so you speak chinese? Write also? this could come -in handy. Feel free to translate the announcement post and post it and donate rewards to @steemfest ... that would really help! thx @nextgen622

Awesome and well planned event! I will do my best to arrange for a @steemdrive billboard to be flighted nearby at the very least, with alot of luck I may come, but can't promise at this stage.

Brilliant idea, Wish I could make it but can't afford to. Hope you all have a amazing time. Look forward to the posts

we are working on a 'Travel ReimBursement Fund' more news on that soon.

I think this is fantastic! Good for you for taking action and bringing your idea into reality.

I will come. I am just looking into flights now. Could we pay in steem power? I'm short on cash capital but long on steem power. Could the devs make an exception to transfer SP for this purpose?

Anyway whatever happens count me in

we will try to make the price as low as possible with covering the budget. Ticket prices and sales will be posted soon. Follow @steemfest and or subscribe with (minimum) your email via http://steemfest.com

Also the official conference hotel 3 night package will be posted soon and will be 300 € for 3 nights. (be smart and share your room to cut it in half)

SP won't be accepted by the hotel nor the suppliers. BTC would work. Or SBD.

Great post :) So interesting. Thanks for sharing it to us.


tell me more!

this is what the translation says:
"How much money to give me some, in the end it is how calculated?"

Im not sure i completely understand what you mean...

Awesome. Definitely will try to be there!

Super! I'll try to be there!

I really want to go to this, it sucks but I will have only a few more week of school and need to study for finals. Next time this happens though Ill finally be in the real world so I can take off! Giving my best to all those going !

This looks amazing! I wish I could attend, maybe for SteemFest 2 :)

I've actually been thinking about this myself!! And the perfect place to do it, I would be so excited! Keep us updated!

follow @steemfest and subscribe via http://steemfest.com !

Done! You now have my full name and email. Not sure that many people will be happy to offer that kind of info.

only email is needed ofcourse.

The last time I left Amsterdam I was told not to ever come back :( ...