[Questionnaire] What do you expect from SteemFest's Travel Reimbursement Fund?

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For some people it is quite affordable to come to SteemFest in Amsterdam, especially thanks to support from Steem.HQ and other sponsors to lower the price. Due to the world economies' inequality for some it's quite expensive.

For those who are not that 'wealthy' we look into a solution to help you sponsor part of your trip to SteemFest.

How it would work:

  • Once a 'Travel Reimbursement Fund'-applicant arrives in Amsterdam s/he can apply to get part of the trip reimbursed by registered the trip details on a terminal and by showing proof (a boarding card for example).

  • Reimbursement will be based on miles travelled (as generally the further, the more expensive). Starting point will be the distance from the airport of departure to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

  • The 'SBD per Mile'-rate will be the same for all.

Once all applicant entries are in (we set a time frame), the total of Miles travelled by all applicants is available. Also the total funds to be shared is available so a SBD/Mile rate can be established and payouts can be executed.

Questionnaire: We need to gain insights for this fund.

If this fund would be a potential solution for you, please take the time to answer the questions in the questionnaire form:

  • Stay anonymous if you want, but you can also apply to stay in the loop by leaving your email on the form.
  • Please be as honest as you can. For us this helps us tremendously into learning to know how we setup this fund and whether we should implement it.

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The irony is that I am considered a whale, but plan to spend all my money on building tools to help people in steem. Makes it quite difficult in addition to think that plane tickets alone will be over 1k.

Love the initiative, but will not be going until there is one much much closer to me :P

Luckily though we have hangouts every week that have no geographical or monetary barriers!

Every Friday at the server and hangouts that played a vital role in the very creation of steemit.

i want to go to steemfest, and i will go after the steem blockchain pays for my plane ticket and hotel

I wasn't considering going to steemfest before, since I would have to fly back right away on the 13th to make it in time for another conference for school (supercomputing), and I wouldn't be able to hang out longer in the Netherlands. Too expensive for only 3 days, for a student from NA.

However, if my plane ticket and hotel would be fully paid for, I would definitely go!

Imagine the news if we accidentally somehow managed to overpay everyone's tickets and they'd profit from travelling. :D

Hi @roelandp,

That is a fantastic approach! I will check the Questionnaire.

To the Story behind this cartoon image - here.

Wow this is fantastic. What other community would help pay for people's travel expenses too? I don't need it but I'm sure there are lots of people who will benefit from this. Good on those who are funding this.


So true!


Even more than just helping people. It's people helping people who mostly don't even know each other in a personal physical way. Mostly all connecting based on the same goals and desires. Pretty amazing, never seen anything quite like it in a online community. Closest thing to it would be reddit but thats still really different.


Yes I would agree.

Steemtastic idea!

I filled the questionnaire ;-)

i simply cannot afford to travel- holiday or otherwise