Hi, liondani here... aka Daniel Schwarz! (Happy Husband,Father... steem witness + steemit enthusiast)

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This is my avatar Lion (My Star Sign) + Daniel my Name so 

Lion+Daniel+Christian = liondani  http://www.gotquestions.org/Daniel-lions-den.html

Hello Steemian's,

My name is Daniel Schwarz (aka liondani) and I live in Greece (My father is from Germany, my mother from Greece) I was born in Germany (Berlin), lived there for 7 years and then moved to beautiful Greece.

I remember my self to be very competitive in school and I was always one of the best students. I wanted

to be the best in every activity in general I was part of (soccer, chess, martial arts, computer,poker playing etc...)

When I was 11 years old one of my dreams came true! I got from my parents my dream computer as a Christmas Gift...  I was a blissful proud new Commodore AMIGA 500 owner !!!!!!!!

First I started to play with games of course, but after that I was hooked with Workbench 1.3 that was my first interaction with an Operating System !!!

I have so much good memories back then !!!

So much experimenting with new things... so much excited!

but let's skip that part and come to today... (I will edit the next days and give more infos)

Now I am working part time as a dealer/croupier for the biggest casino in Europe... 

CHCL Club Hotel Casino Loutraki

One of my dreams was also to find the perfect woman... guess what, I found her !!!

It's my greatest love ... Maria...

We have 2 lovely Kids... 

They both are my greatest treasure and they are more important than anything we have! 

They are the real reason that gives purpose and meaning to our lives ...


I was an active member on bitsharestalk since 11 March 2014...

I was a delegate on bts1 and  provided seed nodes for a long time for bts2

I was a delegate helper for a very respectful java programmer James Calfee

you can read here more...

And now I am a happy Steemit/Steem enthusiast/investor/witness



if you like you can vote for me this way...

vote_for_witness youraccount liondani true true


Here is one of my favorite videos...

dedicated today to all steem witnesses!

Inch by Inch Play by Play... 

Daniel Schwarz (liondani)


Apologizes for my last minute introduceyourself post... I am without sleep the last days because of the hard-forks and debates and updates etc... should made it sooner when I had more time :)

verification photo would be awesome

...the most here know me very well :)

PS But I will do the next days for the new members

I am so happy that Steem helps open up faces and souls of whose who I know only by nicknames. Thanks Daniel!

Thank you hipster!

Amiga 500+++

Mine is in air-gapped, cold storage :-P

It's good to put a face on the guy I met on Reddit years ago. ;)

Great intro!

Thanks, time you make a similar post(?) ;)

Great post liondani, love to finally understand why you have that name. I always loved that picture, and I think subconsciously I understood it, because the lion is there, the divinity is there, and I have always loved the tale of Daniel in the lion den :D

I don't know why but I feel spiritually connected to you! I am one of many that thank God I met you!

Of course I'm going to vote for you on Steemit! Thanks for the shout-out too. You did a fantastic job as delegate helper keeping up-to-date, running, and regularly reported issues in web and witness software so we could fix them. Most of all, I'm happy to see you found the love of your life!

Thanks James. I am happy for you also, since I know you have a great family as I am... God bless you.

Daniel has great personality and is a great guy! It is a pleasure to know you mate!

same goes for you...me2 ;)

Very nice introduction. It's great to be "working" with you again here on Steemit!

My honour to "work" with you.

PS this "work" is our hobby, what else to ask!

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