STEEMFEST 4 TICKETING LIVE !!! What happens in Bangkok stays in Bangkok !!! (Win 1 of 10 Free Tickets)

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Steemfest 4 Ticket

Since the first @steemfest in Amsterdam, @roelandp and I have this ritual where I buy the first ticket for @steemfest

The ticket prices for @steemfest 4 are starting at 222 Euros for Minnows and go up to 888 Euro for Whales. Super excited ! Now please order your tickets!

Here is my post of the @steemfest 2

and @steemfest 3



Remember folks, this is Bangkok the city which you will be spending up to 7 nights with other amazing Steemians from all over the world. I am happy that this year many new Steemians will have the chance to join, as Asians could often not make the trip to Europe.

@roelandp put a lot efforts in organizing this @steemfest in Asia. He traveled all over South East Asia for 2 month before picking Bangkok, so please make sure that you support @steemfest by buying a high category ticket if you able to do so. Each ticket above a Minnow ticket will sponsor Free beers for the parties @steemfest, so lets buy some rounds YO!

paging: @kevinwong @timsaid @thisisbenbrick @fusan @blocktrades @lizanomadsoul + everybody I know !

And don't forget I am giving away a total of 10 Steemfest tickets for free. To enter and get a chance to win a ticket follow, Re-steem , upvote and leave a comment !

Are you coming to @steemfest this year ???

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とても楽しみです :)

I really really really want to go. like06.gif
Hope that I can win the free ticket that will help me to make the decision.

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That’s a cool gif


you received a ticket ! check your mail


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SteemFest⁴ in Bangkok - 6/7/8/9/10 November 2019

thanks for this Chance for Steemians to win 1 of 10 Steemfest tickets for SteemFest⁴! cheers 🤠
Maybe we see us in Bangkok!!
(resteemd, follow and upvotet)

Hallo, sobald Du ein Flugtickets hast, melde Dich gerne. ich stelle die Tickets nur fuer steemians mit gebuchten flug aus. damit keine tickets verfallen

I'm sure will be there ;) See you in Bangkok!

see you there ramengirl!

Yeah, I will attend again!
I hope to see those missing faces again~!

see you there !



need your email address

Discord 上で送りました!ありがとうございます😊

Hi knozaki2015

I'm already following you, upvoted and resteemed for more visibility 🙂

I'll throw my hat in the ring for a chance to win a ticket to steemfest 4 👍

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will add you to the list , stay tuned and follow my posts if you are eligble

Your enthusiasm and support is amazing! :D Thanks for giving away all of those tickets, I'm going to cross my fingers I'll win one out of those ten and fly all the way to Bangkok coming November \0/

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