Wieliczka Salt Mine in Krakow (21 photos)

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Touring Wieliczka Salt Mine in Krakow was definitely one of the highlights of SteemFest 3. We had to walk down SO MANY flights of stairs! The tour started at 64 meters (210 feet) deep and went down from there. We were very happy when we found out there were elevators to bring us back up!

Our tour guide encouraged licking the walls of the mine (solid salt). @lukestokes and I each took a lick. Our kids licked almost every wall throughout the tour. Since the salt kills bacteria, I guess it's sanitary. Haha.

There were many chapels created out of the mined salt chambers. Very cool. After the tour, we had the closing dinner in a huge underground chamber of the mine (scroll down to see).




Monet licking the walls.

One of the many statues carved out of salt.

The crystals of the chandeliers are made of salt.

This was the biggest of the chapels created in the mined salt chambers. It included lots of wall carvings and chandeliers. Quite impressive! Though it looks like tiles on the floor, it's actually just salt carved to look like tiles.

A version of The Last Supper carved into the salt wall of the large chapel from the previous photo.

Underground water chamber in the salt mine. The water is fully saturated with salt so it won't dissolve any more of the mine walls. You wouldn't be able to dive down because the high salt content would make you float at the surface.

Large reception hall in the salt mine. This is where we had the closing dinner for SteemFest.



More licking of the walls.




Your girls are like little fairies, very handsome children all of them. It was nice to chat a litte on the boat. My favourite part was also the mines.

Thank you. Nice chatting with you also :)

Looks like the mines stole the show .... :)


I C8DDF301-88E2-43E7-ACB8-968E773E2C06.jpegreally fell in love with your awesome children and it was so super nice to meet you in person! Can’t wait for the next one @lukestokes 🥰

Aww.... so sweet! Loved meeting you as well and so did the kids :)

I visited the mine a couple years ago. That's so cool that SteemFest used the big banquet hall!

It was very cool. What a fun and unique place to have the closing dinner :)

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