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Over the past few weeks we have seen various links promising air drops of crypto including fake Steem airdrops, unfortunately we have seen even some experienced steemit accounts link clicking these links.
They have lost control of their Steemit accounts which means under someone else's control!

Tonight i found another new version relating to the Steem air drop offering a service that will check your account to see if you were affected claiming the Steemit database has been compromised - Rubbish
See the above Link? that is what they are wanting you to click WHICH YOU SHOULD NOT DO!

These comments tonight are coming from this account at a fast rate. This account may have clicked one of these links and may now be controlled by hackers/thieves!

What can we do

  • If we see something that is too good to be true - its probably a scam wanting to take you to another website
  • Never use your Steemit keys for any free offer online - remember keep them safe
  • Do not give anyone access to your device by way of third party remote access
  • Ask other more experienced Steemit accounts what they think?
  • Spread the word on this sort of online activity to other Steemit accounts
  • tag @steemitblog or @steemcurator01 as they can get the word out maybe quicker than some of us

What if i clicked the link already 🧐

please remain vigilant at all times, not just on steemit but any where on the World wide web

All pictures & screenshots are mine
Kind Regards @kiwi-crypto



The user is now blocked in the Steemit frontend. If you should see any more scam links, just let me know ;)

Thanks for what you do
Steemit forward

Thanks for this - now blocked.

Slightly odd swap transactions recently in its wallet.

noticeable improvement tonight, i could only find 19

Have a good day :)

Thank you - now sent off for 'processing'...

Thanks for that - this morning i found another 32 that need to be NUKED

Have a good day :)

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