Unfortunately @oppongk account got stolen by these phishers! Please everyone beware!

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This is to notify all steemAlive members including everyone on Steemit that there is an ongoing phishing attack designed to steal your account - and your funds. Our dear Ghana Country representative @oppongk contacted me and said his account has been stolen and the thieves already started to power down his steem power. They also changed his keys, meaning he has no access to the account as we speak. Check his wallet below:


This is quite a sad situation and I strongly believe the team @steemitblog are really working hard to eliminate this threat. As they look for a way to stop this kind of ugly situation, you need to take steps to secure your account.

How do they operate?


Please, the phishers are still preying on innocent users. The picture above opens when you click their link. They are promising 350 steem airdrop. When you click the link to claim it. They will then demand your active, or owner key to complete your airdrop. If you put the keys there, you account is now in their hands. First thing, they will change your keys quickly and lock you out - just as they did to @oppongk. Then, they will steal all your SBD and Steem, and then start a power down to steal the remaining funds.

What is the safest thing to do??

Please keep your keys safe. NEVER, EVER send your your keys to anyone online. Phishers will trick you with giveaways and airdrops. Please do not listen to any scam promotions from anyone. Every update must come from @steemitblog and that is the official channel for any authentic information.

Please, for those of us that are not aware of this threat, this is a clear warning to you. Your account could be permanently lost and your funds stolen if you give away your keys. PLEASE BE AT ALERT TO AVERT DANGER AND LOSSES THAT COULD RESULT FROM FRAUDULENT AIRDROPS AND OTHER PROMOTIONS

@oppongk, we are deeply sorry for this attack

@oppongk Is working hard with assistance from some good willed individuals to assist him recover his account. We stand by him in this time of great loss and pressure. We hope he is able to get back his account and stop the power down. We are really sorry for this. We hope it ends well.

Here is @oppongk discord ID: oppongk#0087. He could be reached if you have any assistance to offer on the above issue.

While the engineering team works around to remove this threat from here, please do everything possible to secure your account. The first and most important rule is that you must not send you active and owner keys to anyone - all your keys as a matter of fact.

Thank you friends,

cc: @steemcurator01. @cryptokannon


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 3 months ago 

This is very very sad. I almost teared up when I heard this- well, I did cry
I just hope something is done about these phishers.....@steemitblog

Ladyroyal 👸🏼

 3 months ago 

So sad. Thank you for the information. I pray he recovers the remaining sp and reclaim his account. Something should definitely be done about this honestly. I cry for him. In this hard times. Please let's be cautious. @focusnow
#twopercent #nigeria

 3 months ago 

This is such a sad news, steps should be taken to keep user accounts secure. Newbies should know this too, never give out your keys.

 3 months ago 

Aww....this is a sad situation for the gentleman.

I hope there is way to ameliorate the situation.Its saddening and distasteful.

I feel for him and hope he gets a solution as soon as possible.

 3 months ago 

This is very disheartening ....days, months and years of hard work all gone in a day?😔
We really hope something is done about this.


 3 months ago 

I think self-awareness is most important now.

So sadden after all the hard work to put things together, is really a great lost😥........i pray God helps, he recover his account soon!
@oppongk please accept my smpathy!
Thanks to everyone for your consign.

 3 months ago 

@focusnow, thank you for this post alert. I am so sorry for @oppongk, this is a huge loss.
This guy's are always bulging into someone's post, is it not possible to track and block the account by @steemitblog?

 3 months ago 

This is so disheartening, I just pray he finds a means to recover his account. This is such a great loss to bear in this difficult time

Thanks for this great information

I am very sorry to hear about this unfortunate incident. I hope @steemitblog and the Steemit Inc., Engineers can assist him.
I assume they have contacted the holder of his recovery account an activated the recovery procedure?

This may allow him to regain control of his account, especially if he didn't reveal his master key.

This account recovery procedure will possibly allow him to regain control of his account, and save his Steem, as it will take four weeks to completely power down his Steem.

I will research the recovery account and place additional links to the information here.