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@carlidos, i suggest that you post a sorry post addressed to the whole Steemit Community post and talk to the steamcleaners in the chat - and promise never to commit plagiarism again . Post it and submit your post to the steamcleaners channel in the chat so you could post again and if they give you a chance - use it wisely.

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I have already done that, @anyx likes to abuse his power.

I am just powering down from this site. I was going to add around 25k by Janurary but rather not too much power abuse here.


@carlidos no anyx doesn't do that - you should just keep doing it
they're more lenient now and this time you really have to apologize to anyx for this, too.
You can try chatting to him and hopefully he chats back to you and you did apologize but the question is did you stop committing plagiarism after that?
You should also stop.
It's Christmas maybe you could ask anyx to give you a chance or try another person in the steemcleaners chat channel and be sincere with your apology.