Testing SteemPi

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Status: Its working!

This post is to test if new comments on my Steemit account will turn ON the LED light of the SteemPi project i'm working on.

STEEMPI Introduction

...Entering a first testing fase of the project and i need a post for testing purpose
(instead of im commenting with "test", "test2" "test3" etc. on not related posts, i can now make and receive your test comments for the project on this post)

You can help testing by leaving a comment on this post,
If i'm near my computer and pi... , and see you light up my day/ the LED, i will leave a reply on your test comment to verify it worked.


Interesting! Would it be easy to hook up PI2 to electric motor? This could be used in many ways!

(Worked, the LED turned on! :) )

Thanks for your reply and test message, Was thinking to combine this with one of my (tracked) robot projects yesterday.

its possible, and not to difficult to connect a relay and switch on and off motors,
(with motor drivers it becomes a bit more difficult, but will give the option of variable speeds)

Thanks for lighting up my led/day!

Hopefully you post more about your project. I've never played around with rasperry myself but I'm very interested in ways of interacting with physical world through technology. Seems like public blockchain like Steemit and Rasperry to read it would be cheap and fast way to achieve it.

Thanks for your reply, Yesterday i was thinking about combining this project with one of my robotic (tracked) projects.

It is intriguing what the possibilities are, some are almost not imaginable.

If you want to see more of the project:

3d printed case: https://steemit.com/steemit/@techtek/diy-steempi-case-with-3d-printed-side-panel-and-steem-logo-that-can-light-up

Making Steempi talk: https://steemit.com/steemdev/@techtek/steempi-is-talking-a-few-possible-solutions-for-blinking-the-led-on-updates-help-needed-curl-steemsql-bash-script-php

Introduction to the project: https://steemit.com/steemit/@techtek/introducing-steempi-steem-notifications-on-your-tv

Cool. This could be utilized in so many ways! Smartlocks that Steemians could open, or only approved users or those with high enough SP or rep.

the script at this moment is not to advanced, but i will improve the project and try to make it more functional and easy to set up. Many things could be possible

(i cant do all by myself but this is a start)

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Keep up the good work!

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cool,. using raspberry PII? I use beaglebone black.i will resteem ur post

take some pictures and post it....

u should just make a post with these pictures. that would attract more upvotes, thats how people make money here.You have real work to show!!!


i have multiple post with many pictures but only some get viewers and upvotes...

if someone would look into the hours i put into this project it would feel extra strange about this not reaching more people. but i keep going :)

And i'm member for just 30 days...

Thanks for your reply and im planning/thinking for my next post to do a Dtube video it explains the project in a more visual way. and only will show what it does for someone. (no nerdy things that can confuse just function)

Thanks for appreciating my work and seeing the efforts

Actually, i will try to make a post with the just the pictures no tech

Thanks thanks :) yes with pi 2.

its working now and for around 20 min and counting, and notifications seems to be fast and stable

(This test makes use of the Streemian RSS feed Thanks @xeroc for the Streemian RSS feed)

Thanks, I was not next to the Pi that moment, but you could try again :p

Worked :) thanks

Cool project.

I've played with Arduino and Olimiex a bit before. Not really sure how the PI is different from those.

The Pi can run Linux with a graphical user interface it has USB and, RJ45 network connection, HDMI, audio jack.

Identical features with Arduino: GPIO pins, usb power, expansion shields, big user base, a lot of fun projects, cheap.

Boards starting from 5 to around 40 dollar, SteemPi most likely also will run on other Pi (clone) boards. (they need to be using / be compatible with the wiringpi library)

so you would say the Pi is better than Arduino?

i use Pi for things i need USB and internet acces and more power.
Arduino for "simpeler" IOT applications

Amazing! I like your project! Share with us how did you make it! Followed you!

Thanks for your reply,

For this test i'm using Curl to get the (rss streemian) website and put it in a file to compare with a second file of the the website.

If there is a difference in the two files the Led is turned on.

i also strip out all numeric values because this gave a lot of falls notifications.

Please follow me for more updates, in my previous posts about the SteemPi project you can find more technical details of what i am trying to do and am doing to makes this work.

Help and feedback very welcome.

Thank you very much!

You are the first person to interact with STEEMPI :)

  • update-
    first few test worked but now the source (https://streemian.com/rss/@techtek/replies) is not giving updates anymore so im figuring out whats happening, and maybe need to find a other source to work with.

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