SteemPi V2 is here!

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What is SteemPi ?

SteemPi is a Tv-Box software that can be installed on a wide variety of single board computers such as the Raspberry Pi and Orange Pi, it presents Steemit, crypto currency, entertainment, and smarthome features on a connected TV and to your mobile devices.

SteemIt now has it's own open source TV-Box!

SteemIt now has SteemPi v2 that you can run on inexpensive hardware and can connect to your TV, or a spare monitor. SteemPi is a fully customizable, TV-Box which is designed with Steem in mind. Unlike the commercial products and there paid services, SteemPi is FREE! One part of the SteemPi ideology is that you can "cut the cable" and stop paying for expensive "premium" services.

If you are still uncertain what exactly is SteemPi you can see here similar products by some big companies you already know about:

"Make your Pi Steem!"

SteemPi v2 includes the follwoing (new) features and improvments:

Simplified installation

The SteemPi software and installation is tested on:

  • Raspberry Pi 1, 2
  • Orange Pi PC, PC+ *

Tested with Raspbian and Armbian OS, could work on other (Pi) boards and as well.
*Requires a few additional steps after installation.

New interface

SteemPi v2 comes with a actractive new interface, inspired by the the comercialy availible Tv-box products in the market.

  • Easy navigation
  • Module buttons
  • Side menu
  • Backgrounds
  • Setting page

General settings

With the new settings page you can customize and change the SteemPi interface to your needs, select the modules you want to see on your home screen, select a difrent background, test your connected LEDs or change the SteemPi Interface language.

  • Enable / disable modules
  • Order modules
  • Test notifications LEDs
  • Username (updates the external module URLs)
  • Set your language (English, German or Dutch)
  • Wallpaper selection
  • Customize your Steemit feed with filters

SteemPi Features

  • Steemit feed (new)
    This new features shows you a custom steemit feed on the homesceen of your SteemPi Tv-box.

Add custom filters for users, and keywords,in the settings page.

Live streams:

  • Monterrey Bay Aquarium
    Watch the big Monterrey Bay Aquarium live

  • International Space Station (ISS) Watch earth from space, live on your Tv !

    (If it's a black screen ISS is on the night side of the Earth. Also, there is no audio feed coming from outerspace, so you'll want to add your own soundtrack.)

LED notifications

Beside LED light notification for new replies, SteemPi can now also notify you with the green light on new upvotes on your Steemit posts!

Try SteemPi on your single board computer.

Installation instructions to Install SteemPi V2 on your Pi can be found on the SteemPi Github:

(*Preformance of features can varry, and depends on multiple factors, the above features tested OK on the Raspberry Pi 2 and Orange Pi Pc and Pc+ )

If you don't have a board you could still test and play with the LED lights, by replying to this post (blue light) and a upvote on this post will light up the green LED light.

SteemPi is made by @techtek and @dehenne, this post edited by @inquiringtimes.

- What do you think of SteemPi?

- What features would you like to see?

- Do you still have any unanswered questions?

Please let us know here in the comments or on our Discord Chat Server.

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Awesome! Resteemed!
I think I will finally install it on my computer tomorrow! :D


Thanks mkt :)



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It was only a matter of time lol this is too cool and definitely interested in installing this soon! Cheers! :)


Thank you, be sure to follow me or join the SteemPi Discord server for updates on the project.

Finally, it'll be worth getting a 2nd screen :D

Very cool work you guys!

Thanks for the perfect post! @techtek


Thanks for your comment and lighting up the LEDs :)

what a interesting item..!thanks

Can you install apps like pandora for music and


Thanks for your comment, at the moment you can install any linux software that is compatible with a (Raspberry) Pi, i didnt try the Pandora software but i did see some results from people usinging Pandora on a Pi .

Its tested, possible not difficult to run Kodi and SteemPi without issues at the same time but it is, not yet integrated into the SteemPi installation, but it is working nicely when you also have SteemPi running.


that just sold me on it man. This is awesome


:) Thanks :)


Ok thanks!

@techtek, very interesting approach. Really curious about that project. Will search for my dusty raspberry pi and will try it. Thanks for sharing. Resteemed and upvoted. Follow you for more to come. Cheers.


Thanks for your reply , resteem, and interest in SteemPi,

What model do you have to dust off ??

Great! I do have an orange PI but don't use it yet! I'll install it on my Orange pi PC. I bougth this on AliExpress for only €17,92.


Orange Pi is a good alternative for the Raspberry Pi

Please join the discord server for support on Orange Pi, installation is the same but after installation you need to do a few additional steps.

(installation and functions tested ok on Armbian OS for Orange Pi and i would suggest to use that to install SteemPi on)

Thanks for your reply and intrest in SteemPi

looks like your posts are doing better now. Good job as your effort into this product was going unnoticed for some time..

have resteemed

Hello, this sounds wonderful. but I use Arch Linux, and would love to be able to use this along side Kodi, which I also love.

I wonder how easily we could add support for this?

I'm working my way thru the source code, but wondered if you could help me understand what would be required. seems like it would be simply need to have a php installed?

command apt-get install php7.0 php7.0-fpm php7.0-mbstring -t stretch -y --allow-unauthenticated

hmm. how do i start it?

somehow this doesn't seem as 'obvious' as it should, or i'm just missing something. i'd love to help make a one command install for arch! so if i can get a full grasp of how this thing works... or point me to what to read.

Have a wonderful day!


Ok. the easiest way is, we meet us in the chat. the short version how you can use it, you need php and a webserver. it is not important if php5 or php7. php7 is faster, so we use as default php version, php7.
if do you have all installed, you can install SteemPi by hand, only checkout it and initialize it with composer.

i think next week i write a tutorial how to install it at a running system ;-)


interesting. what webserver works best for this? how do i initialize it with composer? what is composer?

php is a snap to install on arch, so that is done.

found my way to your discord server, but would like to keep the info here where i could find it again, if it is not to hard.


Sorry, forgot the other questions. Composer is the same as npm for nodejs or apt for debian linux.
Its the package manager for PHP. (

if you have installed the webserver and php, the install script will detect it and install the rest :-) i hope i have time tmr and i can write a little tutorial ;-)


You can use every Webserver what you want. If you use a Desktop PC you can use Apache. For an older PC or a little creditcard computer like rpi or opi i recommend lighttp or nginx.


sudo pacman -S php composer lighttpd
sudo nano /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf
sudo systemctl start lighttpd.service

got a config file for the lighttpd html server?


Before you execute sudo pacman -S php composer lighttpd, did you already have a webserver?


no, did not have a webserver.

interesting tool. i was hoping to get a Raspberry Pi.
Watching earth from space will cool.
FYI, a typo in "actractive" - should be "attractive" :-)


Thank you, and will edit the typo


you're welcome.

This is incredible! I have to build this. These kinds of innovative projects are what make the open source movement so inspiring!


Thank you :)

Nice... Resteemed!I will install it very soon!!Thanks


Thanks for resteeming :) Please let me know when you install it

SteemPi Discord Server:

Its great idea,


Thank you, and thanks for the resteem

Nice idea. Resteemed :D


Thank you

I would like to make a Spanish translation of this article if you so wish @techtek


Are you in Steemit chat or Discord ?


discord: exe8422

SteemPi Love it. This is a game changer Big-Ups to Steemit.

good stuff


Thanks :)

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Why arnt you on steemchat


i am, search for techtek and you should find me,

or join and find me in the Discord SteemPi server

Great idea and well executed! Would it be possible to add


Thanks for your reply i didnt test yet but it is on the wishlist.

Thanks for reminding and showing your interest in this feature.

I want one im getting one soon


Please get one, would be awesome !

The best post


Thank you

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Thnx for sharing this!! 👍

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Time to pull out the old Raspberry PI.

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