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Hey Guys,

Quick update to talk about two new Steem project ideas I have been working on this week. Aiming to have another post with more details out soon. Interested to hear your thoughts.

Mentioned in the video
Jeff - @jeffbernst
Jo - @cutemachine
Emily -@emilyl


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Awesome. No, really, awesome. I like all three ideas and the approach you take. Build something quickly and show it to get feedback early. Also, I think it is good that you show the ideas first, so people can think about the idea itself. Otherwise, you would get feedback about the implementation and not so much about the idea.

All three ideas add significant value to the Steem blockchain, so you should build all of them :)

Would I use these sites? Yes probably, I would use all three of them.

Recipe Site: I already use recipe-sites from time to time, but only as a consumer.

Finally Comments: I would use Finally Comments to replace Disqus on my blog. You know that the concern I have is the extended user onboarding on Steemit. So there needs to be a way users can leave a comment without the need for a Steemit account. (Or have I missed the feature?). I'm also waiting for the feature that I have a comments thread which is not attached to a Steemit post.

Have you thought about a way to import old thread from Disqus?

Book Summaries: I have written some book summaries on my blog, and I was thinking about writing more of them. So I would be happy to use your site when it is ready. My primary goal with writing book summaries is not to make money but to bring a particular kind of readership my way. So if the site supported this in any way, that would be a massive win for me.

I loved your comment at the end of the video. I can confirm that you probably have too many ideas. But as I said I like the approach you take to find the one you should put all your heart and sweat in.

PS: You added my handle twice. For Emily and myself :)

To be honest I've really struggled to pin down exactly which project(s) to work on, which has slowed me down somewhat. I'm aiming to share as many ideas as possible, see which i'm most excited to work on and which add most value to other people and see where the two cross. I know it's not feasible to maintain multiple projects to any decent standard at once.

Last year I got a bit bored/burned out working on programming projects I wasn't interested in for clients. My aim here is to make constant progress on shipping features. In the past, I've spent far too long learning new tools and best practices and not actually making anything. I'm keen to learn more React eco-system and level up my projects but focusing on building with what I know at the moment.

I hadn't thought of creating an'import threads from Disqus' feature, totally possible once the non Steem account posting was done.

One option I thought for onboarding would be to allow the site owner to set a number of accounts they would support and allow direct account creation using there SP delegation. Steemit Inc creates accounts with 14SP delegated but I think you could get away with 5. So if you set aside 100SP you could allow users coming to your blog instant account creation backed by you. There could be a moderation dashboard to revoke delegation from inactive/malicious accounts. Also automatically reducing delegation as their accounts go in actual SP.

^ Perhaps I'm just trying to avoid making the Steem/non-steem comments accounts 🙈

Thanks for the comment. More info and the non-steem top-level Finally threads out soon.

Hey Sam, update your post. You've mentioned @cutemachine two times. The link is correct, Just change the cutemachine to Emily.

I am working on similar project like your book review from the past 10 days. I want people should sell their books on the steem blockchain, but the only thing confuses me that it is more like an SMT project because I couldn't find a better solution to transform it into steem blockchain like 7 day payout period, but I am working to come up with a better solution.

Your Book review project and Finallycomments are awesome. looking forward to hear more about your projects.

Your project sounds interesting I think there is a lot of opportunity for e-commerce platforms that take STEEM/SBD or even just more crypto in general. Interesting that the blockchain can act as proof of purchase across multiple interfaces. I've not looked at any of the information around SMT's yet, but I am hoping for good things. Interested to hear more about your project when you have more information.

p.s Thanks for the heads up have fixed the link

You are most welcome Sam.

Yeah, exactly, There are lots of opportunity for the e-commerce platform. Now a days, I am working on this project to make it happen in reality, but the only issue I am facing is that how to make it more interesting like the users who aren't selling any digital products(like books, themes, coding source and plugins etc.). How they could earn rewards from this project. I am also trying to figure out a better solution to the steem blockchain community. I have a plan to probably integrate finally comments to users, but lets see what will happen.

Soon, I will share some detail information about this project. I appreciate you @sambillingham for the kind words. Thanks

Awesome to put a face to the name!

Great idea to show the projects through DTube like this. And they look really nice — looking forward to hearing more about them!

Thanks Jeff. I've been enjoying your videos too!

Not able to get the video to play rn :P but I looked through the comments to get the general idea of it.

I want to say that I would love to see a book review platform built on top of the blockchain. I've researched some stuff before but didn't know enough programming to start on it. If you ever want some crazy awesome ideas, hit me up ;)

You have my and the Steem Book Project's (@steemitbooks) support!

Great to hear you would be interested in the book review platform, I like to think it has a lot of potential. Thanks for the support :) will update with some more info asap.

Noice projects as others mentioned, what you are doing is really valuable for steem network, I also appreciate that you don't leave your projects as bootstrapped. That wasn't in the video but thanks for the sc2-nodejs-boilerplate too, I'm willing to build a platform if I can make time for it, still in idea phase but that boilerplate probably save me lots of time. Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the support. Hoping to bring a couple updates to the boilerplate soon too.

Cool stuff Sam, I started following you a while back when I saw a post about finallycomments and thought it was very clever. I am curious what your day job is. Is it in the coding field?

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks. Yeah I do programming for work too. I do freelance front-end dev as well as teaching a 'Get Started with Apps' course for young people.

That’s awesome you do freelance work. I’m really hoping I can do the same in a few months. Do you just find work on sites like Upwork? Or is it through applying to job listings on standard job sites?

From what I've seen you'll totally be able to rock some freelance gigs whenever you feel ready. I find having a few projects up on a portfolio is key and GH activity never hurts. I've had one good contract from Upwork, most people I know are against it but I think it's alright. The downside is that it feels like a constant race to the bottom but there are some interesting projects out there.

Ok awesome, thanks for the tips!

Great idea, keep goin!