shows curation performance as plot and works for paid out posts

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It is now much easier to view the estimated curation performance of a post with


Just replace

(works also by and others).

Curation performance estimation

The estimated curation performance and the all votes are plotted for the first 30 minutes as this is the most important time period for curation:

The curation performance is calculated by the beem function get_curation_rewards.
A 100 % performance means that the equivalent in STU is received in Steem power as curation rewards. E.g. the median steem price is 0.5 $ and the vote was 1 STU. 100 % performance will be achieved when 2 SP will be received as curation rewards. 100% performance is equivalent to a selfvote casted to a post/comment after 15 min which is not voted by others (75% author reward + 25 % curation reward).

Curation performance for paid out posts

The curation performance works now also for already paid out posts.
The curation rewards for @steemchiller/steemworld-weekly-support-18 were paid out:
and I received 0.133 SP.

beempy estimates:
0.134 SP, which is very close. beempy uses the estimated performance, the vote value and the current median steem price for it's estimation.

For paid out posts, I use the beem class ActiveVotes.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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This looks great! This ia the reason (along with your work on Steem Monsters) that I gladly have you one of my witness vote! Others should do the same!

Do you see most performance curves having the same shape whereas they peak around 9 minutes? Interesting as I thought 14-15 minutes was the best. Thanks for your efforts and sharing!

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No, every curve is slightly different. It depends strongly on the votes itself and it is hard to predict. The plots give a good indication when to vote next time (assuming the votes will be similar).

Oh! My! God!
Thank you Holger! This will undoubtedly be one of the best tools to check the history of post activity and performance of curating!

This is a great tool, once more @holger80. Thank you for continuously developing more of them!

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Great work @holger80!


Thanks :).

Resteeming. Voting later when I have stronger VP. Even with my level of technical ignorance I can understand that this gives us greater flexibility and access. Freedom and independence. When is that not a good thing? Bravo!

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Dear @holger80

Hope you don't mind this post (a bit off-topic).

I know that you delegated some SP to dstors. I'm not sure if you're aware that they seem to shut down their project lately. Just check out their profile and read latest post.

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