[NEW VERSION] Steemit More Info 1.1 - Chrome Extension + Firefox Extension

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A simple Steemit extension that shows more info on steemit.com

If you use steemit.com, you may have notice that it is lacking a lot of functionalities.
That's why you need to use tools like https://steemd.com/, https://steemdb.com/, https://steemstats.com/, https://www.steemnow.com/, ...
A lot of tools!

So why another tool???
Because this is a Chrome and Firefox extension that you install on your browser, and then all the informations you need will be available to you directly on steemit.com!

Please take into consideration that this is a new project that I just started, and the features are limited to just a few so far! I'm planning to add more and more features in the next versions. Every suggestion and idea is very much appreciated!

This is version 1.1 with some bug fixes and a few new features added


  • In the profile page of any account, you will see a Vote Power indicator on top (next to the name and the reputation), with the reward that a 100% vote from that user will give in SBD ($)

  • In the profile page of any account, you will see the number of votes that user has done today

  • A new tab 'Votes' is added, where you may see the latest upvotes done or received by that user.
    It shows the estimate of the votes in $ too!
    You can filter the votes between incoming votes and outgoing votes

  • Added a dropdown menu with links to external tools to get more info about the steem account. Please let me know what tools you'd like to see here ;)

  • When you click upvote and the Vote Weight slider appears, not only you see the percentage of the vote, but you also see the amount in $ that upvote will be valued

  • When you are looking at a post or comment and you click "votes" to see the list of people that voted that post, you now also see what was their contribute to the total reward!

  • You can see the posts with two different layouts: list (default) and grid! You can change to grid layout using on the buttons on the top-right corner of the page.

  • On the blog page of an user, you now see an histogram of the posts of that user based on the creation date. You can scroll horizontally to go back in time.
    Posts made by the user are shown in blue, reposts in green!

    By clicking on one of the bars, you can open the list of posts made on one specific date. This makes it easier to look at old posts of an user!

    You can choose to show the histogram automatically on page load (default) or if you prefer to load the histogram on request if you find it to be too invasive. To change this setting, hover on the histogram title and select "On load: hidden"

  • The followers and following pages have been updated to show a table of the followers/following, with more informations (Reputation, STEEM Power, Upvote Worth). You can sort by the different attributes by clicking on the table's column.

  • When you read a post, now there is a floating bar with the tags, date, author and upvotes of the post, so you can easily access this informations and upvote the post if you like it!

  • The markdown editor used to write new posts now shows the preview at the right side of the editor. While you write the post, if you scroll through your textual content, the preview will automatically scroll to the right point. This feature is available for screens with at least 900px width

Future development

I'm planning to add more features like:

  • Setting page to enable/disable features
  • COMING SOON: Trending of up to 5 favorite tags in one page. You select your favorite tags and you'll see the list of the top trending of all the tags combined in one list. I'm not releasing this feature yet because it still has some bugs.
  • Notifications, for instance if somebody replies on one of your posts or comments, if you get an upvote, ...
  • A page with some graphs of the stats of the account
  • A "witnesses" tab where you can see the witnesses the user is voting for
  • Working on my own API, such as mentions notification, followers by date of follow operation, posts reposted by others, ...
  • ...

Privacy - Do I steal your data?

I do not access your private keys. The only way I could do it, is if you go to your wallet page and click on "show private key". But I don't do it!
Should you trust me? Well, I believe is better not to trust anyone. That's why the source code of the extension is available on github and you can (and you are encourage to) look and study it!

The way it works is by scraping the webpage and the url of the page you are looking at to extract your username and the username of the user you are looking at. Then it uses steem-js to get informations about that user.
This process doesn't involve any private key! In fact, you can see informations of other users as well, even if you obbiuvsly don't know their private keys.


The extension is now available on the Chrome Extension Store

The extension is now available on the Firefox Extension Store

If you prefer, you can choose to install it yourself manually:

  • Download and unzip the extension. LINK: https://github.com/armandocat/steemit-more-info/archive/master.zip
  • If you are using Chrome
    • Open the Chrome Extentions page by typing chrome://extensions in your Chrome Browser.
    • Drag and drop the root folder of the project you just unzipped (steemit-more-info) inside the chrome extension page.
  • If you are using Firefox
    • Open about:debugging in Firefox, click "Load Temporary Add-on" and select any file in the extension's directory.
  • Go to Steemit!

When a new version of the extension is available, a popup in the top right corner of the page will appear with a link where you can read about the update and download the new version.

Bugs and new features requests

Please feel free to comment here or contact me on steemit.chat if you have suggestions or features requests!

Please help me spread the word by resteem and upvote this post!

I'm doing this project in my free time. The more interest I get from the community, the more I'll be devoted to improve it!
So if you like this project, help me in letting everyone know about it.
And follow me! I will post any update on this extension and other projects I'll work on! And you will also see some beautiful picture about myself 😹🐾



@armandocat I love your extension which is why I also need to tell you the two new updates are awful at least as a first impression! The vote bar pinned to the bottom feels weird and gets in the way. The post being shown to the side was so obnoxious I disabled the extension for hours today. Ideally each feature would have an on/off switch in the settings to allow us to customize our experience because just one feature we do not like can prevent us from using the entire extension!

Sorry to hear that.. next version will have a settings page where each feature can be enabled/disabled. Please consider the extension is relatively new and of course it needs fixes 😼

@armandocat AWESOME I am very excited in the next version we will get a feature to enable or disable certain parts! I am using the extension now and love it!

I love this extension and I think on/off buttons would be a great idea! I love watching steem projects like this one because they improve all the time. Great job @armandocat

Awesome...Updates are a good thing...anyone make any suggestions to split the Redeem Rewards to seperate them to not have to claim as batch or grouped...just a thought..thanks and keep up the great work dev...

Amazing update! This makes your tool really my number one choice for addons and 3rd party apps. Thanks for the Firefox integration which so far came to short for Steemit extensions.

I found a little but in Firefox using your new Markdown editor 2-culomn style:


As you can see on the left there is a white area covering most part of the editor. When I expand the editor further down it reveals more of the text.

I will make a Steemy episode about this tool today. Great work!


I think I fixed it, but Firefox needs to review the new versions and is taking so long! Hope the new version can be approved soon!

I recently reposted about the tampermonkey scripts ("Hide/Show ReSTEEMS", "Post Vote Slider", and "Vote Past Payout") I had written a few months back, and @ironshield directed me to this extension you made. It's definitely a lot heavier than mine (of course, with very different goals in mind as well).

However, I just wanted to say it looks like a tremendous piece of work you've put together here, not to mention you also released the complete source code already on github so that those of us who are more "security conscious" would also be more comfortable trying it out. I'm normally not a big fan of STEEMIT chrome extensions, but you sir have presented a compelling case to consider it!

Oh yes, and your cats looks adorable too! :)

This is amazing, thank you!

I like this creation of yours but I'm so hesitant to use these addons at the fear of being vulnerable to giving someone full access to my accounts... i mean shxx, look at what happened to @craig-grant

Thanks a lot!
Much needed STEEM functionality.

Wonderful I just downloaded the update and did a tutorial showing how to use it on YouTube!

Are you going to post that on your profile too? That would be helpful to reach more people 😼

Of course he did :) That's what he is saying :P

Loool. The tool is amazing for the Steemit platform. If I have time I can help you out with front end.

Yes I will do that soon!

I'm proud to say that @armandocat is a member of the Italian community on Steemit which I talked to you some time ago @jerrybanfield

Wow! Thank you man! Appreciate it! 😸

Thanks you for this update, I had the old version and it should enter to Debug and add it manual, now it's official on Add-on for firefox so it's more easier.
Also great job for the new update dropdown.
Thank's again.. Upvoted 100% to support your project.

this is such an amazing development
ive been wanting something like this and i am glad its now available in an extension form

I am using this extension and i find it a great resource.

super post i like it

Great update with great additions as always! 🙂

Every single one is great for itself, but if I would have to pick only one - it would be the "Links!"

Regarding the "Floating bar with the tags, date, author, and upvotes" - my suggestion would be (if it possible) an option to hide what might be useful in cases when writers post some larger photos or e.g. Blog Graphic - the image which common size is 800 x1200 px, just to reduce the covered part and be able to see it as much as possible.

When it comes to other links I would like to see listed under the "Links," here is my wish and suggestion list:

  1. Steem.supply
  2. Chainbb.com
  3. Steem.cool
  4. SteemitBoard.com
  5. Steem Activity
  6. DTube.video
  7. SteemWhales.com
  8. SteemDB.com
  9. SteemStats.com
  10. SteemNow.com
  11. Dead Followers

This is a great suggestion. Glad you thought of it.

Thank you, @joalvarez! 😊

Its amazing your tool, can i post the translate to spanish????

Hi @armandocat,
This is some really good stuff you're doing for the Steemit community and the markdown preview feature from this version tops the list.

Thank you so much :)

You should talk to @steemit and @steemitblog (and the Steemit team) about integrating some of these features directly into the website!

Thanks! I don't know how I could contact them, but I'll be happy to help!

I'm not completely sure, but there might be people on steemit.chat who could help (or try to contact @ned directly).

Also, for the markdown preview scrolling (where the preview scrolls to where I scroll in the markdown), it doesn't seem to be working for macOS Sierra + Chrome :)

this really is an amazing little tool (with so much positive effects), I have installed it and I am loving it...
Will write an article to promote this for sure...
upvoted and followed
here is the post I wrote about it by the way, hope you approve

Awesome work again, can't wait for the settings page ^_^

Getting some wacky stuff going on in this one!

happens when you load the extension twice, close the page and open it again.

Strange! Do you have the extension installed twice?
Maybe the old version and the new

Oh yeah, nice observation without even seeing! I had the old plus the 'official'. I'm gonna assume it's all good then. AGAIN

Awesome work! Thankyou

Thanks alott @armandocat for this amazing extension, this is a big setup for steemit world .I hope it will soon be integrated into the steemit.com platform.

@armandocat could you add that the steem page to put in night mode?

Is that the white background really affects me a lot in the view.

I had made a post with some suggestions, I do not know if they help or would like to take them into account.


Nice extension, even though i doubt i won't use most features.

Great tool! Good job!! I am ready to rock this baby. Well done! I couldn't help it: I have resteemed this useful post, upvoted it, and followed you. Thanks for all your effort in proving value to this amazing steemit community.

a little problem I found in firefox. it seems the text area is limited to a small size. tested on two versions of firefox.
is it only me?

Thanks for the info.. I'm going to look into it

The best extension for steemit on chrome! Thanks for getting it onto the chrome store.

This is so cool, cannot wait for my new laptop to arrive to install it!

Interesting, I mostly use mobile, but when I am on PC this will come in handy :)

Fantastic update. Can't wait to get onto my computer and install it tonight.

Thank you for your good work!

it seem to work on my linux ubuntu chrome, but i also use opera browser, no firefox.

Thank you!

Thank you @armandocat for your superb contribution. Upvoted, followed and resteemed. Oops! Downloading the tool.

I am using steemit in mobile from chrome. How to install this tool in mobile.

Amazing updates, can't wait for the new ones...

This thing is awesome!

Great work man....

Looks pretty useful, thanks for this!

Thanks for sharing the positive info about Steemit!

thank you this is really cool. When taking a closer look, I now understand why I am only gathering votes and no steem! because all the followers have no VP.

Thank you @armandocat, this is by far the best steemit extension yet. I have to admit, it's a little bit like a wish-list come true. Lifting the veil of the behind-the-scenes of steemit.

May I have your permission to write a promotion post also? I would like to use the image of your beautiful red Norwegian cat too, if I may. @ironshield

Wow! Phenomenal tool, man. Great work. Really extends the limited steemit interface.

Great job, thank you so much!! Upvoted and resteemed. Awesome. Followed you @armandocat

Oh Yea!! Dude...LOVE THIS ADD ON!!! Thank You!!!

This is brilliant. I can't wait to try it at home on the PC.
Top effort, particularly for a cat.
One thing I'd like to see, is a 'total follower' line superimposed on the bar chart, so we can look back at our posts, and see not just the upvotes they delivered, but also the way our follower total changed. (hopefully up).
Is that something you could add?

It would be interesting to know why people starts following you, but unfortunately that is not possible with the Steem API

It's all voodoo to me, but I appreciate what you're doing here. Thanks :)

AMAZING EXTENSION, good work. Using it now!!!!!

maybe firefox container feature in the future?

It is necessary to add how many to the next level

When you work in the editor, and then switch to httml, then back again the editor does not return

I have very little input in order to re-enter into the features of the expansions to the fore, I experience the constraints of mention, if someone mentions my name either in the post or comments a bit difficult finding the tau, the posting who have called my name , I hope you can think of this, mention in the steemit very helpful people person to be well connected, thank you @armandocat this extention very good for me.

Thank you for your great work. I downloaded the extension and saw the platform. It is a good invention. So much easier to use. I'm glad I saw this post!

In "Submit a Store" in the editor function, there is nothing on the right, nothing is duplicated

Great contribution @armandocat!!! :)

Great post very useful thank you for sharing

Wonderful extension. In fact, you made some of my dreams come true . Recently I started in my blog to write about ideas, what could be implemented in steemit. I am not advertising my blog :) just saying, that we have similar thinking. I have quite a lot of ideas to write about, but stopped because did not get a proper response. I think I will continue and perhaps you will find something intersting for yourself and realize it in your extension :)

Cool, I see that I already implemented some of your ideas! If you have more suggestions that you'd like to be added to this extension let me know ;)

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hey, I am following you. i am new to this site and i don't now how to handle this site also how i can make money from this site please tell me

This is brilliant @armandocat!! Thank's for doing steemit Better! 👍

Amazing, just all the things I was wondering why it is not there you have available.. I think steemit.inc will come to your door soon to buy the source code so that they can implement it in the standard..

Well, they can hire me if they want.. Is it legal to hire cats? 😹

Really, really good! i also made a post for all the italian people! Keep doing the good work please, this is the best tool for steemit.


Can you please add a link to this post instead of directly sending the people to the stores?


Sure , i will add a link as soon as i return back home!

DEVELOPMENT is very good, probably many will buy this from you :-)
Useful and easy, that make sense !!

I couldnt get the firefox link to work for me. I dont know enough to do it manually. Any ideas?

Thank you! You finally put it on the chrome store and thanks for adding SteemTracked also.

This is Fantastic. I installed it yesterday and I'm going to Resteem this Post and encourage all my followers to try it as well. Thank you

OMG! This is a game changer! Thank you so much!

Was sent here by @stackin (so thanks to you too! 😍)

I'm particularly excited about the markdown editor and preview being side by side. Awesome.


Armando, che dire? Sei davvero un gatto!

Great work on developing the tool.

I find this tools very useful. Upvoted and resteemed.

How do I get the vote slider to work? I thought this extension let people with little sp use the vote slider

No, is not that.. The slidebar works only if you have enough SP. What it does is to add the amount in dollars of you vote. But if you don't have enough SP that's 0$ anyway

Holy crap, I just discovered this and it is absolutely incredible. Makes the entire website so much more user friendly and I can find any info I need without going to another page. Your work is amazing and I really appreciate it!

Thank you very much for this. Have installed it and it's just awesome.

Complimenti per il lavoro, non vedo l'ora di utilizzare il tuo tool!

This is outstanding!

AND better than anything Steemit Inc had to offer over the last 6 months...

THX so much!

PS: 100% upvote / resteemed + advertised

Wonderful tool man! Can't wait to play with it.

I'll send back feedback once i do.

Holy useful extension, armandocat! Great stuff and incredibly convenient.

Thanks for this great work. It is a very useful tool.

A tool forged by a true master...

However master, preview post does not show the same as the post will once created. specifically centering of text

Just downloaded this extension and I love it. Great job developing.

the biggest change that i like is the fact that its available on the store, which means you dont have to install it everytime you open your browser!!! :-)

This is so handy! Thanks a lot for your work! Is it possible to do same for golos.io - small forked Russian brother of Steemit?

Sorry, I don't get a word on that site ahah
I see it's based on the same code of steemit. But is is using Steem? It seems to me that is another blockchain. is it right?

@armandocat Haha :) You can switch interface into english there but yes, it was forked and now under different chain with it's own tokens.

You put a ton of work into this. It looks amazing! This is the exact kind of information I look for. The dollar amount of the vote is absolutely brilliant!

Thanks for your update. I will open my Chrome Browser right now to update the extension at once. And I am a Translator. Is it possible for me to translate this awesome post to my friend in Steemit? I think the Indonesian Steemit Community must know about this information. Have a nice day my friend.

Regard from Aceh, Indonesia.

Of course, thanks! Just please send them here before download 😼

I put the link in my comment, you mean? OK..I will.

I have to share the contens of my translations before I post to my blog (steemit)?...Okey...hehe

strange. it was working but not it seems to have stopped? can anyone help? thank you kindly!

i figured it out! ha! newbe!

This so great. Thank you a lot @armandocat for this development. I always wanted to use these kinds of tools. Very creative

Dude. This is just fantastic. Posts, replies, everything laid out 3 wide, my scrolling finger is eternally grateful.

Thank you very much for making this tool, which I feel comfortable saving work by checking each of the options off the page, it works perfectly ..

Not all heroes wear clo ..
keep up the good work and a well deserved vote for you, regards.

  • follow.

Just installed it and love it already. Keep up the great work @armandocat

thank you for sharing
very useful

In general, it's very cool, I'm happy just like this dog.