[NEW VERSION] Steemit More Info 1.2 - Chrome Extension + Firefox Extension

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A simple Steemit extension that shows more info on steemit.com

If you use steemit.com, you may have notice that it is lacking a lot of functionalities.
That's why you need to use tools like https://steemd.com/, https://steemdb.com/, https://steemstats.com/, https://www.steemnow.com/, ...
A lot of tools!

So why another tool???
Because this is a Chrome and Firefox extension that you install on your browser, and then all the informations you need will be available to you directly on steemit.com!

Please take into consideration that this is a new project that I just started, and the features are limited to just a few so far! I'm planning to add more and more features in the next versions. Every suggestion and idea is very much appreciated!

This is version 1.2 with some bug fixes and a few new features added


  • In the profile page of any account, you will see a Vote Power indicator on top (next to the name and the reputation), with the reward that a 100% vote from that user will give in SBD ($)

  • In the profile page of any account, you will see the number of votes that user has done today

  • A new tab 'Votes' is added, where you may see the latest upvotes done or received by that user.
    It shows the estimate of the votes in $ too!
    You can filter the votes between incoming votes and outgoing votes

  • Added a dropdown menu with links to external tools to get more info about the steem account. Please let me know what tools you'd like to see here ;)

  • When you click upvote and the Vote Weight slider appears, not only you see the percentage of the vote, but you also see the amount in $ that upvote will be valued

  • For downvotes, it shows also the total reward of the post after your downvote

  • When you are looking at a post or comment and you click "votes" to see the list of people that voted that post, you now also see what was their contribute to the total reward!

  • You can see the posts with two different layouts: list (default) and grid! You can change to grid layout using on the buttons on the top-right corner of the page.

  • On the blog page of an user, you now see an histogram of the posts of that user based on the creation date. You can scroll horizontally to go back in time.
    Posts made by the user are shown in blue, reposts in green!

    By clicking on one of the bars, you can open the list of posts made on one specific date. This makes it easier to look at old posts of an user!

    You can choose to show the histogram automatically on page load (default) or if you prefer to load the histogram on request if you find it to be too invasive. To change this setting, hover on the histogram title and select "On load: hidden"

  • The followers and following pages have been updated to show a table of the followers/following, with more informations (Reputation, STEEM Power, Upvote Worth). You can sort by the different attributes by clicking on the table's column.

  • When you read a post, now there is a floating bar with the tags, date, author and upvotes of the post, so you can easily access this informations and upvote the post if you like it!

    If you prefer a less intrusive way, in the setting you can choose the small floating bar layout

  • The markdown editor used to write new posts now shows the preview at the right side of the editor. While you write the post, if you scroll through your textual content, the preview will automatically scroll to the right point. This feature is available for screens with at least 900px width

  • If you want to better see the avatar of an account, just hover on the user picture to open a bigger version of the avatar image

  • Steemit More Info Settings. You can now choose to enable or disable each of the features provided by Steemit More Info! Just go in your account settings.

Future development

I'm planning to add more features like:

  • COMING SOON: Trending of up to 5 favorite tags in one page. You select your favorite tags and you'll see the list of the top trending of all the tags combined in one list. I'm not releasing this feature yet because it still has some bugs.
  • Notifications, for instance if somebody replies on one of your posts or comments, if you get an upvote, ...
  • A page with some graphs of the stats of the account
  • Working on my own API, such as mentions notification, followers by date of follow operation, posts reposted by others, ...
  • Something about GIF ;)
  • ...

Privacy - Do I steal your data?

I do not access your private keys. The only way I could do it, is if you go to your wallet page and click on "show private key". But I don't do it!
Should you trust me? Well, I believe is better not to trust anyone. That's why the source code of the extension is available on github and you can (and you are encourage to) look and study it!

The way it works is by scraping the webpage and the url of the page you are looking at to extract your username and the username of the user you are looking at. Then it uses steem-js to get informations about that user.
This process doesn't involve any private key! In fact, you can see informations of other users as well, even if you obbiuvsly don't know their private keys.


The extension is now available on the Chrome Extension Store

The extension is now available on the Firefox Extension Store

If you prefer, you can choose to install it yourself manually:

  • Download and unzip the extension. LINK: https://github.com/armandocat/steemit-more-info/archive/master.zip
  • If you are using Chrome
    • Open the Chrome Extentions page by typing chrome://extensions in your Chrome Browser.
    • Drag and drop the root folder of the project you just unzipped (steemit-more-info) inside the chrome extension page.
  • If you are using Firefox
    • Open about:debugging in Firefox, click "Load Temporary Add-on" and select any file in the extension's directory.
    • You will need to do this each time you close and reopen Firefox
  • Go to Steemit!

When a new version of the extension is available, a popup in the top right corner of the page will appear with a link where you can read about the update and download the new version.

Manually Force Google Chrome to Update Extensions

  • Head to chrome://extensions by either right-clicking on an extension and choosing Manage extensions, or just typing it into the location bar.
  • Check the Developer mode box on the right-hand side.
  • Click the "Update extensions now" button.

Source: https://www.howtogeek.com/64525/how-to-manually-force-google-chrome-to-update-extensions/

Bugs and new features requests

Please feel free to comment here or contact me on steemit.chat if you have suggestions or features requests!

Please help me spread the word by resteem and upvote this post!

I'm doing this project in my free time. The more interest I get from the community, the more I'll be devoted to improve it!
So if you like this project, help me in letting everyone know about it.
And follow me! I will post any update on this extension and other projects I'll work on! And you will also see some beautiful picture about myself 😹🐾



I will review the newest version like I did the other ones for security. Thank you for this extension, it is excellent!

Edit: if you are looking for an api, please contact me. Minnowbooster just launched its own extension and if you are interested, you can use our api to receive new Blockchain events comfortably from a websocket.

I am available for discussion here in the comments, on steemit chat and discord and would be willing to fund further development if you are interested!

Edit2: I have reviewed the extension and could not find any code that tries to access your keys or pose any other thread. I talked with @armandocat and will get some lead time for new versions, so you all can be safe to update it. I will comment under new updates with my findings in a more detailed manner that just saying that it is okay. From version 1.3 I am willing to put 100STEEM as a security should there be a security risk I am missing.

Users of this extension, please remember that any browser extension can potentially steal your private keys and money. Extensions installed via a web store that updates them automatically could be silently upgraded to malicious versions later, post-audit, without your knowledge if the author's own credentials (to upload new versions) become compromised somehow.

Please do be extremely careful with accounts that have significant amounts of money in them. This is not a theoretical risk.

I can not empathize this more! Using a browser extension that can read the data on steemit.com is a huge risk and should not be treated lightly. If you can (I know Firefox supports it) disable auto update or better, install it from the source I reviewed.

We are currently having multiple scamming attempts and a browser extension that steals your keys is definitely a possibility. And don't take anyone's word for it that an extension is secure. Humans make mistakes and a security audit is no protection.

certainly as the extensions can steal you datas thats why asked in the previous comment about is this official or not .

No, it is not an official project.

Much appreciated Reggaemuffin!

Hello guys i am a new person to steemit on seeing many post i found that some post having 20 upvotes having 100$ worth but i am sad to say that there are some posts which have 50 upvote is having only 1$ so can any one tell me the trick behind it.
Steemit is a crypotocurrency and is this site a part of cryptocurrency whether this site is apart of steemit coin .
@armandocat is this extension a official extension from steemit on seeing u r post i found that it has made the use easier and user friendly .
if the number of words increased the post worth will increase or not @reggaemuffin you comment is worth $19.47 can u explain the trick to increase the earnings am very interested to here from you please be kind to revel the trick.

Thank you for doing this.

Thank you for the security check. Nice to have someone endorse a great extenstion.

@armandocat, I have a suggestion and wonder if can be done.

The followers names are simply listed alphabetically right now. Same is the case with people we follow. There is no other information available and for further information, we have to click the account name and open a new tab. I wonder if some key information about our connections can be seen in the list; like reputation, last active etc. It will greatly help us see who is doing what on Steemit and make our community better in my opinion.

What do you people think? I resteemed this amazing information and I think this is by far the best development for browser users.

Edit:- I just installed add-on on the Firefox mobile browser and saw that my suggestion is already so wisely incorporated. Love this tool!

Great To Hear That .So Awsome

you can use our api to receive new Blockchain events comfortably from a websocket

That sounds very very compelling.

From version 1.3 I am willing to put 100STEEM as a security should there be a security risk I am missing.

Great incentive @reggaemuffin!

I am looking forward to the new version. From what I saw it has some fancy new features! I am using the extension myself and it really improved my experience! So supporting it is the logical step 😉

From version 1.3 I am willing to put 100STEEM as a security should there be a security risk I am missing.

There is a lot more bounty in the wallets of all of the users of the extension than 100 STEEM. :)

Definitely! I have to say my wallet alone has more than that most of the time. It is just a way for me to empathize how confident I am in this review. Browser extensions are a huge risk and should be treated with caution, so I don't treat me auditing this extension lightly.

fantastic update, resteemed. have you spoken to the steemit team or @ned about them rolling this into condenser itself or at least work on that development team, you would be an asset to the team i'm sure for frontend work. could you not activate that animated profile thing disabled or enabled now do you think? :)

Damn, this is really cool.

Thanks for putting the time in to make this! And having the heart to share this!!!


Please feel free to comment here or contact me on steemit.chat if you have suggestions or features requests!

Working on my own API, such as mentions notification, followers by date of follow operation, posts reposted by others, ...

Hey there! @armandocat very helpful tool indeed. I like it. Regarding features requests:

  • Yup! I reckon followers by date would be a very welcome one to see who your most recent followers are for multiple reasons. And posts reposted by others too. I hope you really have the chance to pulish and finish soon the work on your own API to get embedded all those valuable tidy bits already available in your app too. :)

  • On other hand, through the odd side of things. ¿Would you think you could develop some way to know who has seen your posts? I mean, ¿Extract and get from the steem blockchain the steemian's usernames of those behind and under the Views Counter in your posts?

Yes! please, let me know about your progress on these specific pair of requested features. I'll be looking forward for the next update.

Cheers!! :)

Simply great post ...Resteemed !!

Yup! I reckon followers by date would be a very welcome one to see who your most recent followers are for multiple reasons. And posts reposted by others too. I hope you really have the chance to pulish and finish soon the work on your own API to get embedded all those valuable tidy bits already available in your app too. :)

I didn't have time yet to start working on it. I'll let you know when ready!

On other hand, through the odd side of things. ¿Would you think you could develop some way to know who has seen your posts? I mean, ¿Extract and get from the steem blockchain the steemian's usernames of those behind and under the Views Counter in your posts?

That's not possible. For what I know, that is an API of steemit, not the blockchain. And there is no way that I know on how to extract who saw the post. If someone know somethings more, please let me know ;)

how safe are these extensions??

My man, I love that pop-up notification you just made! You are a genius :D

I really want to thank you for making such a great interface! Well done.

I am really enjoying this.

great job

Follow and vote me thanks you are great i am new need for your help

A brave browser extension would be nice

Thanks for this great addition to Steemit :)
I have just updated my 4 Steemit browser themes for the Stylish Plugin for compatibility with this 'more info' plugin - see here for more info.

What a pioneer... Legend

This so awesome man. @armandocat
I have never heard thia nice extension before.
It is like android app too?
For full accesa for menu

Can't wait to install this cool extension.

Stay cool man. We always support you.

Thank you so much

Thank for a great post. a very helpful feature for steam users

Browser extension is gonna make things a hell lot easier for everyone... This is what makes is even more like the social media platforn steem is, plus all the info this provides us matters...

Thank you for this informative blog. I shall keep looking out for these posts.


Thank you, @armandocat. You made my experience on Steemit much better.

Upvoted! And Resteemed!

Great work! This is fantastic!

Although the site is new to me because I am a new user
But I see this extension as having great advantages

Awesome man! Glad to have installed this chrome extension. Even I was thinking why do we need to use multiple tools to get information.

Indeed you have gone an extra mile to provide more features and better UX. It will be a good input to incorporate these changes to the site itself. I wish many more people to get benefited with this extension.

Keep up the great work!

Thanks for sharing keep it up,help me, vote me 100% okay, do not stingy buddy

Hey @armandocat ! I really appriciate what you are doing. This is just an amazing tool. It really helps me a lot. I translate your posts to Turkish and add some screenshots I take just like you do. I am constantly updating my post as you release a new version of the extension. I hope me sharing your tool is not a problem for you.
here is my post if you would like to take a look

@bozo die app ist krass

Awesome extension!

THANK YOU for adding to the settings tab the ability to turn features on and off so fast because the histogram was lagging for me a lot and it was SO NICE to just disable it! I am amazed how fast you got this out there and appreciate you showing how to update also!

I was wrong about the side by side post editor which I have grown to love and also the voting bar at the bottom which is nice also! Wonderful work @armandocat

Same here! 🙂

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Thanks! You now have also a small bottom voting bar if you prefer, less intrusive ;)

@Armandocat, thanks for this extension!
I don't have a Vote Weight slider appearing. What do I do wrong?

I have updated mine and all I can say is, it's great, I love it. Thank you so much!

Excellent work! Looking forward to some exciting articles!

This is just what I was looking for - totally awesome!

Our cat likes it too!

The best ever congrats bro.

fookin awesome, cant wait for steemit official all right!

Feature Request

Steem tickers, see screenshot, open the image in new tab for better quality.

Thanks for sharing keep it up,help me, vote me 100% okay, do not stingy buddy

Stop spamming me bro.... i will upvote you if i like your content....

Thanks for sharing keep it up,help me, vote me 100% okay, do not stingy buddy

@armandocat Thanks for your amazing contribution for steemit family... Its very useful if u add one more feature, that is to hide history from other users. Thanks again mate.

This tool is really rocking! Thans you for this great work. I love ALL features it has.

Great work, keep it up. Resteemed

thank you for making this extension, very useful and easy to see the information, this is very useful for me personally and for others also for sure, good information and thank you for your humility already sharing things that are very useful and useful

help me, vote me 100% okay, do not stingy buddy

Resteemed to over 4500 followers and 100% upvoted. Thank you for using my service!
Read here how the new bot from Berlin works.

Excellent! Could you add the night mode? yesterday I saw that there is a page to find how many hater has one in his account. The link on that page is this:


very nice info sir.. do vote

Looks interesting. I'm going to try it!

Thanks for sharing keep it up,help me, vote me 100% okay, do not stingy buddy

Thanks for sharing keep it up,help me, vote me 100% okay, do not stingy buddy

Is this really safe to use? Wouldn't it be possible to see steemit passwords?

I have trust issues. lol

As explained, theoretically any extension could still your password. And it's right to have trust issues 😼

Btw, I suggest you to always login with your posting key and use the active and owner keys only when really necessary

Im accept all borwser upload app ok

Wow hammer Arbeit die du dir da gemacht hast... richtig crazy!!!

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awesome connection

and awesome connection...and amazing informative post

Already using it !!!! Thanks Sooo MUCH !!! Great work, best app/extension on steemit imho !
Thanks again !! Diffidently got my vote and Follow !

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Please, let me now about your decision in return message 😉

Great job! Works fine for me already...

This extension is a really good tool. Thank you so much!

I installed it and it is very good. Running steemit becomes easier with new features.

Great piece of work thankyou \o/

Great work! Thanks!

I've been using it for a couple of days now and love it! Thank you for your hard work!!

step by step steemit continues to grow and perfect!

Thanks for sharing...

Thankyou for sharing @armandocat
Good job 👍👍

Hi Thank you for all the tip I appreciate it @gregwarmm22

Huge Thank You!

upvote + resteem for only 0.05$ 100% original id

It's just look like awsome!! a big thanks to @armandocat

Wow, this is amazing. Good job and keep up the good work.

very nice initiative, thank you

Wow I just did an up vote and the slide popped up - how cool! I love this, not that my up vote is worth enough to slide down that much, but great to have the option!

So many great features ALL ON ONE PAGE! Love it!
This is what steemit needs, everything to come together not more and more urls to click and use and get confused!
Thank you, keep up the great work! :)


Far too complex for me even though I have both Mozilla and Chrome. But well done you for coming up with it. Who knows in future I may get my head round it!

When I use it, the Steemit becomes so slow. But Tools is very helpful and good.

The node of steemd is quite slow sometimes.. I need to work on using different nodes that are faster ;)

Thanks :)

Please i have tried it on my phone but it is not working

What I was needing, I'm going to test this Extension, thank you.

Salutations. I am JaiChai. Very nice to meet you.


Nice job. Obviously a lot of work done.

Curious. What programming language did you use?

Upvoting and following you now.



Very good work! Bravo! (;

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Hey there I just installed this and I really like it but I am having a small problem, when I first installed i was able to see my VP at the top as advertised but after turning off the histogram thing (it was taking too long to load) it seems to have disappeared. Turning the histogram back on doesnt seem to fix the issue.

Things I have tried:
Updating chrome to newest version
turning histogram back on
turning off other steemit extension
disabling and reenabling the extension

I'm a bit stumped, if you have any advice i'd appreciate it!.

Also a little side note there is a spelling error in the settings for the histogram options it says alwasy show

cheers and otherwise the extension is excellent!


Just quit my browser and relaunched and it came back lol but this happened? I believe this to be a chrome problem because ive had it happen on other websites, ive never found a solution to this scrambled glitchy problem....

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 4.47.50 PM.png

Thanks for all you have done on this project.

It is good. But, the base of what google chrome says, they are still fixing this extension caused by the hackers.

and what about Firefox Quantum, @armandocat there is extension for Firefox Quantum ??

Nice effort guys!, can't wait to use this!

error processing update url , in about debugging in firefox Im busy writing a Post promotion randomiser based on this code , nice stuff ,very wekk done follow me and reply on this post to follow my project https://steemit.com/steemit/@vaerospace/randomote-your-posts

@armandocat this is very useful tool but when I try to edit my post it doesn't open. I guess, because of this extension. I can edit my comment but I can't edit my post.

😹🐾 Thanks a nice Work 😹🐾

Thanks for sharing a wonderful post.

Awesome though those who are not too technologically advanced need time to learn & follow I loved the development

Is there a way to turn off notifications for new posts into the feed, I mean there is always going to be a new post coming in!
I like the notifications showing replies that is really good!
Thanks :)

I believe the notifications are a new feature.. I never saw them before.. they are very annoying! I'll work on something to stop them!

Lol! :) Thanks!

they were actually here when i joined in june but stopped working shortly after, they just mysteriously popped up again!

LOVE this tool, well thought out, useful but not intrusive when I don't need it. Lovely! Thank you @armandocat!

This is incredible! Thanks for doing the work. What you provide here makes the steemit experience a lot better. If anyone is still concerned of your addon compromising their private keys, it's easy enough to disable it if you login with anything other than your post key.
Again, thank you thank you @armandocat

I have never tried your extension before but it looks great and very helpful 😁 thank you for the hard work. 😙

well done!

Totally awesome! Many thanks

How are you friends steemit hopefully still given the security and health.
And hopefully your days are fun, with your latest posts, which give a lot of inspiration and benefit to the loyal readers of Steemit.

@armandocat your many great posts. This is a very interesting and useful post, so it is my heart's intention to read and see in detail the posts you share. I voted and followed you.

vote @bangmimi

Immediately downloading and installing this. It's like Steemit's own Reddit Enhancement Suite! Amazing. Thanks so much for developing this and sharing it with the rest of us!

Brother That's A Magnificent Work, I Encourage And Appreciate To You!! Brother!! Can I Share This All Information on My Blog Please

I just downloaded it! Excellent, will give you feedback after using it :) Cheers!

Looks really good, I haven't tried it yet but your post highlights lots of neat features.