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Welcome to Day 5 of the 1ST SteemIt Decathlon!
Contest: Baby Needs a new pair of Shoes

I moved this Contest up a few days. BECAUSE THE NBA FINALS STARTS THIS WEEKEND .... So time for more Picks & Trivia

We will cater to the baseball sports Fans are out there on the SteemIt platform in in the middle of the week, This contest will hopefully bring some MORE NBA Fanatics out of the woodwork.

The next will be techie show off.

then MLB

And Curate this!
Ok that's enough on previews....

  1. Every participant must complete all the tasks in this list for their entry to be valid.
  2. If you violate any of the instructions in this list your entry will not be valid.
  3. You can only have 1 entry.
  4. upvote and resteem this post, and follow me before you put your entry in, so we can get your friends invited, build the reward pool, and so you know when the next event winners are announced.
  5. You must make your entry prior TO GAMES YOUR PICKING STARTING!
  6. DO NOT POST YOUR ANSWERS TO THE TRIVIA HERE (automatic disqualification)
  7. Setup a Blog Post with the following Title:
    Steem Decathlon #1 D5E02 "Baby Needs a new pair of Shoes!" - Theme - 'NBA Showtime Picks" - It's the Playoffs!!!!
  8. And set the first tag #steemdecathlon

In the post you will make a list of your 5 picks, (labeled q1 to q5) followed by the answers to the 16 Trivia Questions (labeled q6 to q20).....

To start you need to pick 5 games from list of the 2018 1st round NBA games this weekend.

q1 to q5 in a list are just the predicted winning teams name, 6 through 10 are trivia questions Only put letters, pairs of letters or numbers as answers on q6 through q10

q6. Who was the player in the nba logo?

a) John Halichek
b) Clyde Frazier
c) Jerry West
d) Micheal Jordan

q7 The NBA's Lakers after winning the championship, when the number #1 team in the country actually lost in a real basketball game to an underpaid club team in an full length exhibition game in which they really did try to win.

q8 Which Professional Basketball Players have lead there Team to more than 100 winning games in a season?
a) George Lucas
b) Connie Hawkins
c) Micheal Jordan
d) Lebron James

q9 Which player before a game in the former U.S.S.R. was greeted by Nikita Khrushchev?
a) Havlichek
b) Chamberlain
c) Mikan
d) Dr. J

q10 Which team in this years playoffs won the championship in 1972?
a) Pacers
b) Celtics
c) 76ers
d) Bucks

q11) Was Reggie Miller the first person in his family to Win a championship?
a) Yes
b) No

9) Make sure to only place you answers on your blog post.
After you make your blog post, reply to this post with a link to your post Every correct answer and pick gets a point, rain outs win 0 points. Each point will equate to a participation point, so answer the questions to appear on the leader boards.
10) There is extra credit to be earned,
Display the logo and mascot of your favorite College Baskeball's chief rival. Tell me why you hate the other team.... And what you would like to rename their mascot to, (if you could). NO VULGARITY I WANT IT TO BE A FUNNY DIS....
11) I will announce the winners by tuesday evening and the reward pool distribution will come at 7 days when the upvote rewards on this post are sent to me.
12) The top 3 places will split the reward pool for this event 50, 30 , 20 (you can only win one reward per event)
13) Points will be distributed as outlined in the FAQ. The winners will be announced here and the leaderboard will be on after the events close. Want to help out contact me on the discord channel ![steeminati_bannerinfo.jpg]()
Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Hello Friend! I'm confused. It will be that I can participate in the Decathlon by posting only the 6x01 photograph or I have to give my predictions (considering that I am at a disadvantage with fewer games) and answer the 5x02 trivia


play the events you want...
Not everyone will play all the events up to day 20
there is an overall leaderboard...
But individual events pay as well...


Welcome, I appreciate your choosing my need venture here... come back and play everyday ... and try out other peoples contests.....thumbsupcolor.jpg

Hey @richatvns I tried to look for your discord as you requested me to be a guest judge, but I still don't see an invite link. So.. I guess I'll just ask here before we can go any further.

What does this image mean to you?
Notice the part I highlighted in blue.
Tell me what you think and then I'll tell you what I see.



I can't read what you have highlighted

The link for some reason keeps getting deleted use this


It's text from your contest rules, and it is highlighting the words "minus the 25% or so that goes to curation".


On the event that's posting is annouced in the money for the upvotes that go to the author until the event entry time closes. When it is paid out at the end of the week.
60% goes to the reward pool for that event and 20% goes to the overall event reward pools. The overall event reward pools include the Contributors List participation points only from "The Beatle's Help!" events.

Percentages will be adjusted please check back but 80% (minus curation) of the posts will be distributed to participants... between the single event and the final leaderboard....


You need to talk to me about the curation....I don't get it...
right now I'm getting rewards out....


I see. So.. Respectfully.. I kind of feel like you're acting like you don't know what I'm getting at by highlighting that area of text and asking you what you think about it.

Lemme make it more clear.
That is the EXACT same line of text we used to use in our contest before I changed it because I thought it sounded weird... When I was looking through your contest rules and I saw that.. I was like.. What..? That's EXACTLY the text we used to use.. It's almost like you copy pasted it directly from our contest?

I changed it because it sounded weird, the "or so" part.. Cause it's an exact amount really but I didn't understand that back then. So to see you use this EXACT language.. I just think the odds of that are unreal. Like.. Less than 1% odds. It seems almost undeniable that you plagiarized that from our contest.

And on top of that.. You're going around steemit claiming that like no one else has ever had an idea like your contest and that it's like the best thing that's ever happened to steemit.. When.. We've been doing our contest already for months, and it's pretty much virtually the same thing we're doing.. It just feels weird to see you say that kind of stuff especially after finding that you're using the EXACT same text in your contest rules.. Like.. What are the odds of that? Did you take that from us?

Also to make it sort of ironic or I'm not sure that's the right word, but when you first messaged me asking me to guest judge you included a picture of a comic about "stealing ideas"..

So I mean what's going on? Am I to believe that you somehow serendipitously and randomly came up with the EXACT same weird line of text in the contest rules that you used..? I want to give you a fair chance to respond.


First I want to apologize, it was not my intention to lift anything from anyone elses work product.

I did read yours and alot of other peoples rules and contests when devising mine. I used the general scaffold of them and the World Tavern Poker League, JaoPoker and the Golf league I had run to craft what I was doing.

I have been told that curation is around 25%, some times less some times more...When I went to write my line probably wuth out even thinking I used your part of a sentence....

In the next event posting on my blog I will put a correction out for all to read...

As to plagerising or another contest existing like mine I specifically looked at over 30 contests on Steemit. And none have come close to doing what my vision is.
I have come up with a multiday multicontest, tournament trying to focus on all the different groups lots of people.

I am trying to focus on being inclusive and working with others....
And leveraging my 40 years of business in CS. And last 20 in online businesses.

Plus I have sponsors and partners in the wings ready to come in with real world prizes and help after I get ramped up. Probably decathlon 3 in 3 months.

I would like to extend an olive branch and have us work together in a symbiotic mutually beneficial manner.

Let me know if your interested....

I unfortunately can not edit that doc because it is 10 days
Please note because it is civil dialog ... I have upvoted all your comments


Thanks for apologizing. I think that goes a long way and was a good thing to do.
I find it sort of hard to believe you wrote your own line though, I'm like 99% sure you literally just copy pasted it.

Whatever the case.. I do appreciate that you apologized and tried to make it right.
I'm not trying to cling to our contest idea either, I intend for it to be open source and to give it out so people can make their own worlds if they want to. So I'm not clinging to the idea of our contest, it just really gave a bad vibe and feeling to see you acting so boisterously and then to find out you used our exact text and were claiming to be the first, and this is what you claimed. Your words.

"But nothing for everyone?

Regardless of how frequent you are doing your challenges, those are just minor details in regards to the general contest premise, which.. Is essentially a contest that includes all other contests.. Which, as far as I know we are the first. A couple months ahead of you. There may be another contest out there who did it before us, I don't know.. but I never claimed to be the first, you did. And you're not the first in regards to that.

Also, we're already doing that stuff you mentioned like real physical world trophies and your rounds and round results also look almost the same as ours as well.. It just looks a lot like you copied us to be straight forward. We're doing almost everything you're doing already except for a couple rounds and the frequency or rate of challenges.. I mean.. It's really really similar, I looked your rules and blog posts on it over pretty good.

Either way.. I don't see why we can't co-exist assuming our group forgives, and they are very forgiving good group of people so I think we'll be able to go our own ways without conflict. I'm not sure if we'll be able to work together or not.. I will leave it up to the IFC peoples, they can decide what to do.

That's one of the beautiful and unique things about our community you may want to try to emulate. We try to give everyone a voice, the players themselves have created much of the world themselves.. And I think that's a cool idea.. When you get the players to help shape the world more. You may want to consider that.


@apolymask @richatvns let me know how I can help you apoly, richatvns is terrible for the platform, extremely disrespectful and aggressive, and downvotes people for no good reason. I would recomment not working with this guy at all.


I'm glad we can agree to disagree, frequency and structure are important factors in what I was doing. Dramatically different then what you are doing....

The way you make it out table tennis (Ping Pong), Racquetball, Paddleball and Tennis would all be the same because they all use a ball and each has a tear drop shaped device to hit the ball with.

It's like DC or Marvel completely different comic books as I was growing up in the 70s. Marvel deal with real world people issues and used adult language, DC was cartoon fighters in tights. Batman was barely the only one with dark past in DC.

This post has received a 5.92% upvote from @msp-bidbot thanks to: @richatvns. Delegate SP to this public bot and get paid daily: 50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1000SP, 5000SP Don't delegate so much that you have less than 50SP left on your account.

I cont understood for extra credit question.pls explain it and give example.


my college team was SUNY Albany Great Danes

We used to play
SUNY Buffalo who had a Bull for a mascot....

named Victor the Bull

i Suggest changing the name of there mascot to
"Ground Chuck" for Dog Food!


Oh ,now i understood


6 contest points 2 presentation pts

Love the Pokemon comment!!!!!


4 contest points and while you said something about the rival it wasn't about their real mascot

Meme, Your a smart guy and I like your posts, but you need to keep it in the guidelines....
jeeeezzz100.jpg- Rich