Steem.Chat Contest #59 Winners Announcement

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The 59th contest was as simple as it gets. One just needed to select any random number between 5109-5245 and post in the chat contest channel. There were a decent number of entries. However, I hope to see greater number of participants in the future contests.

Please share the weekly contest which begins every Monday with your friends so they can also participate in it and stand a chance to win some cryptocurrency.

Let’s get on with this.

Congratulations to these Steemians who won Contest #59:

  1. @gbija - 5110

  2. @swaraj - 5199

  3. @emmysteven - 5240

  4. @a0i - 5202

  5. @delishtreats - 5186

Congratulations on winning 2 STEEM each! It will be sent to you soon!

Stay tuned for the next contest announcement.

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Congrats to all the winners,thanks for the opportunities for winning cryptocurrencies to the steemians who are participating.You are always fantastic enough to support the community.Great contest.

Oh man... I missed for a single number... 5187 was mine. Congrats @delishtreats


Thank you! I hope you'll win next time :)

Congratulation to all the winners nice contest..

Thanks Bhai :-)

Congratulation all winners thanks for sharing.

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I'm so grateful to Jesus Christ my Lord for making me be among the winners in this weekly contest organized by @firepower.

A big thank you to @firepower for this awesome initiative, I'm grateful, I have received my 2 STEEM.

Thanks @fireppwer for contest and the reward have received the 2 steem am grateful

Congratulation to all
@delishtreats I see you are one of the luckiest chap everywhere. Even at the EL and also at the doubt you are the Queeny😉

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This was a pure luck but the rest is mostly about hard work ;)

Have a nice day! :)