Building A List Of Users From India—Please Fill This Form ASAP!

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Please fill this form if you are a Steem blockchain app user from India or of Indian origin living abroad. I'm trying to compile a database of active users from across the country. This would help me in curation of content from India as well as plan future meetups amongst other things.

The form is self explanatory. If you are of Indian origin and use Steemit, Dtube, Steepshot or any other UIs to the Steem blockchain then you can fill this form. If you have friends of Indian origin please feel free to fill up their details.

Click Here To Fill The Form!


This exercise I hope will come in handy in a bigger way when community and SMT features come into effect. This form will remain open so feel free to share it with your friends, whomever and whenever you bring them onboard to the world of Steem.

Please share this around. Thank you.

If you like my work kindly resteem it to your friends. You may also continue reading my recent posts which might interest you:

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Done! :)
This is a great idea. Sharing with all my Indian friends.
There are a lot of them who have accounts but are inactive.
Hope with the community and SMT we have more engagement.

There are a lot of them who have accounts but are inactive.

Lets see what we can do about that. I hope to be able to solve some of the existing challenges when communities and SMTs arrive.

@firepower your promotion of steem is beyond comparison .
I am jealous of India steemians, lol.
I am following you already and will resteem your work as instructed... Sir.

Hi mam,
He is steemit star of my country. We are happy for him.

Yes indeed he is, and the name @firepower 🔥 depicts his influence ,authority , generosity and strength accurately.

Ya, I know him well.

lovely growing @firepower

Great idea . I am not Indian but just want to applaud on your great action . Steem is really going in right direction of becoming the number 1 blockchain app in the world.

Thanks a lot : )

Done - one more step towards a better indian community.


This exercise I hope will come in handy in a bigger way when community and SMT features come into effect.

How will it come handy?
Am i missing something!

Thanx for the initiative brother, this will hopefully be beneficial to Indian steemit community,

Form filled

Wil forward the post to all kashmiri steemians

How will SMTs beneficial for steem

Good idea

Just field the form after reading that, there is a list being created for Indian Steemit users.
Thanks for this great initiative, It could help many minnows to grow on this beautiful platform. Thanks for coming out to help our Indian friends on Steemit.

Resteemed this post, so we can reach at as many as Indians.

Fingers crossed for some good times ahead.

A platform amongst other where you get paid in this one. Steemit is indeed a revolution and I feel proud to be a part of it

I will try and notify my Indian friends on this platform about the form filling.....

This helps alot to all Indians great initiative bro 👏

it is really good concept

Good idea, I'll follow you :)

its very good oppurtunity for all indians born is india.but i lives in bangladesh for my husband job causes.what i can try this good offer dear.. Good initiative to keep a track of all the active users. who have accounts but are there are a lot of them accounts,we should must be sure active users account for meets up conversation . but not from now. I will try to attend them.thanks to sharing for your good post and important information... @firepower

Thanks for stopping by. :)

Filled and submitted the form. Thank you.

@firepower, I suggest we all edit our accounts and mention India in our location. That way this data is persisted forever on blockchain.. We can track new users as well..

good idea, can make you compact.

Done bro, great indicative bro.

You are doing something different and this makes you unique. I find very less person on steemit which is bad for Indian steemians, we have to work together.

thanx for sharing @firepower . really I feel glad that we Indians such a great meet ups. I missed many meetings so far . but not from now. I will try to attend them. lets make it.

done, wow nice initiative , this will help in better meetups in future and you can get to know are are actively using steemit in India and help them in regards..... ;-)


Love to do that bro,

It's really important to keep Steemit different from Facebook type users who are not active but have account,

I filled up my form and also going to tell my other Steemit Friends about this form,keep doing good work and help as many Indians as possible,All the best.

This is a great initiative and let me tell some of my friends i have on

I also need to arrange this similar idea for my people from Uganda.

I am happy Washington Post wrote a post of how bitcoin adoption is increasing in my country Uganda.I wrote a post detailing everythinga few hours ago.If you have time you can check it out!

Good to see your effort...that someone integrating steemit user from India. this will definitely boost the power of steemit community...
Submitted my details..thanks

That's really nice of you dude :)
I have Resteem this and filled the form.
Hope to see good things in future.

this is a great idea @firepower... It would be awesome if the next meetup is from my part of the country :) keep up the great work man... cheers!!!

Indians are lucky to have you friend! Good luck with your ideas :)

This is awesome..!! Filled. Thanks and cheers

It's a amazing post I really like your post and I love India.india is big country of the world.i always very interested Indian culture. thanks for sharing your excellent post

Hi @firepower
Hope I am the first person from my District in @steemit Filled the form as
u mentioned if we are in a team then we are more powerfull
Thanks for making this initiative we are with U bro
Live Long Live Happy
Amjad Siddiqui

It definitely pays well to have a good mentor. Thanks for the initiative.
Filling it right away.

Sir You are doing great work. Very soon talented Indian take over all stemit trending page. We should promote Steemit more throughout India.

Done. Great initiative buddy. Regards Nainaz.

Hi @firepower. I liked your initiative. I would love to meet all the steemit community members from India.
I missed the Delhi meetup. But in the future event i will definitely come.

I am waiting for event in Delhi. I am following some of the steemians from India. You are also in my list of followers.

Well i don't post on daily basis but i try my best to post on as frequently as i can.

I have an youtube channel with same name and website also.

I love the steemit concept and saw the potential of it. Thats why i joined steemit.

@firepower, you're working so hard for the Indian community and steem in general.

Good job!

I'm not an Indian biologically, but I am an Indian at heart. I love India and Indians. I'll love to be a part of this community and the meet ups! You can check my blog. I have written over three posts with the Indian tag.

I wish you'll welcome Indian lover as well.

Thanks as I anticipate your response.

You know the problem of being a small-towners. There are opportunities but to grab any I have to be somewhere where these opportunities are readily available. You have been doing some amazing work for Steemit India edition for which I m closely following you.

Yo have already organized a couple of Meetups but my bad luck for not able to be part of any.

I was in Bangalore for more than 14 years and now I regret had I been in Bangalore and known about Blockchain/Cryptos/Bitcoins/Bounty Program and Steemit, I'd not have missed at least the Bangalore Meetups.

It's quite necessary to get the hang of it completely. I need someone to guide me ins and outs of this tremendously massive & growing platform.

I salute you for all the steps you have currently been taking on your shoulder.

Thanks for the update,done and resteem for share.

very intirising

I hate filling forms. This was really short and sweet. So done and thanks. Keep up the good work. The first time i heard of Steemit was from your Facebook post itself

Done :) we need this!

@firepower another great initiative to make a stronger community. I will fill the form in a day for sure. For the time being resteeming it for maximum reach. Great oppurtunity to be in your list 👍...


done done done, this is such a great idea to bring indians together to this platform, Thanks @firepower

Thanks, resteeming this. You sure won my trust

This is great work to collect Indian steemians data.
I hope you will do some good for Indian community.

@firepower this is great initiative..for Indian steemians to meet and collaborate..Thanks chief.

Done, I love it everytime i see people from india on steemit :P

Thanks! filled up my details.

Amazing blog post iam so proud to be indian.

This is really awesome!!! Done :):) @firepower


You must say, case filed! Not

i believe in minimalistic use of my keyboard buttons...moreover dint feel like the reply needed anything more than that...the post wanted me to do something and i did that...end of

Great Job Brother!

Done ....

dear @
All your posts are good, which can be learned a lot,
thank you😍😍

That's a great idea @firepower and thanks a lot for looking out for us.

I have to Travel quite a lot sometimes so Meetups might not be a thing for me but will see what comes in the future.

Great initiative! I am a new user here. I was looking for a single platform where I could see all fellow Indians or persons of Indian origin. Thank you for providing this opportunity. I have filled the form. Thanks.

Well done @firepower, it is good showing people how to catch fish than giving them fish,and eliminating poverty in our little way because sometimes our wealth is actually the people we show kindness to .great work boss.

Great initiative @firepower . I submitted my details and gonna share this.

Done and shared :D

I have filled up the form, looking forward for a meeting at my place or at nearby place

Filled it @firepower. Community engagement and support from senior members is very important to be successful in steemit. Good initiative to keep a track of all the active users.

@firepower, May I contact with you. Do you have Discord or others that I can contact.

Sangat bagus teman

Awesome! We need this list of all active users for sure. Meet up's, curations and conversations are many of the outcomes that can come!
Filled up mine.

This is a great initiative, @firepower

Done :) !

Sorry for late submission - was off on a 1 month steemit break.

I filled the form successfully !! But what's the use ?


Done. I didn't know about this initiative.

done sir ....i have submitted the form

I was very late in finding this...Is this form still valid and relevant..

Can I apply

;) count me too.

A telegram group for Indian steemit users would be a great idea!!!! Isn't it?

Done! Thanks for keeping the form simple and easy :)

Communities will be a great feature and value-add to the Steemit.

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Motherfucker!! PhisherMan!!!

Hello ,I recently got hacked, but all is fine now I have successfully recovered my account. I am sorry for allowing the hackers to hack my account so easily and giving those hacker a profile to try scam other.... I hope the recent incidents won't harm my future in steemit, I am feeling very demotivated and upset as I have been building my account for a year only to let some #%# head destroy it in a day.

mera bharat mahan

.l love my india