Steem.Chat Contest #41 Winners Announcement

in steemchat •  2 months ago

The 41st contest was about “selecting any random number between 450-650.” in the official chat contest channel. I hope to see greater number of participants in the future contests.

Please share the weekly contest which begins every Monday with your friends so they can also participate in it and stand a chance to win some cryptocurrency.

My suggestion to all future participants: Keep your responses brief and to the point. Please do not deviate far from the subject or give multiple response if only 1 was required. This will improve your chances at winning.

Let’s get on with this.

Congratulations to these Steemians who won Contest #41:

  1. @itravelarts - 553
  2. @sidejeons - 634
  3. @amar15 - 542
  4. @olawalium - 648

Congratulations on winning 3 STEEM each! It will be sent to you soon!

Stay tuned for the next contest announcement.

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Yaaaaaaay!. Thanks a lot for all you do. Your influence spreads like fragrance. @firepower


Thank you @divram :-)


Thanks a lot. Duly appreciated.


Thank you!

Interesting concept

Hello friend @firepower how are you hope you are good enough to have such a beautiful contest post really very well i will tell my friends right now and you will resteemit this post


try participating in the next one dude.

Oops I missed it. Congrats to the winners!

Congratulations My all friends
@itravelarts - 553
@sidejeons - 634
@amar15 - 542
@olawalium - 648

Very interesting contest. I like it your great full news sir. thanks for sharing your important post.


Thank you so much @rumana :-)


You are most welcome my best friend


Yaaay!. Thanks a lot, really appreciate this. Congratulations to everyone.

I didn't even know about this! I need to get over there great contest @firepower I hope all is well with you :)


I run very simple contests everyone can participate in every week. :) Sometimes i keep it very easy like this one to boost participation numbers.

I already voted for your witness! Nice work!

Thanks for this contests :D

Congratulations to all the winners.
And how are you sir?

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Many many congratulations to all the winners...

Woohoo, that's a surprise... I have never been so lucky with numbers before.. Thanks a ton. And congratulations to all.
Love and more power 😍

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