Steem.Chat Contest #23 Winners Announcement!

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The 23rd contest was about answering a simple question, ‘What is your favorite childhood memory from your school days and why?’ There were quite a few interesting entries. I’m hoping a greater number of people will participate in future contests and make it more interesting for everyone.

I had also previously hosted a contest inviting suggestions for Indian user specific contests. I will announce the winners as soon as possible so that we can start another contest. I'm also hoping to start a 3rd one where anyone can participate and something we can run on itself. More on that as I figure it out.

Let’s get on with this.

Congratulations to these Steemians who won Contest #23:

  1. @muzi0202 - I would love to share one of my school day memories with you. I was in 4th standard, I remember that day of summer in 1994. I cried in morning in front of my mom to get ₹10 so that I can eat something in lunch and buy something in lunch for my friends too. During the recess time I happily went to the near by Market place with my friends to get so many toffies. We were three kids, during the excitement one of us felt down while we were running towards the shop. There was a small cut in his knee cap, we went to near by medical shop and he did the dressing free. We had the good lunch from those ₹10. While returning we found a cash of ₹8000. It was pretty much money at that time. I kept it in my bag and we decide to sherry it after some time. A person whose has lost the money used to come daily to our school and asked every teacher and student at least for a week. We decided we will not return the money. After a week he did not appear we thought he had lost the hope. Next day a teacher said that man is going to sell a part of a land because the money he lost was not his, but has to return it. WhenI listened it I said my friends we need to return. At that budding age we decided to return. On that evening we to went his home and put the money in front of him. He was so happy I can't express. Ke kissed everyone of us at least 100 times. Visit every home of us and praised in front of our parents. We were also called 8000 kids for next one year in school. I am now a dentist but I think that was my best ever workdone in life. Thus was my little story of school days. Hope you like it. My profile is muzi0202. Thanks for reading.

  2. @g10a - Well I am not as lucky as the other students, we lived in a remote area where our neighbors were 500 meters away is the nearest in short we lived in the mountains. When I was in grade 1, I was at 6-7 yr old I used to wake up at 4:00hr prepare for a battle(for school) take a bath at 4:30hr in a nature spring water which is also about 5minutes distance from our small house while my father preparing for our food. At 5-5:30hr I and my late bro start walking towards school with 8Km distance from our house sometimes we carry vegetables or chicken for trade along the way so when we go back home at 17:00hr we got some small amount of money to give to our parents for our family to survive from hunger. My 2 very favorite childhood memory was when its spider season we always look for spiders during night time including my father then bring the spiders in school to sell it all out to my classmates who live in the town. The price of the spiders depending on the size and the looks of the spiders price range from Php 2.00 (USD 0.038) up tp Php 5.00 (USD 0.096). The are also conditions like spider today pay tomorrow or pay today spider tomorrow and spider was a big help for our school allowance. Our parents need nothing to worry for our allowance since we are not asking for it ever since instead we provide our own in our own way. But we as a grade school student has a bigger thing to worry since spider is prohibited in school so we are just putting ourselves in a risk, we might be expelled for a week or more. God is so good to the poor like us he never let it happened, instead he helped us to our spider business LOL just to have school allowance. And 2nd was when my grade was very low and subject for a returning student to the same school level (OMG I will be in grade 4 for two years no way). So what I did was so fantastically amazing hahaha guess what? My teacher(adviser) was a man, I ask him what shall I do to pass the subject sir, he said there's nothing I can do you are the one doing your grades my job is to compute all you've got and that's the result so what now? I said what if sir I'll bring you an alive chicken or a rooster with hen what do you think?. Hahaha believe me I've got the average grade of 82%, not that big but not too small at least I passed and I'm so happy we both happy he received his rooster with hen and I got my passing grade. hahhaha

  3. @stalexmkl - It was actually my first kiss. I was still very young, and it was not a kiss of true love and passion, it was more a kiss of curiosity. It happened in my sixth grade of primary school. We were 12 at the time and by pure chance found ourselves together and alone in the basement corridor of our school, performing a simple task given by teacher. The anticipation was great. Still today when I remember that moment, I get the all seems like a distant dream.

  4. @himalayanwomb - From childhood, the lack of money taught me to live an economical life. As soon as I completed my primary education in 2002 and after getting addmission in high school, I realized that I was not the only one in India who was living very thriftily. There were also dozens of boys who were unable to pay the school fees, which was only 12 INR per month. Upon reaching the eleventh grade, I got the job of delivering the newspaper door-to-door. I did this for 2 years, everyday. From 4 am to 7 am, I used to deliver 250 newspapers in 200 homes and I would get earn 600 INR every month. With this salary, I paid for the school fees of eight other friends and myself. Sometimes I had to give them a little money to buy sandals so that they did not come to school with bare feet. We were friends. We were a family. Today, when I look back to the time when I was sixteen, I feel that I was like a responsible father to those eight boys.

Congratulations on winning 8 SBDs each!

Stay tuned for the next contest announcement.

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These are really great entries. Due to some grammatical mistakes we are not able to understand each sentence fully but we can sense the gist here. I am happy for it.

I Will join your contest

While still in elementary school I was very quiet and diligent in learning even the teacher in class always praised me, because that I really remember it as the most beautiful memory when I was in school

Contests about memory at school
Hahaha makes me want to laugh. Why?
Because when I remember the school I feel there is something strange, because once in school I am a very recalcitrant kid even I rarely go to school / pull / not enter.
The thing I remember most was when I was in grade 3 sma when the teacher teased me by saying "wah there are new students today yes"
But I just keep silent because I appreciate it as a teacher who contributed to me.
Here is my moment
thank you

Hello mr @firepower let me share my story while I was in school.
As a schoolchild, of course I have a unique memory when I imagine it, the first is when we injected by doctor in order to make my students at school always run away from the room with my friends abdel and devan.karena I know the needle is very painful until now I do not want injected by a doctor.
That is all and thank you

Congrats to everyone who win in this contest. The participant who not win, don't be sad. Try again for next contest.

Thanks for choosing my entry and providing it number one tag. That day after I wrote to your @steemchat platform I was thinking about my childhood and the adventure we used to do. Though we in Kashmir region of India have not too much freedom of life because of militancy and extremism.
But was better than that what our children do these day.
I am really thankful to you for choosing me one of the winners. Congratulations to all. I request to all winners resteem this post so that more people will know about this contest and participate.

The contest is very big and very impressive
I wish you success, my friend
I must vote for you as a true witness

Congratulation to our very generous admin @g10a...

hehehe thanks nanay.,

aysus ikaw pala yun nagkuha ng aking pinagalang gagamba kaya pala diko na makita bininta mo na pala sa mga kauban mo jud dong? hihihi

hahaha oo pambili ng kalahating kilong bigas.

Abay dahil jan hindi lang isang kilong bigas nadali mo isang kaban pa hihihihi

thanks., hehehe nakatiming.

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