We Offer Our Charming, Handbuilt, Cob Cottage in our Ecovillage through SteemBnB for $Steem!

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It's exciting to see support growing for SteemBnB!

We understand the significance of these opportunities for the Steem economy & community. We need to create practical uses for $steem in the "real world" economy to increase its demand/supply!

We have been listing real goods/services on our web site, and on PeerHub available for steem for a year now. We create hand painted Steemit Fashion and much more all available for $steem. In fact we have the most "real world" items available for $steem of any place in the world!

Last year we invited all you fine Steemians to come stay in our ecovillage in exchange for Steem$ a year ago:


Our charming, hand-built cob cottage is listed on Airbnb, and we are happy to negotiate arrangements in Steem$ or other cryptos to fully activate SteemBnB!

This hand sculpted dwelling combines the rustic feel of an indigenous hut with the luxury of an upscale B&B. Set at the edge of the grounds of our small but busy ecovillage, the view is pastoral and quiet, yet it's only minutes to the DFW metroplex.

This is for people who want a natural and simple experience. While there is running water, internet, and hot water in the main house, the cottage has no plumbing, and its bathroom is a private outdoor decomposing toilet. There is electricity but no AC. ~ from our Airbnb listing

Because we are a thriving ecovillage, we always have many very interesting people around! The cottage is very private, but there is a lot going on. We have gardens, and many projects. There are lots of animals, bugs and nature as well as fun and interesting activities.

We offer this space with optional opportunities to order our world-class, high vibe cuisine, have a paradigm shifting consultation with @quinneaker, get a Tibetan bowl session from @everlove, participate in yoga with @saramiller, or receive other sustainable goods or services from the Eden Knights.

While our guests are not expected to participate in our numerous projects, but if anyone is inspired to work in the garden or learn about sustainable construction or feed the chickens, we are happy to share those aspects as well!

We look forward to hosting the Steemians at the Garden of Eden!


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Awesome, thanks for the support!!!


@hilarski ! JUST saw a great interview with you! Legend! Planning on spending some time this week pouring over your work on here and elsewhere, but am also considering looking into your services :) . I write interesting stuff, but it is less about the crypto and the following, for me, but more about getting good info out there, you know? But it's a catch 22. Need people to follow if the content is going to spread. I have this little thing I put together that, if put into the right hands, could really open some eyes and maybe save people a lot of time trying to learn about and apply technologies that could help us deal with real world problems. I'll leave it here, ( https://steemit.com/science/@ecoknowme/not-your-high-school-electrolysis-give-me-one-week-to-blow-your-mind ) maybe someone will get a kick out of it, or more importantly, make what is possible, happen. Apologies to @gardenofeden and @quinneaker for bombing your feed. I find the online/offline behavior psychology a bit fuzzy. I'll just pretend like I was walking by and left a pamphlet while you were talking. (a bow) @ecoknowme

OH YEAH! AND thanks sooooo much for sharing all your ACTUAL ON THE GROUND APPLICATIONS of what this place can do!!!!! I get SOO frustrated seeing people treat their Monster truck like a tricycle! Why do we limit ourselves? Everything we can do elsewhere, we should be able to do better on here. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE I have come across that seems to see the most pieces, just hanging there like ripe fruit. You juice it, enjoy it and seem to be suggesting to everyone on here to try the same, yet we content ourselves to post pictures of fruit instead. Thank you for leading the way, I reference you to all my friends starting out on here, thinking of exploring the business potentials and you are the only one I have found so far exemplifying HOW TO JUST DO IT NOW. Shine on, Steem on!

We have a very active AirBnB of late and feel the mojo beginning to flow for SteemBnB!! Hmmmm...I wonder who will be the first Steemian to come for a stay? This offering has so many possible perks, and we'll get to meet a Steemian and they'll get to meet us. Come on our way--we can Steemit together!!

Wouldn't that be fun?! Waking up to the birds and the chirping bugs and the soft sunshine and fresh air in the handbuilt cob cottage, then enjoying a hot cup of coffee from the rocket stoves, perhaps some farm fresh eggs laid by the chickens that very morning, a handful of nice figs right off the tree, maybe some refreshing yoga with Tibetan bowls or a mind-melt with Quinn haha...then we can Steemit our hearts out together!! Sounds like a beautiful day that will be a lot of fun to share!! Our first stay with a Steemian will undoubtedly be a celebrated moment!

Ahhhhhhhh----living the dream!!! We shall see who wants to experience it with us and indeed shall celebrate! Perhaps a dance party?!?

i like seeing commerce developing on this platform and i am a sapphire fossecker so i will list some for sale sometime - to see if people want them cheap for steem dollars - i hope your bnb goes well

Thank you! It's great to see the Steem economy developing in innovative ways! The more options offered for SBD as a medium of exchange, the better for all of us. Peerhub is a great site to use for the exchange of goods for SBD--you might look into it for offering sapphires.

thanks for the tip

We have the most tangible items available for steam of any place in the world!

You certainly do - I have some interesting hobbies - like for example fossecking for Sapphires and will be putting some posts up about that soon too. It is enjoyable meeting new people and finding out about them here on Steemit. Keep rockin -David

Ooooo I LOVE harvesting especially crystals and stones!


good to see you


Upvoted and RESTEEMED :)

Thank you, @opc! Grateful for the support.

That would be a dream if I can make it one day! Paradise on earth!

Would be a pleasure to host you, @progressivechef! I'm sure we could have a wonderful play date in our outdoor kitchen and make all kinds of incredible, once-in-a-lifetime delicacies!

Oh that would be simple a wonderful moment indeed! I will surely do some magical creations with all the fresh produce you got there! I will be like a child in a sweetshop!
I've just posted my latest creation with rose petals!

would love to see you one day!

Definitely on my bucket list! But for now my next travel will be Morocco, visiting my wife's parents! Been there once and it's really a very beautiful country too!

Yes morocco is a very special land!
Enjoy it and make some epic posts!

I was just thinking this today, I told a fellow steemian they could rent my place for steem! https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/20027046 haha great work. GOnna post myself, your guys house is awesome

Yea get in on the revolution!

Thank you so much, @thearcanebear! Your house is really beautiful too~*~

I just love to see this Idea getting stronger !
amazing place to stay !

Thanks, @andyluy! Look us up if you find yourself in Texas--we offer a truly unique experience.

Yeah when I travel to Texas can be sure I'll check it out !

Yes. The more people get involved the quicker it grows!

Yeah, let's make it grows fast and strong !


Real life use of Steems is critical to the platform's growth.

Great initiative.

Thank you! We're doing a lot to add value to SBD/Steem as a real medium of exchange. In addition to staying in our cob cottage, we also offer a huge selection of goods on the Peerhub Marketplace and will continue to add more and more!

This is very cool. Is this located in Texas?

Thanks, @healthyrecipe! Yes, we're in south Arlington.

What a wonderful initiative, I wish you lots of success and I hope I might have the chance to visit in the future.

Thank you, @catonwheels, we would be happy to host you!

I love your idea, and your tiny cottage! I am a natural builder and just seing your little building makes my heart smiling. Thank you! I am with you.

Grateful for your support and to feel your smiling heart, @blueperegrina!

Why still on airbnb? Why pay 12% commission? Or did i totally not get it?

A) We know the management & support their project.
B) We get bookings through Airbnb because millions of people use that site, vs. the like 9 Steemians who are genuinely supporting Steembnb right now. Our cottage is booked solid through the next month from Airbnb. When Steemians recognize the profound opportunity they have to stay with us in exchange for SBD and we can maintain full booking through Steembnb, we will have less incentive to use Airbnb.

Amazing place. I'm bookmarking this for my future travels. Thanks.

You're welcome, @josephmcconnell! Would love to share a taste of our abundant and free life with you one day!

we have been doing this for a year....Maybe the VERY first ones to do it and yet both of ur posts combined about it make less than someone just coming up with the idea now.....
Oh well, recognized or not we are pioneers of freedom and self reliance.

Been blazing the trail for nearly a decade whether others see it or not, improving the world for all creatures and our living planet even if no one recognizes. Doing it even when no one is watching--that's REAL integrity! Thanks for the high standards you set, Quinn~*~


Dayyuummnn! Thats awesome


Very good wish we became friends @gardenofeden

Interesting initiative, hope all goes well. Steem On!

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