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Dear friends,

I have only been on Steemit for about a month and I already had the pleasure to meet Steemians from around the world and witness first-hand that the Steemit community goes beyond digital.  Steemians are traveling the world and wherever you go, you can be almost sure to find at least one Steemian. The best part, Steemians are not some weird strangers, but because the community is so well established online, it is easy to connect and befriend Steemians offline. 

Imagine traveling to a country, knowing you can stay at a Steemian’s house and feel home wherever you go. People like @budgetbucketlist have been given shelter by Steemians before and there are many more Steemians traveling. It would only make sense to have a space where travelers can find other Steemians renting or sharing their space. 

Introducing: SteemBnB 

The Airbnb for Steemians who travel the world, and Steemians who have a home to share.

Share / Rent your Room - How it works

1. Upload a post about your place (make sure to include good images)

2. Tag it with #steembnb 

3. Share it in our Discord chat https://discord.gg/vF5xzzQ

(Later on there will be a Steemit Account, but until then make sure to join the chat!)

Become a SteemBnB Guest: 

 1. Contact the host personally through the contact details he/she will display in their post

 2. Communicate with and find an agreement with the host (SteemBnB is only meant to help you find a place, and is not in charge for any agreement)

 3. Pay in Steem! 

Payment Method: STEEM!

For the first time, you no longer have to use your credit card to book a place, but simply transfer the payment to your host via Steem Transfer! 

(We recommend not paying up-front, to make sure all requirements fit)

SteemBnB connects travel experience with networking in the crypto-space! 

If you want to support the idea, please resteem, spread the word and reach out to us if you would like us to promote your SteemBnB! 


Nice concept and shows some of the possibilities...

  1. builds from the community trust
  2. blockchain based trust & security
  3. elimination of middleman

What are the down sides :)

The only downside I can think of is that you may never want to own or rent again... hah!

hahaha. Could be.... Bravo!

This is a great idea @chicosonico - re-steemed! How can we be in touch to discuss adding our rentals and best way to tag them with amenities, location, etc. Steem on!

Thanks @bookingteam.com ! Followed.
Yeah, let's talk on Steemit Chat or Discord. Same nickname.

So it is starting:)! There are so many other possible opportunities for Steemit to grow beyond the social media platform! I am in the travel and real estate buiness and offering your extra bedroom or property for little upcharge is amazing. Just imagine Steemit to be platform for selling your extra stuff, buying stuff on amazon or e-bay, sending money across the globe to your friends and family. I don't think we realize it yet but Steemit could be massive in the years to come! Good luck and STEEM on!

Yes, @czechglobalhosts. Blockchain technologies give us the tools to create fantastic peer to peer services.
Thanks for your support.

Sounds like a great app idea for EOS!

EOS? Please tell me more! Steemit Chat or Discord. Same nickname. Thanks!

Www.eos.io will do more justice than me explaining more!

Wow. Agree. It seems a great idea. I need some info about how it could work with SteemBnB. Still reading about it! :)


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Here we go! The first room listed at SteemBnB! My own place in Barcelona: https://steemit.com/steembnb/@chicosonico/first-room-at-steem-bnb-primera-habitacion-steem-bnb-barcelona

And more: https://steemit.com/steembnb/@chicosonico/steembnb-news-more-places-in-usa-costa-rica-and-spain-for-steemians

Do you know someone who'd be interested in becoming a SteemBnB host OR guest?

Very cool concept and fully decentralized
@chicosonico. Following and restreemed. Travelling for next month but im interested in listing a room / property in Nice district in Panama City on this platform

Thanks, @ptytrader! Nothing listing on https://discord.gg/vF5xzzQ SteemBnB Panama channel yet but, you can ask in @Cervantes Chat (spanish speakers community) https://discord.gg/JZpFrdm.
Maybe they have some room for rent, and maybe them could be happy to include it at SteemBnB. Cheers from Barcelona!

Me definitely a guest to start with!

Hey! Idid like your idea so much that I had to come back to your post after I saw it yesterday! I hope this works out for you and the initiative grows and catches on! I do not see a reason it shouldn't! You should also add a car rental, haha:)....Plus you have a great bonus- Barcelona is one of my most favourite capitals in Europe, after Prague of course, haha.... I am following you from now on to see what progress you get. Good luck!

Thanks, @czechglobalhosts! Yeah, Prague its on of my favourite citys too. I've been there playing with my band two years ago. Beautiful.
So, if you want to come to Barcelona, SteemBnB! :)

Sooner or later I will, I love the city! SteemBnB:)....

hahahaha steemBnB why not, hotels won't love it:)

hahaha, might they won't.

haha this is a cool idea

Thank you for this!

Coolest idea I've seen on Steemit yet...nice work! Hopefully there's a Steemian in Croatia for me next year!

Hopefully! Now there are SteemBnB in Barcelona, New Orleans, Arlington and Dominical.

I came up with the same idea like two months ago in my head. But I was thinking about creating a web application for it. Unfortunately, I have no skills to do it, so the idea stays in my mind only. Two weeks ago I saw that @papa-pepper was writing about the similar idea so I knew it won't take long when someone will pick this subject up. I'm glad it happened. I wish I could introduce it as my idea, but still - I think this is a great initiative and I cross my fingers for it's success. Cheers :)

Yep! I saw that post from p-p-p-pp, too! I was wondering if this was related. I think it's even the same name!

I didnt see those posts before. It becames because I have a room for rent and I thought "Why not make a chat where all people post their rooms" That's all. Or... That WAS all because there are a lot of steemians supporting with great ideas. You and @papa-pepper are welcome to the chat https://discord.gg/vF5xzzQ
Let's it grow up! Cheers from Barcelona!

Ill rent my place for steem, bitcoin, lite coin! Come stay in costa rica, fully offgrid with fresh water and greenhouse with HIGH SPEED WIFI! DREAMS


Incredible idea😂!!

Great idea. I would be interested in creating a dedicated website / app for this. To make it even easier for people to find places to rent.

Hi @amexperts! I didn't see you comment, sorry. Yes! Let's chat.

Steemchat or Discord?

not bad idea who knows it may catch up - good luck with it I be watching and for sure will join

Interesting concept :)

Wow you have a great idea @chicosonico

Thanks @crisgojar for support! Let's see how far we take it. :)

Even though the platform of steemit look like its still in its premature phase, it's been showing a lot of developments and others improvements throughout the whole platform. This is where people can enjoy a real freedom of speech with free choices of their words usage, providing a higher quality of content and other materials..

Awesome idea man!

Chicosonico, great start to a winning concept. Looking forward to using on my next adventure. Followed upvoted and resteemed..

Thanks a lot @traderdad! Keep in touch. Updates very soon...

Interesting concept, next venture steemcouchsurfing?

Yeah! Steemcouchsurfing could be included at Steem BnB. It's depend on the hosts.

I am already renting to a fellow Steemian who pays me in Steem Dollars, so I support this new SteemBnB program! If I have a room available in the future I will post it. Best wishes to all hosts and guests!

Nice! Good to know other steemians already have done it. Let's share our rooms and steems :)

What a great idea! :D

man this is an outstanding Idea, you have it only by yourself ??
it is really amazing!!
I think you should tag some of the steem witness like @good-karma and others They can help to make the Idea even better and maybe even make an Real all to it
congratulation man, you just got a new follower here!

Hi @andyluy! Thanks for the advice, man. It would be great, but i'm not sure how to contact/tag/ask them for opinion/support/ideas. Thanks for supporting. Followed too! :)

I made a post talking and linking to your post, at first I though just tagging like I did in the previous comment might be enough but it seems that its not, but since it really is a great Idea I think it is really great to try to spread it in the communit I've already joined in your channel and I'll be there helping to promoting this Idea !

Steem on!

Great idea which needs some sort of STEEM blockchain app development. I love the idea of AirBnB for STEEM, but I think there needs to be some thought regarding how a deposit would be held in some sort of escrow in the event of damages, cancellations and so on.

I'd absolutely use this service.

Of course! Now it's just a place where hosts and travelers steemians could be in touch. But yes, we could bring it one step forward. Let's chat! Thanks for your comment, @lpfaust!

Agree with this. I'm hesitant because we already use a site to rent out our place, and even with all the tools at our disposal, managing it is a ton of work. But if an app came into being, I'm sure they could beat the fees of the other major sites...

Yay and I'm your first guest! Review Post will be up in a few minutes :)

Indeed, @mrs.steemit! A pleasure. Sharing great time here in Barcelona.

Hi chicosonico, we would love to discuss this steem travelling concept further on the VO.TU podcast on Sunday at 11am PST | 6pm UTC . Would you be interested in joining us on the show? https://discord.gg/tPeHAYw

Yeah! Let's chat!

I was thinking the same thing chico brilliant idea. I can offer my place up for a discount in Vancouver. Is there anyway to do reviews? Can we create a steembnb for each city on steem?

Hi @bbuyloewen! Reviews could be included in your post! Please, post your article with the #steembnb tag and i'll post it at the news:

Amazing!!! what a great idea @chicosonico :) well done!

I havent read all replies, but in case nobody pointed out, a third party app on the steem platform is needed to ensure neither the buyer or the seller take advantage

Not just that. Even if everybody is entirely trustworthy, there's a ton of organizing that the big sites take care of so that no one double books and expectations are appropriate. Don't get me wrong. I think one for Steem is a great idea, I just know that I'll be waiting for some kind of support system before I jump in.

Thanks, for comment @jupiter5!
We are on it. At the meantime, 4 SteemBnB rooms availables at the SteemBnB Discord Chat: https://discord.gg/vF5xzzQ Growing up. :)

I'd be up for that I've three spare rooms near Belfast, N. Ireland.

Yeah @maxbullion! Let me know, I'll open a #belfast channel on Discord Steem BnB chat https://discord.gg/vF5xzzQ Cheers!!

Good idea, you just made may day! Keep them coming and update us on the progress. Am in and my place is open for fellow SteemBnB guests!

This reminds me of BitNation. It's a worthwhile attempt.

Gran idea...podemos ofrecer todos nuestros servicios vía Online y con pagos en Steem...Vamos bien...Gracias por compartir...

Great idea ... we can offer all our services via Online and with payments in Steem ... Come on ... Thank you for sharing ...

Gracias a ti por el comentario, @minkaceci! Ya tenemos 4 habitaciones/casas en SteemBnB Discord Chat: https://discord.gg/vF5xzzQ Un saludo!

Excellent idea! We are in the process of building a microhouse on our property and I would love to host fellow Steemians. The sky is the limit for ideas like this!

Fantastic idea !

nice information @chicosonico

Great idea! Resteemed! Hopefully a lot of steemians see it!

Thanks, @tamy! Cheers from Barcelona!

Your welcome 😊 cheers from fuerteventura !

wow nice :D

Not to jump ahead, but would there be like a forum for feedback/ratings to enhance transparency/accountability? peace

Why not just read the visitor posts about their experiences with the hosts? Thanks for comment, @clumsysilverdad!

This a smart idea! Coming from someone who travels a lot!! What safeguards would be in place for those renting?

Thanks @travelnurse the traveler! The safeguards, restrictions and preferences should be agreed by both parties. (SteemBnB is only meant to help you find a place, and is not in charge for any agreement)

Great idea thanks

upvoted and follow my friend ...... if you want support me too as i am new here but i am a good photographer check my travel to Iceland, thank you https://steemit.com/travel/@bllackwidow/sakis-my-trip-to-iceland

I like it!

Excellent publication, will enter your profile to see more stories.
Greetings from Venezuela

great idea -- so many ways to use steemit blockchain - i have some ideas too - Am happy to follow you in support -you have done well in one month

Thanks for support the idea, @daydreams4rock!

That's a great idea, How much it costs for each night?

Nice concept. Giving personal touch to the impersonal world (digital). Pretty new to the Steemit world and definitely looking forward to meeting steemians beyond virtual world.

Yeah @thenomadictales! Let's meet at the offline world! :)

Best part of this is it's a way for people to use/spend steem. We need more and more of that. :-)

Yeah @scaredycatguide! I was wondering... "I have a free room... Why not rent it? and Why no rent to steemians and meet them offline? and finally... Why not sharing the idea? :) Cheers from Barcelona.

Honestly, its a great idea for the reasons you just listed and as a business opportunity. In fact, I'm visiting family in NY should have rented out my place in FL to a fellow steemian. Next time!

Thats good 👍

Im very open to this idea
I in Lombok and also have a place in Sumbawa
I hope this develops because id love to trade services for STEEM

What a cool idea!

Intresting, I'm in Raleigh, NC. Anyone close by? Just wondering..

Love the idea. Keep up the good work

Nice idea. I'd be willing to do this during the off season. Currently I do AirBnB during the summer when I'm not teaching... thus no paycheck so it pays the rent. During the school year there are fewer travelers and I don't depend on cash income as much, so it'd be a good time for me to try it. BTW, I live on the Amalfi Coast, so it's a really nice place to visit. ;)

I love the idea :D Upvoted and resteemed my friend :)
Keep it up !

this is such an amazing idea!!! I travel so much. just followed you and will definitely follow the idea of SteemBnB. upvoted and resteemed

Thanks for support it, @baliflicker!

Great alternative to couchsurfing & airbnb, for budget travelers like me, thanks! I'm going to create a post about this @chicosonico to promote it! :)

what a cool idea! resteemed and upvoted!

I don't see why this wouldn't work out, although the steem community is still kinda young, so it might be a bit tough to rent it out on a regular basis still...

Yeah, @abso! Let's grow it up! Thanks for your comment!

Very good idea and as you said i would feel myself more comfortable to rent from the steemians community and there will be no middleman so i guess thay would be less cost as well 😉

Yeah, @sidney007! Check SteemBnB rooms in USA, Costa Rica and Spain! https://discord.gg/vF5xzzQ

Great idea. I resteemed and followed. Please follow me back.

What a great idea? Now throw in a rental car, what to do and where to eat by local steemians and we would be all set... that would be truly amazing :)

Yeah! Rental car. Interesting!!

Right? It could be amazing.

Fascinating idea

Interesting! Let's resteem and see how far you can take this wonderful idea!

Thanks, @marcosespes1! Hope it helps steemians get connected and sharing great experiences.

Cool idea What country can we go to that still feels free?

I love this idea!

Awesome!!!!! Upvoted + resteemed :D

Thank for support @xaero1!

Great idea good luck with it.

what countries does it support for now?

Hi @hackerwhacker! There are already 4 steemians offering their SteemBnB rooms in USA, Costa Rica and Spain. https://steemit.com/steembnb/@chicosonico/steembnb-news-more-places-in-usa-costa-rica-and-spain-for-steemians

Really amazing idea😁 upvoted resteemed

Thanks for sharing, @saffisara! Checks the available rooms at
SteemBnB Discord Chat: https://discord.gg/vF5xzzQ Cheers!

Ur welcome :0) I will absolutly check that out
Thank u for sharing. Have a great evening

Lol, funny yet good idea

Wow, what a wonderful idea. Not only would you have accommodations taken care of for a vacation but, you would also have an expert's opinion on where to go, what to do, and what is a total waste of your time! Who else but, the Stemmer you rented from, to give you the best advice and tips; tips that most tourists don't even know of, tips that only locals know. I hope this program takes off and continues to grow!

Yeah, @kycryptoinvestor. That's the idea. We did our best with the first SteemBnB visitor, @mrs.steemit... Check her post about it: https://steemit.com/steembnb/@chicosonico/first-room-at-steem-bnb-primera-habitacion-steem-bnb-barcelona
Thanks for sharing!

lovely. i tell people around me that steemit is the new planet and its gonna rule over whether they like it or not

Yeah! Do it, @jemimah! Cheers form Barcelona.

Basically I like to travel, but the economic condition is not sufficient to travel wherever I want to vacation. Your information makes me more excited in this steemians. This is a very spectacular thing. No social media like steemit.com is frightening. Much of the information I can use here. In steemit kta can all. Regards stssmians.

Yes, @adoelesteem. Steemit is more and more exciting every day. Thanks for comment!

Amazing idea! Upvoted, followed, and resteemed!!!!

Thanks for support this, @portcityhooligan!

We already have pur own currency And now we have a place to stay at almost every place....what is next?? food chains just for steemians .

Hahahahaa! Why not!

This is great - I have a dear friend with a phenomenal AirBnB she's been running for several months and she would def. be on board the Steemit train! She is located in beautiful St. Augustine, FL 32086! Use my name and get your first night for just forty bonez !! Sorry Paula haha - ya love it ! Weeeee ! My upvote & resteem for your brilliance & humble hospitality initiative.

Haha, Nice,
Tell Paula posts her room with the #steembnb tag and we will list it at the SteemBnB Discord Chat https://discord.gg/vF5xzzQ
More rooms! https://steemit.com/steembnb/@chicosonico/steembnb-news-more-places-in-usa-costa-rica-and-spain-for-steemians