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Here we go! The first room listed at SteemBnB! My own place in Barcelona:

And more:

Do you know someone who'd be interested in becoming a SteemBnB host OR guest?


Very cool concept and fully decentralized
@chicosonico. Following and restreemed. Travelling for next month but im interested in listing a room / property in Nice district in Panama City on this platform

Thanks, @ptytrader! Nothing listing on SteemBnB Panama channel yet but, you can ask in @Cervantes Chat (spanish speakers community)
Maybe they have some room for rent, and maybe them could be happy to include it at SteemBnB. Cheers from Barcelona!

Me definitely a guest to start with!

Hey! Idid like your idea so much that I had to come back to your post after I saw it yesterday! I hope this works out for you and the initiative grows and catches on! I do not see a reason it shouldn't! You should also add a car rental, haha:)....Plus you have a great bonus- Barcelona is one of my most favourite capitals in Europe, after Prague of course, haha.... I am following you from now on to see what progress you get. Good luck!

Thanks, @czechglobalhosts! Yeah, Prague its on of my favourite citys too. I've been there playing with my band two years ago. Beautiful.
So, if you want to come to Barcelona, SteemBnB! :)

Sooner or later I will, I love the city! SteemBnB:)....

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