LUCKY PICK! July 14 2018 12:29PM DRAW! 1 STEEM Prize Pool + 5% of post Payout!!!

Welcome to LUCKY PICK! Where participation is rewarded daily.


Guess The first 2 number combination from the Pick 5 Game

Numbers only from 0 to 9

Numbers can be repeated

Numbers should be in exact order


All can join

Contestant should Upvote this post

Contestant should resteem this post

One account can submit 3 entries

Comment your entries only

No editing of comments allowed

Deadline of entries until 12:00 P.M EST Time

Upvotes received after payout of this post

12:29 Midday Number Draw

Results can be found here : Result

This contest is linked to How To Pick Lottery Numbers.
It is a community project that deals with Random Events, Statistical Data, Probability Theory and Game Theory.
I chose to connect it to real life events to give anyone involved a way to measure our groups effort. I hope that it can be engaging and fun for everyone involved.


Total Prize : 1 Steem Prize Pool + 5% of this post after payout and a mention in the SteemBloggers Post Recognition.

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The first two winning numbers were 08
The whole number was 08791

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