Reaching 10000 SP Day 1

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It is a plan that I must put a lot of effort into accomplishing. Success is not the question just the will to work towards it. Failure does not have to be the victor that stops me from trying to try it. I am on Steemit every day and I would like to say I am active as a minnow in the community. After reading, My Road to 100000 Steem Power & Self-Improvement Log Day 36 by @valorforfreedom I said to myself, “maybe I am not active enough!”

I feel like I can push myself a little more and set specific goals to work towards. What is my end goal? Of course, I can say things like buying as much Steem as possible (especially, if I had the ability to simply buy 10,000 SP and have sent in through @blocktrades). I would have it sent over so hopefully I can save up what little I can, and have it sent in. That can help add to my overall goal of reaching 10000 SP by the end of 2017.

I will not stop studying to learn how to use Markdown and HTML in my posts and comments to create better works. People tend to talk down on me because I am a fan of a few bots ☹ I will not stop reading other Steemians posts and commenting on the ones I choose simply because they may have not begun to embrace the AI community. However, once I know a fellow Steemian feel a certain way about the AI I will respect their stance on using them when commenting in their post. I am talking about up vote bots. My goal is to read between 25-100 posts a day and comment on the one’s I like to comment it on.

However, I do provide a service to all fellow Steemians looking to be at the top of my viewers list and earn a ROI on posts I will upvote, comment, resteem and even follow the author by sending @blockgators 0.1 SBD with a link in the memo to view the post.

I do plan to create more posts and hopefully finish the sequel to some of my earlier release posts. I have an idea on how to make interesting releases on certain topics. I’m sure a lot of people would want to be the judge of that deciding what is good/bad content and I get that. I will always post things that I feel is relevant to me on a personal level and my goal is to reach like-minded Steemians on the topics I post about. I think it is important to express your view point and argue your point without being disrespectful about it. When you listen to a person point of view you don’t have to agree/disagree with it more than you learn important ways to apply it and move on from there.


That's not a human name.

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Valor is a good guy. Wish I knew more about these bots so i can compare them to my teams bot. After randowhale folding. Its clear to me some bots are not bulletproof. Keep at it!

Honestly, I watch the whale top off and then fold. No reason why because it was one of the best so...

Top off how?

I saw it reach over 2 million SP. The highest I've ever seen it.

Isn't that crazy? All the power.

Thanks for the motivational blog friend, I will keep reading them.

Good luck and have fun on the way to your goal:)

good luck and keep it up

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U have a nice plan.

You think so? Thank you for that. I'm going to stay the course while moving forward and hopefully make it worth it.

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