The SteemBirds - Blockchain Blues

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Our new original song.

About The SteemBirds

@dan-atstarlite and @jaybird have teamed up as "The SteemBirds" to bring you a bunch of comedic Steemit songs.

Previous tracks:

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Blockchain Blues lyrics

I got the block chain blues
I got the block chain blues (x2)

Heart’s been pounding for days, don’t know what to do
I woke up to a bloodbath, I've got so much too lose
Bought in so long ago, still hoping that the price will hit the moon
But if things go too low, god help me, I might be ruined

I got the block chain blues
I got the block chain blues (x2)

Surfing the net trying to find some good news
And I know I know I know you got that same feeling too
If things go my way then I’ll be back in the green
Gonna keep on holding holding holding... it’s always the right move for me

I got the block chain blues
I got the block chain blues (x2)

I went all in again!


Signature drink and manwiches by @artwatch


"Quick duck - the women are throwing their bras! MEDIC! MEDIC! WOMAN DOWN. Another fainter!"

I hope you can hear me over all the screaming fans (god my ear drums- that chick just screamed in my ear) Anyways - you guys rock! This was another hit. Can't wait to have more of your music stuck in my head.


---I hope I can get you out of my bar safely before all the manwiches run out.

lol, "another fainter!"

That was awesome! Freaking hell yeah!

Beautiful song...I loved the lyrics of the is also melodious.. try it with professional band, will be a big hit!

Thanks so much! Steembirds will probably make an album once we put out enough tunes!

Great sound you guys. Good to see Steemians collaborating on music together.

Thanks man, and great job with building the music scene here on Steemit!

ThX bud! Hopefully we'll be bk with an Open Mic submission soon!

Another great track. You guys going to play live at SteemFest?

Only time will tell...I supposed if there is a demand for it maybe

We'll have to talk to @roelandp at the very least we'll have to do an informal/impromptu show!

i think we have to dedicate some serious timeslot for this epic duo... OH YEAH BABY.

YEAH BABY... That would be awesome! Count us in! 😎 Would be an honour to play at SteemFest

And I second that YEA BABY! It would definitely be our pleasure to perform for everyone!

Only time will tell...I supposed if there is a demand for it..then maybe

Wow really impressive,great tune and lyrics.
Well done and keep up the good work.

Thanks! Will do

@jaybird and @dan-atstarlite always ripping it guys!!! Keep jamming/Steeming.

UPVOTED and RESTEEMED...#blockchainblues

Hey ya man @jaybird! Glad to found you here mate! Amazing song indeed, it got stucked in my head!
Bravo @dan-atstarlite and @jaybird

I love it so much! Another hit!

I love the intro, song, lyrics, interpretation, chemistry between the 2 of you, and the epic ending.

The lyrics describe so well how I feel about crypto, even though in the end it as always been pure blockchain gain, at least so far...

You guys should have enter the open mic contest. You would have had great chances of winning and that could have gave you some visibility.

Thanks man! These songs are super fun to do! And yeah, good point... we should probably do another open mic entry soon... More tunes on the way!

Thanks mon!

Really appreciate the encouragement! We're never too sure how these things are going to turn out when we first sit down to write em. Definitely going to enter Open Mic again!

Haha That made me laugh :D

Haha this is awesome guys! Keep steeming up these great songs

You went hard :D you always have something new for us in market @dan-atstarlite cheers to you guys

Great, original content is always welcome at Steemit. Take my humble upvote.

Humbly Accepted ;)

Very cool guys. You are rocking. Love the energy.
Cheers !!!

Nice Post !! Thankyou !!

Awsome guys! I got inspired by this song and i did a little somthing with it:

Hi guys! You sound great.

Cool stuff!!!!!

Kindness is like light
Kills the darkness.
There is no greater force in the world.
I give it to you.

Let the roads lead to good
Unsolved destiny.
Let all worries disappear,
So that you will be happy too!

Awesome song, thanks for sharing. Upvoted! 👍

you gotta make a 12 bar blues!!! love the song I picked up my guitar as soon as I heard the first line and started soloing

Right on! If it comes out in 12 bars we'll do it lol.

Glad ya liked it!