Revival of the Nature Identification Contest (NIC) - win SBI - steembasicincome V.1

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Hello all! I am happy to report that after a long wait, I have decided to take up the torch and lead the weekly nature identification contest.

This contest was lead for a long time by @mountainwashere. Sadly @mountainwashere is not often here (new job or travel) - irrespective we miss you @mountainwashere.

He mentored me here and helped me get on my way.

So I hope to help do the same.

Thus, welcome back to the Nature Identification Contest (NIC)!!!!

Basically it works like this:

  1. post a photo that you took about something (e.g. a plant, animal, rock, etc) from nature that you would like help with as a reply below.

  2. post context - maybe where you found it - forest, stream, desert, etc. How big it is (if it is hard to see).

  3. other users will help to identify what it is.

What do you get?

Well first we learn from each other = cool!!!!!!

Second #steembasicincome!

I will donate 100% of the earnings (from upvotes) of this post back into #steembasicincome for the participants.

I will also promise to have at least 4 shares of steembasicincome as bounty for the participants, irrespective of the earnings of the post. Obviously, the more that participate, the higher the potential shares of @sbi to be given back.

What is @steembasicincome? Well just click on the name to learn more, but basically it is a system to help support our community through upvotes.

Hope you enjoy and that we learn from each other.

nature i1.png
Original photo of a key animal for life on the third pole. They looked quite surprised!!!

To start it off, hopefully someone can help with the above photo?
What animal is that (hint I took this in Central Asia and it is big!) - (a bit easy to get things going).

But hopefully there are some harder ones out there and some good participation.

If @mountainwashere ever comes back, we can pass it back over to them, no worries. ;)

Looking forward to your ideas...



What a wonderful idea to bring back The Nature ID!
I miss @mountainwashere also! If it wasn't
for him I would of never met you @snowyknight! :-)
How cool!!! I know these animals well lol
But maybe I wait see if others chime in about all
this talk lol
Woohoo will look for things I don't know!! hehe

Awesome Revival!

True true, we met on a similar day during a Nature ID!

A sign that is is a good thing for us to bring back! So great to see you here ;)

I figured you would know the animal, but lets see if anyone else has their horns wrapped around that one.

Love the red text too, maybe a revival of your "how to" so that others can revive the red?

ps. Thanks for the resteem!!!!

This is a cool idea as I have many mysterious observations!! I found this beastie in Bali close to a rice paddy. It was being chased by geckos and actually screamed! It has big hand like appendages at the front. Funny looking creature... We saved its life!

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Hmmm, looks like a mutant cross between a Locust and a Shrimp. Maybe we should call in Ridley Scott to Identify it, or Bruce Campbell the guy who played in Army of darkness. But me I have no clue. It is an interesting looking bug.

So maybe @whatisnew would know. she likes bugs.

Ha, yes it does doesn't it!! Bruce Campbell would just get the boomstick on it.

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Hahaha... agreed about calling Ridley Scott! I do think it looks like a Weta... could it be some version of a weta - or a long lost cuz since there is now some water between Bali and NZ?

Wētā is the common name for a group of about 70 insect species in the families Anostostomatidae and Rhaphidophoridae, endemic to New Zealand. They are giant flightless crickets, and some are amongst the largest insects in the world. Generally nocturnal and herbivorous, they are preyed on by introduced mammals, and some species are now critically endangered.

ps. Would be great if @whatisnew could share some bug expertise!

Looks like a mole cricket or maybe a jerusalem cricket.
Did you say it screamed? How odd!

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It screamed for its life being pursued by a Gecko. It was a tiny scream, it made us jump! It has been confirmed as a Mole Cricket now, but this Jerusalem cricket looks amazing!

Oh man, sounds like a micro Jurasic Park! I have more crickets in my garden and they are a beneficial. The till my soul so that i get good root development in my plants and trees.
Nice save!

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That creature is fuel for nightmares! Glad you saved its life though... I wonder what it is!

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You are right. It looks HIDEOUS. But it is a gentle creature.

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Wow that is a cool looking insect.

How big is it? IT looks huge! hahaha.

Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully someone can help us figure it out.

Yeah. Cool and freaky. It looked like it had mini hands!!! It was about 4-5cm long....

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Pretty big... mega-cricket? if not some form of weta? see above...

Oh oh! From this post I've had some renewed interest in this weirdo insect and just googled (should have done this before) 'big cricket bali insect' - its a Mole Cricket - They are obviously big digging hands... What the hell!

I agree it looks like the mole crickets we have in Florida, but probably a different variety in Asia.

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A scarier looking variety? What an interesting creature!

bigger one too! it looks huge!

so it is a massive cricket?! cool!!!
Good work team!

Yeah, one that apparently lives underground!

I really like this idea. Grateful to @samve for resteeming and bringing to my attention. I don't take many photos, but I'll be back to guess and enjoy. Also am resteeming:)

Welcome @agmoore and thanks for the resteem! I'll head over and check out your blog.

Thanks @samve for the resteem too! Cheers!

What are you yakking about? 😃😃 I love it that you revived this thread! I'll see if I can find some curious finds in my photos. @mountainwashere really contributed a lot, he will be missed... Hope he returns soon!

PS. I want to say yaks, obviously, but at this point it would be embarrassing if I am completely wrong

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"did you just call me a yak? What if I identify as a race horse??"

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Being a politically correct Yak is the way of the future... yak is a state of mind!

Thanks to @shasta for this awesome yak meme! #yaking!

Great to see you here @samve! Yes loads of changes in the last year, but hopefully having this weekly post here will help with a warm dose of ... uncertainty! hahaha - yes please break out some photos and hopefully we can all help! I hope @mountainwashere does get back (and @geopolis too).

Yes to Yaks! Awesome!

I have stumbled upon your post thanks to @shasta and I love the idea. There are many plants and creatures I photograph and I don't know how they are called. I will look through my photos to chose one.

And for the big animal I think this might be yak.

Hi! Glad that @shasta resteemed to bring some great people here. You are totally right with the yak! Winner!!!! #winner!

Would be great if you have the chance to look through your photos to help us all together better understand nature!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wow, I am the winner! Thank you! 😀

I have captured this flower the other day. Some neighbour planted in the garden in front of our block. I really don't know how it is called. Would love to see if anyone can help.


Nice! You could try this app: PictureThis.

I haven't used this specific one but I have used others. They are pretty good!

Thank you for the advice. I will try this app.

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Great flower... not sure... I can give it a go. But beautiful photo. Maybe someone else knows?

Let see, may be someone can guess .

is it maybe a type of yellow daisy???

The leaves look like it?

It looks like. I am hopeless when I have to tell what the flower is. There are so many varieties.
I have a mate at work who may help me to identify it. She knows much more about flowers than me. :-)

Hello nelinoeva!
Can you get a pic of the leaf?
It might be a bulb of some sort too. Maybe a longer angle including overall size including what it looks like coming out of the ground (stem).
Is the flower fragrant?

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I took another photo and hope this can help better to identify it. :-)


It kinda looks like a Ligularia (leopard plant) without spots. The leaves seem to be thicker with a waxy finish, and the growth from ground (stem) more a tuberous type, with all growth originating in a sprial from a central point (monocot).
Nice pix! Curious to know what the actual id is.

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Thank you so much for this detailed description. Maybe I have to find who from my neighbors planted this flower and to ask 😀

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What an awesome adventure! Count me in!
Does anyone know this plant:

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