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RE: Revival of the Nature Identification Contest (NIC) - win SBI - steembasicincome V.1

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What are you yakking about? 😃😃 I love it that you revived this thread! I'll see if I can find some curious finds in my photos. @mountainwashere really contributed a lot, he will be missed... Hope he returns soon!

PS. I want to say yaks, obviously, but at this point it would be embarrassing if I am completely wrong

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"did you just call me a yak? What if I identify as a race horse??"

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Being a politically correct Yak is the way of the future... yak is a state of mind!

Thanks to @shasta for this awesome yak meme! #yaking!

Great to see you here @samve! Yes loads of changes in the last year, but hopefully having this weekly post here will help with a warm dose of ... uncertainty! hahaha - yes please break out some photos and hopefully we can all help! I hope @mountainwashere does get back (and @geopolis too).

Yes to Yaks! Awesome!